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Boost Mobile $200 Prepaid 12 Month SIM with 110GB (30GB + 80GB Bonus) for $160 @ Boost Mobile


Boost Mobile $200 Prepaid 12 Month SIM with 30GB + 80GB BONUS = 110GB down to $160

  • 80GB Bonus data on $200: Customers who activate a $200 SIM, activate $2 SIM and recharge $200 for first time, or swap to Boost Anytime Ultra $200 plan. First recharge 1 February 2021.

  • UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers

  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations

Possible Price match and discount at Officeworks too.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Beat me to it!!
    But definitely worth checking out for all those who missed on the Cellmate deal from yesterday.

  • I'm just here to count all of the "Can I use this to recharge" questions.

    • +5

      We should just append at the bottom of all starter kit posts: “Optus $2 sim this way..”

      • 100%

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          Webpage says: "CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Select $200 when you recharge (sale valid for new sim purchases only)"

          • +1

            @Goondocker: Wow!

            That would be a first.

          • @Goondocker: I can't select this option in recharge! Gives me a 6 month option

          • @Goondocker: what does that even mean?

            • +3

              @Ryk: A confusing way of saying the sale price of $160 is not available for existing customers who recharge 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Might be worth mentioning at the bottom to try office workers price matching.
    Obviously can’t include it in the price but 5% price beat will add something back

    • +1

      Good suggestion. I'll mention it.

  • How's Boost's internet speed? I did a very quick check and it was 15mbps vs Optus 60mbps in the same location. Any idea if there is any throttling?

    • I'm in a Telstra 4G area and got >100Mbps on Boost.

    • My best speed was 214/19 on boost. iPhone 12.

    • Depends where you are.

      My best with the OnePlus 7T

  • Can I buy this to use with my cellular iPad?

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    No one thinks about current customers. It would be great if they have some kind of deals on recharge.

    • Exactly. I ask why people are soo loyal to companies when they pull crap like this all the time. One of the reasons that made me leave Aussie.

  • 300gb for $250 also available if you need a little more data, at boost and officeworks too

  • Managed to price beat at Officeworks for $152.

  • This looks good, I'm looking at migrating from Circles.Life's 20Gb+80Gb 12 month plan for $28 p/m. I just cancelled it, as the plan ends Monday night (30/11).

    I used it only for mobile data.

  • Currently with Telstra, can I buy this and port my number over?

  • I just tried OfficeWorks Doncaster Victoria and was told it's a different product so they can't Price Match.

  • Got OW to price match at 152, another 4.56 off with Zip Google Pay.