JB Hi-Fi Sold My TV to Another Customer before It Was Delivered

TLDR: Bought a TV on Wednesday from JB in store to be delivered Friday. TV doesn't show, call them multiple times where they say they are working on it. Saturday now and online all stores show they are sold out of the TV model I purchased. Feelsbadman.

So I bought a Sony KD55X9000H on Wednesday afternoon from JB, and was told that if I wanted to keep my warranty I needed to have it delivered (can't lay it down flat). Fair enough paid the $60 and was told it would be done by Friday mid day (Black Friday).

No call on Thursday or Friday morning as per their home delivery T&C's so I call them 4 times starting at 11:45am and after half an hour on the phone find out that it will be shipped tomorrow early morning as the trucks have all been sent out. Fair enough it's a busy day but the guy gave me his word.

Today, mid day (12) rolls around I call them asking if its been sent, they um and ah and say they will call me back (3 hours ago) for an update, I look online and all the stock/listing of the model I bought has vanished from their online stores. Give them a final call and they say they will need to call the warehouse and it may take a while but they promise to call back. At this point its pretty obvious the TV isn't going to be delivered in any reasonable time frame since there is no stock and the store I purchased from can't get its act together.

What's the best course of action here i.e. go in store for refund/try and get a free upgrade/sit tight for undetermined amount of time with partner asking questions?

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  • Wait for refund?

    • That's not too fair if OP got a good black friday deal or something

      • I had something like that once where I bought a discounted tool from Aldi. Flogged the existing crappier tool I owned for about the same price.

        A few months down the track there's an issue with it. Make a warranty claim but the agent says they don't repair/replace those and says they can only authorised refund. I actually want this tool so I ask if there's any other options even if it takes longer, but they say no and even preemptively quote ACL stuff saying it has to be a refund.

        The refund price was not enough to buy a replacement, of any brand.

        • Doesn't surprise me Aldi said that - I bought something from Aldi that required about 6 hours of assembly (instructions said 2 hours for 2 people, by myself it took me 6). Right near the end of assembly I discovered something was missing from the box so couldn't finish it…. they said I could only get a refund if I took it to the store, they would not ship me a new one nor just the part. At $50/Hr i'd invested $300 time into it

          As it was now mostly assembled and larger than 1m in 2 directions which meant I couldn't do that easily (nor would they want me to dump something so large and heavy in store at the counter)… they were quite blunt about it and wouldn't listen to reasoning as to why that wasn't a workable solution.

          So I was given no suitable remedy - I had to spend more time shopping for something at the hardware store I could use to modify it into being assembled/usable. They wouldn't even offer part credit for this even though it was like a ~$80 item or something like that.

          They also had none left as it was a special buy and i couldn't get equivalent without paying way more elsewhere and needed it on a timeframe

        • If they don't stock the thing any more then there is not much they can do. And it's not on them to fund your purchase elsewhere. Provided you got you refund then they met their obligations. Sounds like you overestimated the quality of the tool you bought from Aldi.

          • @johnno07: Didn't deal with Aldi, dealt with whichever service agent was on the box.
            It was actually kinda dumb timing too for them cos the saw was part of a box set they were selling that moment in a new special buy. So … if you're the agent who can't fix it, claim you can't replace it, what happens if someone who buys that kit has an issue with one of them?

            I actually mentioned it to Aldi directly after the fact to see if they had any options and also as a comment of it dissuading me from future purchases since you don't know if something has "5 year warranty" or if it's basically a 5 year refund policy.

            • @dufflover: I had a different experience with an Aldi product - a chrome wall-mounted fan actually came in the box with no wall mount! I knew exactly what was missing as I bought 4 of them and only one was missing. Called the service line, they sent a new part in the mail and it was a smooth process.

  • name and shame

  • Just go get a refund and give them a shit review, move on.

    • yeah I agree. Same happened to me in the past.

      I bought a product from Bing Lee, after some days, they sent me a confirmation email saying that my order is ready to pickup. In the next day, I went to the store to pick up by the end of the day (around 4pm). The lady at the reception couldn't find my product, she talked to someone else, I heard that they whispered that they sold mine to someone else who came to the store and bought it in store because they thought I couldn't come on the next day. Then they asked me to come back on the next day to pick up, I got angry and said that I got the confirmation email. Then they offered me me a free delivery on the next day to my home, then I was okay with that solution. At least I could get the item with one day late (I would not give any bad review if the problem can be solved easily by this way). But on the next day, I didn't receive anything, I called them back and they promised to deliver to me asap. Finally, I received the item after 1.5 week. They probably just wanted to make me wait long enough to have the product in-stock.

      Then I got the item and just left them shit review.

  • 2 choices, play the jbhifi game…

    Or just go in store with receipt, 'just give me refund, dont care anymore'

  • Take them to court for breach of contract… Have fun.
    Also has it been confirmed it has been sold to another customer?

    • Small Claims Court is quite an easy process. Just because you purchased an item on discount does not negate the true value of the item. Your "damages" would be the full retail value on replacing the same item.

  • JB you’ve done it again 😷

  • Congrat on your first OzB forum post.

  • Get refund shop elsewhere.
    Complaining doesn't do much these days.

    • I disagree, if you have the time complaining can sometimes help. I just spent $100 that was given to me by Catch after complaining that they cancelled an order on me for no good reason and then didn't resolve it despite my asking nicely before the item was out of stock. They gave me $100 credit which I then used on more important items, so that was a win. It took a while, but the alternative is that not only do I lose out but they are left unaccountable to do this to the next person (which is most of the problem these days)

      • If you think the time you spent for the $100 was worth it then that's fine but not worthwhile for everyone. Each to their own.

        • I did think about this, and to provide some detail:

          1. I was pretty annoyed that I didn't get the item and the circumstance around it
          2. I figured they'd fix this issue immediately because it's so simple, but they didnt, and that meant that quite a bit of the time involved compaining to them had already been done by the time I realised they were just belligerently refusing (probably about an hour)
          3. At this point, all I did extra was lodge a complaint with Fair Trading online, which took about 10 to 15 minutes
          4. Then I fielded a phone call from FT, then got an email from Catch advising their solution

          All in all, I probbaly put in an extra 30-45 minutes of work beyond the initial lead up. Happy to say that it's more than I'd have been paid at work, and I got to spend the money on something I actually really needed as it had a year expiry.

          In this case, OP could be paying hundreds of dollars more. If he can get an upgraded TV (which seems to me to be the most obvious solution, as margins are decent on TVs that size and so JB can afford to give him the next one up), he's way ahead

          • @Jackson: Yeh true.
            I've had times where I was so pissed I just complained on principle and ended up wasting more time with no result at the end so I rarely do it unless its something really bad.

            • @Pufff: Keep in mind also one thing I learned is that FT keep a league table of businesses and the number of complaints made against them. The more complaints, the worse they look, especially if others have already made the same complaint as you before. Once the FT rep has dealt with a type of complaint already that month, your complaint would logically get fast tracked, and for repeated breaches the business may be asked to put in remedies for the future so it either doesn't happen or it's just dealt with internally by said business.

              Even after getting my rather satisfactory solution, I still complained about why I had to lodge an FT case to get one, it could have been dealt with internally prior and had one less mark against catch, but for some reason they didn't want to. The only logical reason I can think of is people give up so it's worth them making people go through those hoops. Sad, but also made me more inclined to lodge on principle

              • @Jackson: Yeah but look at phone companies. Things don't always change. A huge number of complaint emails got straight to junk.
                Also when you get credit you're forced to spend with them again which I refuse to do.
                Usually I give a bad review, get a refund and never go back.

  • Just buy a different TV if you believe they don't have the one you paid for.

  • Ask for free upgrade to next model / size as compensation

    • This.
      Take advantage of their terrible customer service.
      Ask to speak to the store manager first. Explain the appalling customer experience, and milk it for all its worth.

    • That what i would do i had this happen to us at HN before

      • so you would do it for the same situation that happened in the pas? that sentence is a bif of mindf*^k to read… if you did do what what MS Paint mentioned - were you successful as im sure thats all anyone cares about when reading this far down the comments.

      • Same here at HN. I bought a Brother printer online for $200. Got there and sold out, got an upgrade to $400 printer instead. Thank you HN

  • was told that if I wanted to keep my warranty I needed to have it delivered (can't lay it down flat)

    Sounds like a great upsell from the salesman. Ask them to deliver it for free as compensation for the delay.

    • I can see it going a bit differently:
      Salesman "Will it fit in your car?"
      OP "I've got a xxxx model"
      SM "Oh, this TV has to stay upright (Some do, particularly if they have glass panels), it may be better to get it delivered. If it's found that it was transported sideways you may not be covered by warranty"

      Honestly I'd give the benefit of the doubt. The amount of people I've seen try to stuff a 60" into a hatchback.

      However I think free delivery would be fair enough compensation. Depending on how good a deal OP got they may say it's better to offer the refund.

      • I don’t disagree with the fact that it has to stay upright, just the $60 fee.

        I would have negotiated that into the sale or gone to Bunnings and hired a trailer for half the price.

        • Utter BS from the salesperson, the TV doesn't have to stay upright for warranty. It's definitely best practice and is suggested by most manufacturers, but the manufacturers specifically box these things for transport using polystyrene on all sides (including the panels front and back) not to mention they would have a tough time proving you laid it down in the first place. I've laid down all my TV's in the past 10 years (except my 77" - too big for my car) and never faced an issue. I just take some pillows, straps and drive like I've got a cop behind me.

          • @boredofficeworker: I'm not going to deny your experience, but from memory the "upright" requirement is largely due to the glass on the front of the screen.

            Glass is a lot more structurally stable when it's upright rather than flat as it has less change of bending. If it bent and broke it wouldn't be covered by warranty.

            For this reason I understand that jb has a requirement that TVs be transported upright so they don't need to go through all the boxes to check if the tv scren has broken or not (or deal with increased refunds etc).

            I don't think transporting or laying a screen flat alone would mean no warranty, more that snapping the glass as a result of transporting it flat would not be covered by warranty.

          • @boredofficeworker: I believe Plasma TVs had to be kept upright. Part of it was many had glass panels over the screen. Since the panel was only secured on the outside, the centre weighed too much and if face up/down would crack in the middle. There were also rumours about the way the cells were set up that the "plasma" would leak out (but that's probably a myth)

            This started being obsolete with LCD TVs, however many of the high end ones went back to the glass screens. Because they tend to be thinner, it may no longer be an issue.

        • Why hire a trailer from bunnings when you can buy a piece of timber for a few dollars and borrow a trailer from them for free?

  • A refund and compensation. A $500 gift card for waste your time is in order.

    • Agreed. $500 is probably a bit extreme but compensation of at least $150 should be given for wasted time and effort.

      • Why do Ozbargainers always expect compensation? I'm not saying it's not an inconvenience and you can't ask but life is unfair and you shouldn't expect compensation unless they are legally required to. We come across as a bunch of Karen's when we demand compensation every time something inconvenient happens like a price error which is another situation I noticed Ozbargainers expect compensation.

    • "A Dreamer"

  • +6 votes

    How do you know they sold it to someone else, rather than a stock count error?

    Talk to the manager and ask your options. Wait on stock, possible alternate or refund.
    Pretty simple.

    • It wouldn't even be a stock count error. If OP paid for it in-store or online it would have been deducted from stock counts then, it is a bit of a stretch to assume they sold it to another customer just because it's sold out now.

      • +2 votes

        But if it showed 1 in stock out the back for instance, but turns out it wasn't there, that could easily explain the lack of stock for his delivery problem.

        Have worked there long long ago and at stocktakes you would be surprised on some of the large items like TVs that would be incorrect in stock counts.. handing out slightly wrong models to customers etc.

        • Yep also used to work at JB, can confirm that stock counts can be extremely off. Tried to sell a customer a laptop that showed 11 in stock, went out the back to grab it for them to find we had none. Still don't know how to explain that one.

          Also, in my experience 1 in stock is quite often a display model or stock error.

  • November last year i purchased a custom made Dell XPS Desktop PC for $2300 and they called and said the computer was ready for pick up so i went down to collect it and took it home thinking the box was a bit fancy for what i purchased. I opened it up and it turned out to be someone else's $6000 dollar Alien-ware Gaming Rig. I took it back of course and had to wait another 4 weeks (was not happy!) and finally got my order on Boxing Day.

    • Better person than alot of other people…. Should've just kept it and they would never have known what happened.

  • +16 votes

    was told that if I wanted to keep my warranty I needed to have it delivered

    Hahahaha… What a load of shit. This just sounds like they wanted an extra $60 out of you.

    I am pretty sure that saying "your warranty is void unless we deliver it" and then having the gall to charge you for the delivery, would be illegal.

    • I doubt JBH makes any profit from deliveries. It's done by some third party contractor

      • Doesn't matter if the CEO's mum delivers them, they cant void the warranty because a customer wanted to take it themselves.

        It's done by some third party contractor

        AKA: store managers brother/inlaw/uncle/friend

      • They made more profit on the delivery than they did on the TV

        • Nope. Even on sale TV's don't drop below 10% margin. Usually closer to 15% minimum, on super sale (but there would be a manufacturer kick back not costed to the TV).

          It has been too long since I have seen their system, but most bigger retailer's cost price contains a percentage load, like GST, that is added automatically to make sure the company can pay it's staff and bills.

          • @This Guy: When I worked at Dick Smith the "profit" on a TV on sale was usually in the -$200-300's (excluding kickbacks that the salesperson doesn't see)

            • @Ezekiel2320: No idea about DS. The prices on JB's PDA's for the few months I was around their stores were not purchase price, but purchase plus load. It could have changed.

              $200-$300 on a $2000 TV is 10% to 15%. You can often talk a competent sales person down to $50 of the 'cost price' at JB because they have that 15% hidden. Depends on if the sales person has learnt yet that their primary job is to move units. More than that usually needs management and a good reason.

              I like Harvey Norman. You follow you sales person to the terminal and you can see the purchase price for yourself. Then you close the sale stupidly low on their margin, instead of them closing you on the price. It works every time 50% of the time.

  • TV has to stay upright (Some do, particularly if they have glass panels)

    Just put it in the back seat “upright” problem solved.

  • Went to JB once and wanted something they had on display. They said they had one in the back that someone ordered 2 days ago but hadn't picked up yet and they could sell it to me no problem.

  • +5 votes

    if I wanted to keep my warranty I needed to have it delivered (can't lay it down flat).

    🤣🤣🤣 that’s low… I had a click and collect an OLED TV (thin glass back) from binglee loaded it flat in the car. This Sony’s back looks pretty solid. That JB sales droid gets a WTF 🏆

    Anyway OP, hope you get a full refund or they manage to source it from somewhere for you.

  • Weird, Harvey Norman had no issue loading it into my car, they even knocked $100 off the price down to $1440 after a conversation with the salesman.

  • Jb HiFi are a pack of sleazy meth heads. Buy local? Kiss my ring. lol.

    • It's good fun taking advantage of the Telstra ETC loophole when buying smartphones from them. Maybe OzBargain has taken advantage enough lol

  • Everyone with a PS5 thinking they'll need a SONY KD55X9000H.

    • Well it is a great TV, it has full array local dimming and the software update has arrived to support the new HDMI standard.

  • Don’t shop at JB. They are rubbish and sell crap with the most mark up for them not necessarily the best product for the consumer.

  • I would go to the store and make a noise in front of the customers. Tell them you want your TV now and are taking it with you. Got a mate with a trailer or 4x4 to stand it up in? I got a 55" Samsung across the back seat of our Prado.

  • Get refund then name and shame

  • Depends if you want that model of TV and if it was a good price. Assuming yes to both I'd wait.

  • Ex JB Hifi salesmen here:

    Why was was delivery $60 it used to be $39 for that size TV..
    Warranty isn't void if you lay the tv down but they take the tv out of the box before to inspect for damage to cover their asses (The only tv's need to be upright are the OLED's as they have a tilt indicator on the boxes that will void manufacture warranty)
    I would ask to speak to a manager and get the delivery charge taken off or upgrade to the next model 9500H if they do it in a 55"
    Or get a warranty and wait till boxing day they usually have decent high end models on clearance

    • Agree - I think OP should make a big fuss and ask to speak to the store manager and:
      1. If they have the TV - ask for waiver of delivery fee for the delay
      2. If they don't have the TV - tell them they have effectively stolen it as it was yours, and demand an upgrade KD55X9500H. They have them in stock still.

      They still get the sale and you are happy vs continuing bashing their brand online.
      Otherwise they get a pissed off ex customer, more rants on here and no sale.