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Jabra ELITE 65t $99 (OOS), Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds White ZBW4420GL $39.95 + Postage (AU Stock and Warranty) @ PC Byte


Another deal at a all time low i managed to negotiate with PC Byte for Black Friday weekend

Jabra Elite 65t

I believe this could be the cheapest price ever for this TWS earphones

Another late night deal i managed to secure for you guys
Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds White ZBW4420GL


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  • I got these second hand for $100 a couple of years ago and I've loved them.

  • Any reviews on these? I have been looking to get the Airpod Pros but they keep selling out. Thinking os settling down for something else. I also came across Jabra 75t for $199.

  • I've bought them for $199 over a year ago, can certainly recommend them, at $99 it is definitely a steal.

  • This or galaxy buds +?

  • I assume 75t are newer?

  • Really awesome buds despite newer ones in the market. At 99 bucks I don't think anything can beat these.

  • The charge is microUSB is that right?

  • I have used this for more than a year and it's been amazing, No connectivity issues and the sound quality is really good. I use this in the gym, running etc so sweating with these on is no problem. Hope this helps someone..

  • Thanks OP
    Fantastic deal
    Going towards Christmas presents 😃

  • Just be aware. These are bass light.
    The frequency seems to shine the mids and highs
    If you want to bass steer clear

    • If you want bass get Bose. But they stick out and makes you look silly.

      • I returned my 65t actives and got the bose soundsports frees instead.. more bass and overall jump up in quality. If you dont mind them sticking out which i didn't. Another downside is the battery loses charge idle in its case, so ur constantly recharging.

    • Not so much bass light as mid-forward. Have used these as daily drivers for close to two years including a lot of electronic music, very happy overall.

    • very critical information for someone who was about to but and the main reason was bass-heavy quality music. i will pass, so not for me. thanks for info

      • Iv owned 65t active, bose soundsports free and seinhessier momentum v2.
        Sennheiser the best by far. You just need to snag one on a deal. I did see them $300 delivered on amazon last friday..

    • Which TWS earphones would you recommend around ~$35?

  • Free pickup at Auburn for us Sydney dwellers. Works out well since I've got a Decathlon order to collect as well

  • almost caving in…

  • 2 yrs old

  • imho $99 is a fantastic price for these great earbuds.

    Paid $180 approx 2 years ago, use them daily for gym, music/tv and commute (pre COVID).

    I've accidentally dropped the earbuds a couple of times and they still work fine.

    I like the button setup in particular the intuitive volume up/down on the left earbud which I think they changed on the Elite 75t (I bought a pair during the BF sales)

    EDIT: Just bought another pair of 65t, will return the 75t when it arrives. Thanks OP!

    • Have you experienced problems when using 65t while calling someone? If yes, is there a fix to this probably via some setting in app ?

      I recently purchased a pair and when I was on call with a friend while in a supermarket, the background noise was more overpowering than my voice. It was very annoying.

  • Ordered one, thanks OP!

  • The case do not have the magnet or the spring mechanism- a bit weird for this price level. When putting back the earpieces, a bit flimsy

    • Good point, the hinge of the case is indeed flimsy, I take extra care when opening / closing it

      I actually prefer no case magnets as getting the earbuds out is super easy. :-)

  • Outside of lacklustre call quality, these are sensational.

    No ANC, but the passive noise cancellation on these are better than anything else in the class. In fact, I’d say the passive noise cancellation is better than the majority of ANC implementations out there.

    At this price it is a no brainer for anyone who doesn’t already own a pair.

    • I wanted to get them mainly for calls… so not that good for call quality?

      • Passable.

        You will hear the other party perfectly fine, and you won’t be shouting as there is feedback of your own voice. On those aspects, they’re great.

        But as a microphone, the other party will pick up practically any background noise in the vicinity, so you’ll have to be in a fairly quiet environment and avoid too much clicking your mouse or using your keyboard.

        Check out the microphone section of this review for samples,

  • Bought a pair, thanks OP!

  • So what you're saying is you're better off buying these than the newer models for double or more?

    It's so weird seeing people recommend old models

    • 65t, 75t and 85t each have their strengths and weaknesses

      They do have 5 things in common: button controls, Bluetooth multipoint, Bluetooth codecs (SBC, AAC), decent call quality and inability to use left earbud on its own

      In the end it really comes down to individual needs and there are plenty of Youtube reviews on 65t/75t and 75t/85t

      btw, I did not neg you.

  • Can anyone advise the shipping cost to Metro Melbourne?

  • How do these compare to the Sony WF Earbuds?
    EDIT: The WF-1000XM3 im referring to.

  • How're these for calls and noise isolation?

    I go the WF-1000xm3s, they sound great the they can't do a phone call on a quiet street.

    • Would also like to know how call quality is. I have the galaxy buds plus and call quality is only okay.

      • Galaxy Buds + have some of the best call quality on the market. If you are not satisfied with them, you’re next best option is something with a wire that positions the microphone at your mouth.

      • Not as good so stay on the buds +

        • Thanks, both. I'll give these a pass then.

          • @jesho: Jabra Evolve 65t is the enterprise version of Jabra Elite 65t.

            Hopefully Jabra will release a new buds model to supplement their new Evolve2 40 / 65 / 85 range.

  • Ja Bruh… That's my rapper name.

  • Damn, really want to active model as I need something for running/gym work. Not worth another $89 though.

    • These are IP 55 i think and I have used this for more than a year or so, I have no issues working out with them. (I do sweat profusely)

  • +3 votes

    It's an excellent deal, but I suggest a number of QCY buds at about $25 are a much, much better value. Jabra can connect to two devices at the same time, but QCY is much more flexible with BT 5 and the ability to use left it right independently. Depending on the fit that suits your ears, T2, T5, T5, T7 are all great in my own experience. T7 probably most premium.

    As a gift, Jabra is more stylish, though. Worth taking that into account

    • Had the QCY Q29, then 65t, now 85t. The price premium of Jabra, Sony, Apple etc is substantial but the difference in design quality is clear. Sure, QCYs had independent L/R operation but the Jabras are incomparably more comfortable, pair easier, are more responsive, the announcer is less annoying / can be disabled. If it's something you'll looking to use on a daily basis and can spare the dosh, I would say a premium brand is worth the premium here. Don't expect a massive difference in sound quality, none of these earbuds are ever going to sound substantially better than any other with their battery constraints.

      • I literally used or still use all of the buds I listed, including 65t. Jabra does not fit my ears better than QS2, while the T7 is better built than the Jabra. T5 has better sound. "Premium" is a fluid category, and Jabra is absolutely not worth the premium it commands over QCY, to the extent of me passing this deal, despite loving my 65t. The convenience of independent left and right buds maybe isn't understood as a clear advantage until you start using them for work all day long. With QCY buds, I use one bud until it alerts me the battery is low. I then take the other bud out of the box, let it connect (almost instantly) and put the other one to charge. All day long, if required.

        It's fine too have an opinion. I expect real bargains have a value on this site, and QCY is a bargain every day, all year long. I practice what I preach, with a QS2 bud in my right ear at the moment.

        • Glad you had good experience with them and saved some money at the same time - the OzBargain way! I can only speak to Q29 which are quite old now, haven't tried any of the other newer QCY models. I find a serious frustration especially with the Chinese brands and all the different models is you don't know how well they fit in your ear until you buy them or if you can borrow them from a friend. I bought the WF-1000XM3 earlier and found I couldn't get a good seal and ended up returning them.

          Main reason I'm sticking with Jabras at this point is I know they fit my ear well, but as always YMMV. They did change the fit from 65t to 85t. The tips for the 65t are round while they are oval for 85t. The 65ts feel more secure because they sit a bit deeper but I've found 85t are still plenty secure despite feeling loose. I can shake my head and they don't fall out. I actually find they are more comfortable to wear long term because of this. The downside though is the ANC / noise isolation might be better if they fit more snug, although it's not bad as-is.

    • depends on what you define value as. i've had qcy and xiaomi in the 25-45 price range and it has been very hit and miss. unresponsive, drops out with bluetooth at times. it mostly works ok but you don't want the frustration of not knowing when it will work. the big brand names eg. samsung/jabra/bose etc are much more reliable

      • Interesting how you know the big brands are more reliable. I've bought about 20 QCYs for myself, family and friends. That is still a small number, but success is 100%, and I am in a position to compare it with a 65t every day. Meanwhile, I can literally throw into a garbage bin 3 sets of PLT Bluetooth sets (not TWS, buds connected with a wire), all of which were considered "premium". QCY is the Toyota off buds, and Toyota typically wins in value and reliability compared to the BMWs of the world. Better still, T7 truly has a premium feel.

        Won't make more comments, I don't own QCY shares, already to much from me.

  • I will try OW and JB tomorrow, either price match or beat is a good deal!

  • Many people seem to be wondering how the call quality is, Its decent enough for me, I dont take many calls in a busy area as it picks up a lot of ambient sounds and the person on the other side hears them loudly. The quality itself is good enough. The sound quality with music is really good. And the noise cancellation is really impressive. (It's not ANC)

    I do connect my laptop and phone with these at the same time. It switches from one to other very nicely.

    The only negative for me is it has micro usb, i would have preferred usb c…

  • This or galaxy buds live? I use samsung phone and usually like to use only one bud at a time while exercising to prevent myself from heart attack if someone approaches me suddenly :)

  • How are these for staying in when you run, and sprint?

  • Seems to have gone on the Jabras, had it in my shopping cart and then it said sold out.

  • Seems like it's gone

  • no aptx LL on either. rip :(

  • Hi OP, Can you negotiate a deal for Nvidia shield?

  • Can you charge these in the cradle of a pair of 75t's? We already have some in the house and our device charging station is a little out of hand already.

  • Has anyone paired the Xiaomi with the PC and used it for videoconferencing? How is the quality? Thanks!

  • When using jabra 65T while on call, person at the other tend to hear the background noise more clearly than your voice. This is especially very annoying when you are in public places.

  • 65t now showing as $199 for me - missed it

  • I am buying from Kogan with this offer - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584187

  • Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds comes upto $50 for me delivered. Hmmm.

  • Anyone know a good alternative around the same price?