Best Capture Card for Copying Amazon Prime Movies

Has anyone used a capture card on a desktop PC, for making a copy of an Amazon Prime movie or TV show ?

What's the best capture card for getting a copy, that is as-close-as-possible in quality to the source ?

I've managed to successfully use VPN to watch stuff on US Amazon Prime, but want to keep a personal copy just-in-case Amazon decides to crack down & block my VPN provider.



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    Why use a capture card? There's plenty of other options out there to do what you want, which are 10x easier.

    • Can you give me a hint on the 'other options' ? :-)

      Do you mean capture software ? Do they give good results ? Do you know any good ones ?

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        VPN and torrents.

        • Sadly, the type of stuff that I'm after, usually has no seeders.

          • @vikvance: What kind of stuff? If it's more obscure TV/Movie content you can probably get an invite to a private server which has it.

            Give us an example?

      • OBS studio?

  • Plenty of people our there have likely already done it and put it on the internet already.
    Much easier to just go find it there..

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      I've done a lot of searching already. :-)

      The ones I'm interested in are very hard-to-find cult & independent movies from the late 80s & 90s.

      A few of them came out on (now out-of-print) DVD, but the DVD quality is much worse than the quality of the versions on Amazon.

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    Use screen capture software. I use this to stream my screen but you can record also. Guess it would work for what you want.

  • Firefox has a heap of good plugins that I use for ripping stuff for when I want it off-line. Just go to extensions and search video downloaders

  • Windows game bar? No idea what the quality is like though.

  • Thanks guys for your replies.

    So, I did some more googling & finally understood that PC processors & graphic cards are now powerful enough to capture internal sources & capture cards are only needed for capturing external video sources. (I guess I was still living in the 90s, when a capture card was a requirement to capture any video.)

    I did a test with nVidia Geforce Experience, and it captures without any apparent loss of quality, and I think running Handbrake on the output file would do a good job of reducing the file size.

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