Hungry Jack's Vouchers (Valid until 01 February 2021)


The latest Hungry Jack's vouchers are out. Valid till 01/02/2021.

Prices look similar to the current deal.

PDF version will be available online on Tuesday 01/12/2020.

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Hungry Jack's
Hungry Jack's


  • fine fone is?

    • Yoda?

      • 8 burgers
        HJ fam bundle $25 4x burgers, small chips, coke, nuggets

        hungry offers? 1 only..
        2 bacon tamers $21 4x burgers, 2x med chips, 2 cokes; 6 nugs, sauce
        family burger meal $25 4x burgers, med onion rings, 6 nugs, sauce, 2x large chips
        mega bundle $35 6 burgers, 18 nuggets, 4 sml chips, 4 sml drinks

    • hope they come out with some deals for those new Tropical burgers next 🤤🤤

  • +54 votes

    Haven't spent a cent at HJ since they did the 65% price increase to my favourites, the good thing is I lost weight. Lol.

    • Back in high school they had some long running two whoppers for $5 deal. Feels like only yesterday haha

      • At the Burwood one they had $2 whoppers for a few months, many days after Deakin Uni classes or if we had gaps between classes we would walk up there haha

      • Vouchers for two double bacon cheeseburgers deluxes for about $5 back in the day. Use to get them after golf or footie on the weekend with mates, after burning a lot of calories (well that was my excuse, anyway). But, that was a long time ago.

        • Iirc, I'm sure I saw and got them 2 for $4. It was a good feed back in the day.

          Just had a look and 2 for $9.95. I'll give it a miss after the Maccas deals this month.

      • I remember when it was all fields around here.

    • Same. Unfortunately the quality of my local HJs is terrible which outweighs the cost of the food for me.

    • Likewise, but I ain't loosing weight coz I been spending on KFC :)

    • Yeh. Those 2 for $6 chicken sub sandwiches were my jam.

    • When was this price rise?

    • The ultimate smokey BBQ angus was my fave…

    • how did you lose weight, when the McDonalds November deals are still going on ? :-P

      • For some reason McDonalds food has never agreed with my stomach so don't eat it I have a few allergies so not the food just me.

    • I recall 2 x Bacon Deluxe were $5.95.

      I remember when you could get 2 whoppers, 2 cheeseburgers (or Jnr whoppers?), 4 small fries, & 4 small drinks for $10 (and free refills). Then GST hit, and it went up to $11. Then it ballooned from there.

  • PDF version will be available online( on Tuesday 01/02/2020.

    Do you mean 1/12/20?

  • Have people had much luck with showing the vouchers on the phone and getting them accepted? It’s been at least a year since I tried with HJs circular quay who wouldn’t accept it even though I showed them the PDF was via their own website.

  • Although probably nothing much for them but they lost my money when they removed the extra-long chicken burgers and started charging 50c for adding a sauce inside the burger. KFC offers better prices now.

  • I'm reserving both of the toilets in the family home to s h i t all of these burgers and wraps out xD

    • Kinda scared wondering how you use two toilets at the same time

      • not the same time, but for when another family member requires usage of a toilet facility. especially when i've spent the last 20mins from the Peri wrap.

  • I repeat, the 2 Xtra Long Chicken Peri Peri for $5.95 was the best deal ever at HJ! They've stopped this product altogether now :-(

  • Prices gone up yet again? Not that I’ve had HJs in YEARS

    • Can confirm none of the prices increased, just looked.
      Although tbf the prices that they were last time were quite expensive for what they were.

      Best method is to use survey voucher - free small fries and drink with burger.
      If you modify a cheesy cheeseburger for example, you can get a double cheeseburger for $4.60 instead of the $5.60+ they are charging.
      You've got a small meal for $4.60, or buy another small fries for $1 with the saving :)
      That's assuming you don't get freebies from shake and win too.

  • Hardly a saving now :(
    The burgers are better when you cook at home :P

  • can I use NSW gov vouchers for HJ?

  • Goodbye Avocado Chicken BLT wrap :/
    You've been replaced by 6 nuggets + sauce but somehow that just isn't the same…

  • anyone tried the big jack?

  • How is this part of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? It starts after.

  • I only go to Hungry Jack's when I get something free on the Shake and Win app.

    That said, can anyone speak to the taste of the big Jack burger? Same as the big Mac?

    • Honestly I haven't tried it but my brother did and he was quite disappointed. Not to say the Big Mac is any good, but don't expect the Big Jack to be something great.

    • Xactly the same.

    • I enjoyed it. Its has a whopper taste, the gimmick is in apeing the big mac configuration.

    • +1 vote

      We liked it and I was told it was like the big Mac used to be when it was actually big rather than baby size like now.

  • These clowns just increased their price on medium coffee to $3.60 , and its not barista made

    • $3.60?!
      Apparently the local is "barista made" (doubt) and a medium mocha is $4.95! WTF!

      Edit: changed to a non-barista made medium mocha and it's $3.75… honestly?

      • Huh? HJ gives a choice of Barista made v/s Machine made coffee? I didn't know this. Is it only at select locations?

        • The confusing part is I have gone to a "Barista Made" location and it seems like it's still just machine made by the register guy, simply put a sign up saying "Jack's Cafe".
          It's only at selected locations but tbh probably not worth the commute especially considering their barista prices.

      • Wow thats pretty bad, i have never seen a proper barista coffee at HJ's

    • Yeah, the $2 medium coffee deal was great and the limited time went on for months. Hopefully they will bring it back soon.

  • Really disappoint with the new prices. May only go HJ with a shake and win price

  • HJ vouchers price looks expensive these days. shake app is only place got decent value food now

  • So I did the old vouchers yesterday and my local was ok with it being on the phone, however I had to have one person in the car for each voucher I wanted to use.

    I would do the small chicken royal meal, small cheeseburger meal and 10 nuggets and large chips for my family but I can't anymore.

    HJ use to be good value for the vouchers when compared to MacDonalds or Red Rooster or even KFC. It used to be below 15 for the entire family now it won't be.

    Sorry HJ but you have lost me.

    • Just tell them that the second voucher is for your invalid wife who nearly died while saving orphans from a bus fire.

  • Shake'n'win is where it's at guys.

    • Indeed, you can't get better value than free! I just wish their scanners would work so I didn't have to dictate 16 digits every time I go through the drive-thru.

  • If only the "burgers" looked like the ones in the photo… our local HJ's you need a straw to eat a burger they are that squashed and soggy.

  • Birthday whopper on shake app now require a $1 min. spend to redeem via online in-app purchase. no longer completely free to redeem. The jack's is squeezing back dollar by dollar slowly seems.

    • True this ^

      So what’s the cheapest food item to meet the min $1 spend? I cbf looking (didn’t want sauce) so I just ordered the cheesy cheeseburger. I thought of it as $2.50 for 2 burgers to make me feel better lol

      • How much is the smallest qty of nuggets? I think Frozen Coke is $1 or Small Fries?

        • My app shows 3 nuggets $3.65 and small frozen coke $2.95, but yeah small fries is $1 so could get that for better value I suppose! However I don’t like HJ’s fries, prefer macca’s.

  • Shake & win recently upgraded the instant win prize to redeem either via app and pick up option. for shake win app user, this is another move The jack's looks to squeeze a $1 min. spend for all prize won to redeem via app. this has done in past year with the Birthday whopper and seems like a same direction with shake prize. watch this space, they may no longer free to redeem.
    2 cents

  • Voucher says not valid with shake and win redemption. Does this mean it's now one or the other? Ie you can't claim a shake and win prize plus use a voucher …..guess you could always do two loops of the drive through!
    *Edit- Nevermind, just claimed a shake and win and a voucher in the same transaction.