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[Switch] Paper Mario: The Origami King $50, Xenoblade Chronicles $40, Borderlands Legendary Collection $30 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon have matched EB Games Cyber Monday prices. Checked some of the other games on offer and Amazon haven't matched prices yet… would assume it's only a matter of time today.

Free delivery sweetens the deal!

Paper Mario: The Origami King
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive EditionOOS
Borderlands Legendary Collection
Outer Worlds

Edit: Combine with the 10% credit back with Zip for extra savings! Thanks to iambRad for the reminder.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +1

    hell yeah ! well played Amazon.

    • +1

      Hoping they match Borderlands legendary collection for the Switch…

      • I've never played it, is it worth getting?

        • +3

          Never played either, but for $30 I think it's worth a go. Seems well reviewed.

      • +2

        They just did. Well worth it

        • Thanks! Added to cart and the post

  • 10% with zip from amazon

  • +1

    Just paid $50 xenoblade from target at the beginning of black friday, lucky i havent' collected it yet!

  • +2

    I saw the EB deal, and decided to resist, because I'm just not sure if I should be buying more games, given the backlog I already have.

    …Amazon's not making this easy…

  • +1

    Outer Worlds also matched

    • +1

      Thanks added to the post

    • Download required FYI for anyone who's a physical collector

  • Is it gone?

    • Xenoblade is oos, others still available

      • Yeah that was what I meant. I was changing my payment method and it suddenly vanished from the cart..

        • +1

          He answered the question. If that's what you meant, why did you ask the question?

          • @manbearpig: What do you mean? What I meant is Xenoblade, not the other games.

  • +2

    Finally picked up Borderlands Legendary Collection and Outer Worlds.

  • Xenoblade is also $40 at EB games right now for anyone (like myself) who missed out. Looks like most stores at OOS tho so you'd have to pay for delivery.

    • +1

      Lucky I sold my copy at 50 a week ago.

    • They disabled click and collect for the Cyber Monday items, my local stores had stock of what I wanted and I put them in my cart before midnight, then after the prices dropped I got a message saying "no stores have stock, home delivery only". At least they were warehouse shipping cost so it was only $5.95

  • amazon sold out for Xenoblade :( hope catch does a $40 pricematch too.

    Any chance of amazon restock later in the day?

    • +1

      Sometimes they'll open it up for backorders or someone night cancel their order. I always recommend checking every so often just I'm case.

  • Bought the xenoblade from amazon for $50 last week. Do they usually make up the difference if we ask?

    • Depends who you speak to, can't hurt to ask though!

      I've only asked once previously and the person I spoke to said they wouldn't do anything but that was related to a TV so the difference was a bit more.

  • Xenoblade $40 again, just ordered one. Thanks.

    • comes up as $67 for me

      • Most likely would have been a cancelled order but went back to $67 as the Amazon copy would have sold

  • Pity Paper Mario: The Origami King is single player.

  • Anyone receive their copy yet? I got my copy of Paper Mario today, and:

    1) it wasn't shrink-wrapped;
    2) the cartridge inside was for the EUR region, and yet;
    3) the case is labelled AUS.

    What gives Amazon? Is this normal?

    • +2

      its normal.

      not all 1st party Nintendo games come shrink wrapped.

      In addition many cartridges will have EUR on it as it was cheaper to get those printed rather than new ones under AUS (This is normal for the 3DS as they were both PAL)

      the case on the back should have Australia written in the text below somewhere.

      My Paper Mario was from EB games and had EUR on the cart.
      I have been collecting Nintendo games for 20 years so know which are fakes very easily.

      • Thanks, that's reassuring.

        Amazon US (used to?) have a problem of mixing genuine and counterfeit stock of the same item from different vendors for a few years, hence why the lack of shrink wrap raised alarm bells for me.

        • I dont buy any games from Amazon US because of the rating is different. The game itself is fine and will work but as a collector I prefer to keep it all the same Australian rating.

          But if you stick with Amazon AU or legit Australian dealers you shoudl be fine.

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