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[XB1, PS4] Borderlands 3 $10, FIFA 20 $10, Jedi Fallen Order $25, Rocket Arena M.E $1 + $5.95 Post @ EB Games


Sneek peek of some specials during Cyber Monday at EB Games! The other 2 switch games on offer are posted here.

Fingers crossed on Amazon price matching tomorrow!

Note: Jedi Fallen Order is on Xbox game pass.

Edit: Below links to the games. Note that $5.95 delivery applies.

Borderlands XB1$10
Borderlands PS4 $10
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order XB1 $25
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PS4 $25
FIFA 20 XB1 $10
FIFA 20 PS4 $10
Rocket Arena Mythic Edition XB1 $1
Rocket Arena Mythic Edition PS4 $1

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