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[Backorder] Samsung 75" Q80T - $2737 or $2617 with Zip @ Appliances Online


On backorder until March 2021 but probably the cheapest price so far.

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  • Im sure there would be a better deal in the next 4 months :o

  • nice price but within 4 months u can bet it will drop further

  • No way would I commit this far out. It would need to be under 2K for me to consider.

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    Good deal but a 4 month wait is unbelievable

  • A salesman at JB Hifi said they expect stock of these in February.

  • I picked this up from JB for the advertised price of $2888. The TV is currently on AppOL for $2665. I have just phoned my JB store and the manager has said they have a 14-day post-purchase price match and he is happy to refund the difference. To get this; "All you need to do is bring your receipt into the cash registers and have proof of the price from the competitor."

    I will update you if I am successful. $233 is nothing to sneeze at and will go straight to the SONOS sub fund…hehe!

    • Let us know. Best price at HN was $2799

      • No joy as AppOL is also showing no stock. I did 'forget' to share this with the manager when on the phone previously….

        Couldn't even wrangle the difference in store credit or as a discount if I bought the Sonos sub today😢

        I'm a rubbish negotiator though!

  • I ordered mine on the weekend for $2822, noticed the price dropped to $2665 today and just called them and got refunded the difference. The guy also said that they would be receiving a Samsung shipment in mid-Dec and mid-Jan so I think the March tag is more of a placeholder until they can confirm an ETA. Still happy to wait a few weeks at this price though considering the best price I've seen for the 65" was only ~$200 cheaper.

  • People who are interested in this TV should read this before buying.


    • This has been a thing with Samsung TVs for a while. I'd say you can narrow it down to sports or live feeds that are 30hz or less. If you have a 60hz input, then you'll barely notice it. Game Mode eliminates it, I've tested it; but Game Mode isn't for everything.

      I've been deciding between Sony X90H and Samsung Q80T moslty because of this. But the Q80T is still superior to the X90H in many ways. VRR can be a big plus (Q80T already has it), if Sony can support it properly, but given Sony's repute with buggy firmware updates in the past, I won't hold my breath.

  • Has anyone started getting deliveries either from appliances online or other retailers?

    Samsung has them back in stock

    • I haven't yet, ordered mine through AO and they said they're expecting a shipment mid-December so im hoping i hear from them soon

    • Still no sight of product being delivered. I am starting to get restless now and thinking of cancelling the order. With new TV's being launched, by time this gets delivered it is already a previous gen TV