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GoPro Karma Drone (HERO6 Black Incl) $699 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Saw this on the Amazon AU Cyber Monday homepage. There is a lot of information out there comparing this to the DJI Mavic Pro and I suggest you do your own research before purchasing. Also given its weight, you may not have anywhere “legal” to fly it.

Considering it comes with the GoPro HERO 6 and the GoPro Karma Gimball the price seems pretty amazing.

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  • Karma was a massive failure. Suprised they would asking for this much. Gopro 6 isnt worth much

  • Best to get a mavic mini at this price but good deal if you a gopro fan

  • Gumtree asking price is 800 to 900$ used. Seems to a good deal. But I'll pass. Just got the mavic mini 2.

  • GoPro Karma is still alive? I thought this thing was wiped out by DJI years ago. Check this out.

    • Not knowing much about the Go Pro offering this video was an eye opener.
      Many thanks for linking it, hope this gets up votes for visibility.

      How could they hope to compete with such a shit device.
      Even if it were a quarter the price of a competing drone with optical tracking the GoPro is still a piece of trash.

      • You're welcome. I saw this video 4 yrs ago right after the first Mavic Pro was released, and I can remember it up until today. It was obvious that Karma was not a competitor to Mavic Pro, not even close, and that was just the first gen of Mavic. I don't know why Karma is still price tagged $699 after 4 years. It's totally a waste of money.