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Retroarch & PPSSPP in Xbox One/Series Retail Mode Free (Normally Requires $20 Dev Subscription and Console in Dev Mode)


Xbox One consoles can play from NES up to PS1 games.

Xbox Series consoles can play from NES up to DreamCast, GameCube/Wii and limited PS2.

PPSSPP is for playing PSP games.

Basically you're making Xbox a RetroPie killer for free.


  1. Complete this form https://forms.gle/WCqB1fMXhsGx1MzU8
  2. Check the announcements Discord room here to see when the next batch of Xbox accounts have been whitelisted (he generally does it every morning AU time).
  3. One your account is whitelisted, go to this link using Edge on the Xbox. and click on each to install the apps.
  4. Use the FTP app to copy over the required BIOS files and Roms (obviously these can't be linked to here and you should legally own these to do so).


Please give a massive thanks to the people doing this in the Discord #general room. This would be a lot of work for them to be whitelisting all the people.

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  • 1 for Illegal/Inappropriate

    Ummm nothing here is illegal. Retroarch is free/opensource. Please don't report things you don't understand.

  • Is there any risk in getting your Xbox account whitelisted?

    • Apparently not - it's not like you're prirating anything or using cheats. I'm guessing it will eventually be blocked by MS, but if you install it before then the app will keep working according to the dev in the Discord server.

      • Even the slowest Xbox Series S, it has hardware adequate to start emulating WiiU. Do you think the devs/community will be able to push-forward Cemu to RetroArch? How about RPCS3 ? Or perhaps even Citra? If not bundled with RetroArch, perhaps standalone Apps like they did for PPSSPP.

        And for emulator ROMs, can you dump your games to an external HDD, and have RetroArch/Standalone Apps read them from the external HDD. Because that 512GB nVme SSD is just too small in the XSS.

        If yes, I can see the XSS as becoming the ultimate HTPC (so long OptiPlex haha).

  • Nearly bought this yesterday. Thanks OP

    • To me the advantage is being able to run it in retail mode and not switch to dev mode (which can't run normal Xbox games).

    • Same. I've been thinking about buying the $20 developer mode after watching a video on Youtube not long ago… but switching between retail and not seemed a bit too much of a hassle (vs just using my PC / any other device with Retroarch).

    • That's for the console…the software is free…wtf.

      And you can use a cheap OG Xbox One.

  • Whats a discord tag?

  • How do we get notified once it's whitelisted? I have no idea what any of this is, but it sounds cool.

    • Check the announcements Discord room here(discord.com) to see when the next batch of Xbox accounts have been whitelisted (he generally does it every morning AU time).

      He posts in the announcements room every day when he's done it. Do it now and you should be included in the next batch.

    • Emulator for other consoles running on Xbone and XboxS

    • Just try the download link in edge on your xbox every now and then. If you hit it and download the app, you're whitelisted.

  • Here's a video explaining why this is so amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGAjhjp8dnI

  • this is so cool! I saw on MVG's channel

    • Dimitris is a muppet. Less than a month ago he had a crack at Microsoft for re-implementing always-on DRM for their consoles and stating he would not support Microsoft as a result.

      Next minute, his orders for a Series X and S arrive. You know, because while having principles is great for virtue signalling, channel views is far more important. 🙄

  • I have no idea what this is but I'm going to update anyway

  • Haven't looked into it yet but I have tonnes of physical stuff from ps1/ps2, gamecube/wii/wii-u and dreamcast that isn't connected to the tv. If this does away with needing to connect it up I'll be so stoked

    Edit: do we need to disconnect from xbox live? Is MS going to kill this by an OS update?

  • Good to see so many people also into MVG.

  • For information of people , developer mode still works but dominator and T3 are taking it to a higher level to enable it in retail mode…..pls donate to their project if you can :)
    Links are in the discord page.

  • Interesting that you call it a "retropie killer" but we are talking expensive systems here….Is a $500 box really worthy of being an emulating system - especially for games that are 15+ years old…

    • FWIW, I bought my Xbox One S for $199.

    • A regular old Xbox One will be more powerful than a Raspberry Pi 4. It doesn’t need to be a Series model.

      • Agreed. I will be very interested what a One X will be capable of emualting. I would say Wii/Gamecube and Dreamcast could be upper limit, but who knows.

  • This is gold. Not having to switch between retail and dev is just amazing. Retropie will be gathering dust soon.

  • Is there a video showing this working that ISNT the MVG one, and instead shows it boucing between emulating and normal games? Thanks

    • I can 100% confirm it works, I got whitelisted last night and have played a few Mega Drive, PS1, Gamecube and Wii games on my Series X. The setup is a bit fiddly, the controller remapping for wii games is a crapshoot of trial and error, and figuring out how to get some games/systems to work can be very frustrating, but it works and so far it has played every game that I could get to boot very well.

    • I got installed on my OG on Sunday morning after registering Saturday afternoon. Haven't played anything yet.

  • lmao, been (profanity) around with this this morning, had no idea it would end up on OzB, didn't think to throw it up myself.

    Spider-Man 2 on GameCube ran surprisingly well, like full speed with the odd lil hickup (I'm loading off a USB stick I keep my NVIDIA ROMs in, could be stutterless if copied to the SSD), which was the game that would stop my SHIELD in it's tracks, so I was very impressed right out the gate.

    Been playing some THPS3, Spidey, and Simpsons. Those 3, along with the re-releases on the Xbox store of the original Battlefronts, all we need now is a port of Vice City (finally) to Xbox One / Series, and my top 5 all time games will, for the first time in a good decade, be playable on one single current gen console (albeit through loopholes / emulation)

    • Anyone having any luck getting GDI format DC games to run? No problem whatsoever with CDI formats, but the GDI ones seem to just crash it. Not sure if there's a setting I should flick over or what, but I'm trying to play everything 100% stock in case I (profanity) something up and they block the ability to redownload it.

  • Amazing work here! Thanks heaps!

  • Should I be worried about MS bricking my One X like Nintendo did back in the day with modified Switches that went online?

  • They’ve whitelisted a new batch. So everyone who signed up yesterday should be ready to rock and/or roll.

    • Any idea if this can be used on multiple consoles? Or, use on Xbox one s now and series s/X in a couple of months?

      • I'd imagine it would work on all consoles. But it would have to be installed on them all before MS blocks new installs, which could be any day, not months from now.

      • I got it on my Series X at home the other day, installed it on my old One S at the missus' house last night fine too.

  • Just tried this and can confirm it works on my One X. No need to FTP either, I just plugged in my USB hard drive loaded with ROMs and ISOs and both PPSSPP and Retroarch will read from hard drive.

    I could crank the PPSSPP internal resolution to 6x and the Xbox One X doesn't break a sweat.

    This is awesome!

    • How do you set this up?

      I copied ROMs onto the Xbox scanned directory but it only loads around 30 games, we I rescan it adds another 30 but deletes the previous 30 odd games

      • Yes playlists are broken on the Xbox. I gave up as you have to create the list externally. Using a chromecast with Google tv now. Much snappier.

  • Decided to do it via Dev mode. I am concerned about MS banning, even though everyone says they won’t.

  • Thanks Toad and thanks devs!

    Curious on one thing though - will these iterations be able to be updated? How does that work?


  • i signed up yesterday, where do i need to look in the Discord for my account being whitelisted?

  • I know roms can just be stored on a usb but what is the "Use the FTP app to copy over the required BIOS files" bit about? What bios files will i need?

    • Some emulators (cores in Retroarch) need the BIOS of the original system as these aren't emulated. They can't be provided here as they are copyright. This question is more about Retroach in general and not specific to the Xbox version so Google will have a bunch of info.

  • Got this up and running on my Xbox One X.
    Some cores can't load games from USB as they don't work with VFS (Virtual File System).
    To get around that you need to copy the game to the internal memory.
    FTP works a treat for that.

  • Anyone else notice how slow it is to load RA and also when closing content? Sometimes it crashes when closing as well.

    • On my One X I had it crash 2 times loading Retroarch off of a cold boot. Error message both times said took too long to load. 3rd time it booted.
      Takes a pretty long time to boot Retroarch and then when you load a game you get a decent amount of time with a blank screen before you see the game.
      I haven't had any issues closing content though.

      • Is it slow when you close content? N64 games are the ones causing it to crash when closing. N64 emulation is average at best anyway.

        Back to my SNES mini and Retropie….

        • I feel daft but I can't figure out how to quit out of an N64 game to get back to Retroarch menu (without going back to Xbox Dashboard). On PC I used to have an ESC key!

  • Is there a tutorial on how to do this without going into dev mode?