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Sony CyberShot DSC-RX10 IV $1661.48 Delivered @ Camera Warehouse


It's been called the best superzoom in the world, the most versatile camera in the world, and the most usable camera in the world by reviewers / bloggers. There have been rumors of the Mark V for at least a couple of years but when it's released it's likely to cost at least $1,000 than this price and the Mark IV is unlikely to get any deep discounts in my opinion (just look at the history of its very busy "little brother" RX100 line).

I have had an eye on it for the past few months and the lowest I'd seen it drop was $1,800 during a couple of 20% DigiDirect sales that were very tempting, as they sell for the same price used on eBay. I ended up getting one during the 11.11 sale at Camera House for $1,785 with an additional $45 tracked via ShopBack.

I was quite annoyed with myself for not waiting for the Black Friday when I saw this (I don't have a price protection credit card), although this was a calculated risk, but hopefully others can snag this powerhouse of a camera at this price.

I can also highly recommend this case for it instead of the Sony one, which is around 3 times the price. It got delivered in something like 3 days, even though Amazon's own estimate was more than a month.

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    • They are for different users. For those who is willing to get A6100 plus a couple of lenses there are a few other options from different makes too. But for those who need a compact one for all travel/safari type of camera rx10 has no rival yet.

    • I dont disagree per se, having just upgraded from a 'bridge/superzoom' camera to a decent mirrorless+lens myself.
      But 1. starting at 105mm zoom (as your suggestion does) isnt great for all uses, unlike this superzoom thats right down to 24mm
      and 2. just the simpleness of point and shootness with these can't be understated for the normal person

    • That's a bit like saying "why buy a Landcruiser when you can pay a bit more and get a Porsche Boxter" :-)

      For starters, you're comparing a 5x zoom with a 25x zoom. And it's not an optically compromised superzoom either. With the RX10, I've taken macro's of insects and a razor-sharp headshot of a smallish bird form about 20 metres away handheld. At this price, the 25x zoom Carl Zeiss lens is alone worth it. The powerful camera attached to it is basically free.

      As for the faster autofocus, you're comparing 0.02 sec with 0.03 sec, so we're talking literally about the A6100 being one hundredth of a second faster to focus!

      I've also been down the APS-C slippery slope before and cherish not having to keep buying, carrying and changing lenses. As an amateur, this camera is my endgame and has plenty of high-end features that will allow me to grow into it. But there are also plenty of seasoned pros raving about it and only take this camera with them when not doing commercial work.

      The better low light shooting is the only advantage of the a6100. I have a tiny RX100 VA that I got at a great price over a year ago (same sensor, chip, features and menus as the RX10 IV) that goes up to F1.8 and between these two cameras I have all of my needs covered - still no need to change lenses and I usually only need to take one of them when I got out.

  • Sony makes these cameras to piss off Canon and Nikons DSLRs.

  • missed this :(