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Wavlink AC1200 Dual Band Repeater Wi-Fi Range Extender $9.99 + Delivery (Free w/ Prime/$39 Order) @ Wavlink Amazon AU


Half price plus coupon $30 off makes it $9.99 Have no use but I still order one…

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Now that's a bargain! Thanks OP

  • Damn. Had it in my cart but can't checkout. Sold out already!

    Edit: Tried again and it worked! Bizarre.
    Great bargain. Thanks OP.

    • Are you sure you are not paying the regular price?
      I did the same thing, second try it went to regular price $79.95 instead of lightning deal $39.95.

      • +1

        I double checked. Only paid $9.99 thankfully.

  • 100% claimed now

  • Bought it b4 for $50 , returned because not that stable. but for $10, I could use it in garage for my google music.

  • Goneeeeee

  • +1

    Why do people still buy repeaters nowadays when mesh wifi routers are not that expensive?

    • +10

      because no mesh is $10?

      • +1

        Poor men pay twice…

        • +1

          well in this case even if poor men pay 9 times that's okay.

          • @IpGem: I guess it's fine if they are happy to run at a slower speed, and not worry about seamless switching.

          • @IpGem: So 9 portions of dogshit = 1 portion of chocolate. Interesting.

    • You can configure it as a standalone AP

  • Amazon webpage for this item now showing a waitlist button, so perhaps still hope?

  • Don't you lose 50% of throughput with repeaters on each hop?

  • Great find Op. For 10 bucks its sure worth a try

  • +2

    on waitlist and was given option to buy but copoun is gone now so its 40 for waitlist members

  • +1

    Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon.

    FU Amazon.

  • +4

    What is the coupon for $30 you mention?

  • +4

    What's the coupon?

  • I didn't need it , but bought it, found out my friend was looking for it, so great deal.

  • @Jadeja, Please treat me as your friend, I missed it :(

  • What $30 coupon?

  • Even waitlist is full now

  • Coupon please from anyone that purchased

  • would this work with my ozbargain deal bought Asus RT-AX86U ?

    and yes please provide coupon link?!

    • +1

      While much more expensive aimesh on asus routers is far superior, keep an eye out for a deail on an aimesh enabled router to pair with your current one. I'm using older ac routers with aimesh and am blown away by how good the experience is.

  • I think it's sold out already coz no way to add it in my cart.

  • :( Looks to be Lightning Deal $39.99 (Save 50%) and 100% Claimed :(

  • +2

    Beware a number of Wavlink devices have some pretty serious security backdoors, which are reportedly being exploited in the wild (https://cybernews.com/security/walmart-exclusive-routers-oth...).

    Possibly less of an issue if you were using this purely as a range extender, but I would definitely not use something like this in router mode directly connected to the internet.

  • Half price plus coupon $30 off makes it $9.99

    which $30 coupon??

    • +2

      I asked myself the same thing before opening the link, but when the deal was still live, there was a little check-box under the item on the product page that offered you the option to apply a $30.00 coupon.

  • Any luck

  • That's hard..just bought netgear EX6110 A1200 last week for $129 from JB not sure if I can return it. BTW how does Wavlink AC1200 Dual Band compares to netgear EX6110, any real life users?

  • Do not buy unless you are comfortable with the chinese govt having access to your network. Even then don't buy. you'll become a liability to your neighbours.


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