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Casio G-Shock GW-B5600BC-1BER $217.70 Delivered @ TicTacArea


Arguably the best value G-Shock watch at the moment.
Bought a DW-5600BB (The non-bluetooth version) from these guys before, can confirm they are legit
Featuring Multiband 6, Bluetooth and Tough Solar

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  • Never heard of this website…

    • They're legit. They've been around for 12 years.

      I've bought a few Casio watches from them without issue. They probably have the largest range of Casio/G-Shock watches of any online watch retailer I've seen (they stock hundreds of models from each of the G-Shock/Edifice/Protrek lines) and quite often they will have the lowest price of any online watch retailer (save for some low-volume eBay sellers that might undercut them by a small amount).

      They're a Spanish company so delivery times to Australia could be lengthy (although I waited 3-4 weeks at the most for my orders).

      The only issue with TicTacArea is that in the past year or so, everything has been out of stock on their site and they just don't seem to be getting new stock for a majority of watches or they're simply not removing out-of-date listings for discontinued models.

      If you sort by brand, there's 22 pages of 50 results per page for Casio watches, and they're almost all out of stock. Their inventory has been that way for at least a year, as far as I'm aware.

      The same goes for most of their Seiko range and quite a few other popular watch brands.

  • By wearing this Casio GW-B5600BC-1BER you can really feel the power that Casio brings to your wrist.

    Faster faster

  • great price - crazy to think you can get G shock ruggedness + Multiband 6 + Bluetooth + Tough Solar at this price!

  • Australia isn't in any Multiband 6 zone so useless feature here. Nice watch all the same

  • +2 to buying Casio from Tic Tac. Free postage ~2 week delivery from Spain IIRC.

  • Friend of mine ordered from this company awhile back, long lead time (3-4 weeks he experienced), but arrived in official case with tags etc

  • Arguably the best value G-Shock watch at the moment.

    I disagree. No negative/inverted LCD Casio watch is a good value buy. The viewing angles are atrocious and the readability in anything but direct overhead light is very poor.

    I would recommend the classic G-5600E as a much more practical and functional choice in the same G-Shock "Square" package for a $80 dollars less. It's readable, solar-powered and has the exact same module feature set of the GW-B5600BC minus the gimmicks that are either useless in Australia (Multiband 6) or useless in general (the Bluetooth/Smartphone Link stuff is a gimmick you wouldn't miss; these watches keep time to within +/- 15 seconds a month) and these premium features only serve to jack up the cost of the watch.

    Also, the entire concept of the GW-B5600 series feels pointless, as do so many of the G-Shock Square derivatives. Despite having a stainless-steel band, the matte black finish still makes it look incredibly cheap and plastic-y and with the case being all-resin it really comes off as a poor man's GMW-B5000 series.

    Spending over $200 dollars on what is effectively a DW-5600/G-5600E with a difficult-to-read, inverted LCD display feels like really poor choice when Casio offer so many better, more feature-packed alternatives for that price point or slightly more; heck you can buy triple-sensor Proteks for less than this GW-B5600 that have dozens more features.