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Philips 28" Gaming Monitor 4K 288B9RN $300 Delivered @ eBay Futu_online


Original Coupon Deal

For those who missed last Dell 4K monitor deal.

12+ available at the time of posting.

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  • note its a TN panel

  • is 60hz enough for gaming

    • Of course

    • Depends. For competitive gaming probably not. But I and most people do prefer higher refresh rate over higher pixels. E.g. 1440p 144hz over 4k 60hz

    • You’ll need a very beefy PC to run 4K at higher than 60 FPS. Probably go for lower res but higher hz. QHD @ 144Hz seems to be the sweet spot but you still need a pretty high end specs for more recent games

    • You can game on it, but only if you have never used a 144HZ screen ;)

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        It's very subjective. I can't tell the difference between 120 Hz and 60 Hz (don't have access to a 144 Hz screen for testing) capped at 120 FPS and 60 FPS respectively in most cases. The only thing I can consistently notice is mouse and scrolling motion in Windows but that's hardly worth paying money for. If I use 120 Hz and toggle a frame limiter between 60 FPS and 120 FPS then the smoothness and motion clarity is evident but my brain doesn't really recognise it in other scenarios, i.e. playing a game, switching, and playing the same bit again.

        These days 144 Hz is pretty easy to access without paying too much extra, but if you're on a tight budget it might save you some money, especially since a budget or aging computer is less likely to be able to keep up the pace anyway. That said, higher refresh rate panels usually have VRR and better low FPS compensation, which is probably worthwhile.

        I think if you're eyeing a new monitor today and you're on an old or budget PC, you definitely should look at displays with variable refresh rate features (basically just FreeSync since Gsync will be out of your budget).

        My personal priority list:
        1. Ghosting/smearing
        2. Backlight bleed, IPS glow, uniformity
        3. Variable refresh rate
        4. Resolution
        5. Contrast
        6. Out-of-the-box colour (not pro quality but decent sRGB)
        7. Response time
        8. Max refresh rate
        HDR would be on this list if decent HDR with FALD wasn't incredibly expensive.

        Obviously for competitive gaming you would prioritise max refresh rate over all else other than response time, even at the expense of ghosting and other visible artifacts.

        • Very very good points.

          I notice it but (hz difference) byt my 34" daily drivers are 60/75 as I use them for work as well and large monitors with great refresh rates are too exxy for me.

  • Tn would tire your eyes after long time stares