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North Bayou F80 9kg Gas Strut Monitor Mount $35.20 Delivered @ ScreenMounts via Amazon AU


The ever popular North Bayou F80 as requested by many is being offered on special again as part of the Amazon Cyber Monday promotions.
The NEW Model F80 has 9kg monitor capacity, easy torque adjustment and super easy flexible positioning. Goes Live at 12:50PM till 8:50pm Today AEDT for WA members.
Includes Clamp Mount and Grommet Mount options in the box.
VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm - (Not suitable for RECESSED VESA Mounting points)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • clever post for all those with the xiaomi 34"… but have to give me a bit more than $5 discount…shows as $44

    also that one is not rated for 34" monitors…may well handle it but according to description it's not

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      Well we do have around 1500 available because Amazon could not get their act together and receive the additional stock we sent two weeks ago.

      • great, thanks, what's your view on using this for the xiaomo 34"?

        • It's the weight that matters, and I'm pretty sure this arm can handle it.

      • Hi is this ok for the xiaomi monitor?
        Whats the warranty like?
        Thanks again

        • 12 months warranty on all NB product supported locally by us.

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          Im using this on the Kogan 34 just fine…

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            @4iedemon: Are you %10000 sure,i don't wanna waste money on this if it is not compatible.
            thanks :)

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              @alz: best way is to weight your xiaomi monitor without the stand (sometimes mentioned in the specs sheet) then find what the mount max kg support is…

              most modern monitor is lighter anyway…

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              @alz: You are buying from Amazon, if there's problem it should arise within the first 30 days and Amazon has a 30 money back guarantee

          • @4iedemon: My exact setup, holds it fine.

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          I read some posts/comments on Ozbargain that they do work as long as the monitor itself weighs less than 9kg. The old F80 was about 6kg if not mistaken. Obviously you can't expect the full articulation like rotation and panning given the monitor is so wide. But as long as it is within the weight limits, then it shouldn't sag. I do have a separate question but I will start another post to the OP.

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          I'm currently using this with my xiaomi 34. Feels fine to me, tilting down is a bit easier than tilting up which is not great but aside from that i don't have an issues.

          AMA if you need.

          • @rimarks: Thanks for your response. Was it easy to attach the monitor to it? someone above apparently had to use a tool to make it work. i hate tools lol

            • @alz: Yea fair enough, it was simple enough. Nothing that was additional effort compared to other monitors. You just lightly screw the top screws onthe monitor and the use those as a sort of hook onto the vesa mount and then do the bottom screws. Nothing to it, though in hind sight i would make sure that the positioning is just right before you put on the monitor but that's common sense… which i didn't have :)

    • Goes Live at 12:50PM

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      The only issue I see is that the Xiaomi 34" seems to have a recessed VESA mount which the F80 is not compatible with, so please check that detail.

      • what constitutes a recessed VESA mount? I ordered a Dell S2721D. Is that compatible? It seems to work with my AOC 24g2e5 which seems to be recessed?

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          If the VESA mounting plate on the monitor isn't flat/flush with the back of the monitor the mounting plate on the arm will be about 2mm too big all the way around to fit into the recess (if the recess only as big as required for VESA mounting).

          I fixed this by using a bench grinder on the arm's plate.

        • +3

          Bought the H80 last time. Works great for my dual monitor set up. I'm rocking 2x Dell S2721D.

          • @exc3113nce: thanks! The H80 just looks like the dual version of the F80 so fingers crossed it works fine!

            • @julz15: The H80 is not the dual version - it's a mounted pole version see here

            • @julz15: It appears the back of the mount is different, I don't think this monitor would be suitable. Note OP's comment below.

              The F80 is not as this is a recessed VESA mount. Better to go with the H80, H100 or F100A which is on special on our site now in Back or Silver.

          • @exc3113nce: I would like to do that too. What USB-C adapter did you use? My S2721D is set to 1920x1080p when I'm using my dual monitor adapter.

            Thank you

        • I read comments about the F80 and Dell S2721D and how others found that it fits.

          I have the same monitor and use the F160, which has the same mounting bracket design as the F80 and it fits fine.

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        i have the xiaomi display and it is compatible with this mount

        • +1

          Same here. The f80 is definitely compatible with the xiaomi monitor. The monitor includes 4 extra "stand-off type" screws which screw into the vesa mount so you aren't limited by it being recessed.

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        I found this thread on Reddit and someone has used this F80 (9kg version - this model) with the Xiaomi Mi Curved 34". I think I read it correctly but if someone could re-read it and confirm that would be nice.


      • oh ok, then i'll have to skip this one.

  • Do you have these in white colour, either on sale or otherwise?

  • Is the H80 and F100A suitable with recessed VESA mounts?

    • Yes, both H80 and F100A are suitable for recessed Mounts.

  • I am using F80 with my LG 27'', bought second screen Dell ISP 27" and interested in NB H180 Dual Monitor Desk Mount or NB H160 Dual Monitor Desk Mount - any deals in near future..?

    • Deal for the F160 Ran on Black Friday until they sold out. No plans yet for any specials past Today's F80 promo as yet.

    • Which LG do you have? I have a 27UL600-W and wondering if this'll fit. Thanks.

      • LG 27UL850-W 27" UHD 4K IPS, it has recessed VESA and I had to grind the Edges on F80 mounting plate on top corners. I think newer NB H80 has fixed that issue, OP should be able to confirm it.

    • @justin827, what Dell 27" do you have? I am trying to work out if the 2721dgf will work with the f80 - but I think its recessed…

      • I recently bought S2721Q still waiting to get delivered, hope it will not have any vesa mount issues like LG monitor I had. If you would like to confirm 100% there are lot of OZB members have this monitor from last few deals.

  • Hey OP, I am trying to chase up a tax invoice from the last sale but I am waiting on a response. Any ideas?

    • +1

      I've been away for a couple of days and still playing catch-up. Sorry for the delay but should get these done later today.

      • Awesome, thanks!

    • It would be issued by Amazon?

      • +1

        Amazon refuses to produce/issue Tax Invoices. Read into that whatever you want…

  • Will these work on a glass desk?

    • +1

      Clamp mount will work on a Glass Desk as long as the glass is 10mm or thicker.

      • Thank you

      • Hi ScreenMountsAu - I have the Dell U3219q monitor - which is 32" (I see your listing says for 17" - 30" monitor), while the monitor is well under the 9kg weight capacity (at 5.8kg) does this mean the monitor is not suitable?

        • It will hold it but a H100 or H80 even would be better. Also check if it is a recessed VESA Mount as the F80 is a bit wide at the top for those.

          • @ScreenMountsAu: thank you for the quick reply. It says VESA - compatible 100mm x 100mm mount. Will you be doing any specials on the H100 or H80 arms? edit: preferably the H100.

        • I'm also using this on a 32" Philips screen and it's fine as long as your Dell monitor is under 9kg (which Google says 5.9kg) and VESA mounts are flush (not recessed) as OP stated.

          Just wanted to add, great value monitor arm. Considering a second one now :)

      • will it work with a desk that has drawer? My drawer height is about 150mm.

  • What mount would you recommend for 38' screen?

    • +1

      F100A or H100 as long as it is less than 12kg.

      • Thanks

  • +2

    Possible to get a sale on the F100A?

    • We tried but couldn't get stock into Amazon because of their delays receiving and shipping delays. Really tough at the moment.

      • Maybe next time. Thanks anyway!

        • its on now $78 shipped

          • @abuch47: Thanks. Bought it from Amazon with the Zip & Shopback cashbacks.

      • boxing day would be awesome

  • +2

    I currently have and use the F100A, 2x of these F80's and a H100 still sealed in a box that is going to replace one of the F80's. I like the F80 the least out of all of them, but that said, it's more just a personal preference with the way it swings and moves compared to the F100A. Currently have a 28" and 32" on the two F80's and no issues at all. My first was the F100A and I liked it so much, I haven't touched another brand, and don't see myself doing so. Good stuff, do recommend!

    • why so many?

    • +1

      Any discernible difference between the normal arms and the "pole" mounted ones? From the specs, it just seems that the "pole" models can extend upwards by a few more millimetres. Is there any difference from a usability perspective in your experience? I'll be picking up 2, both for ultrawides, just to give some context.

    • +1

      I have an F80 but it doesn't really move at all. I mean it swivels around at the base, but that's it. I assumed I would be able to easily move monitor up and down etc. Have I set up up incorrectly (is it supposed to be free moving), or am I expecting more than the product can supply?

      • Something must be wrong. You can see it's range of motion in the photos. Perhaps something needs to be loosened.

  • +1

    Got one last time, works very well

  • +1

    I assume this works with the s2721dgf?

  • I think that has a recessed VESA Mount, so quite possibly not. The manufacturer is going to address this in next production run.

    • Several people have claimed that the S2721DGF fits the F80 with no issues.

      • It is possible as it depends on the actual size of the recess. The specs online don't say what that is but if someone who owns one can confirm the size of the hole, I can reply.

        • I have both the S2721D and the DGF. I only have the D currently mounted but it takes a normal old 120mm VESA - surely it's a fair assumption the DGF has the same?

      • I currently have my S2721DGF mounted to my F80. So it does fit.

  • Hey OP,

    Asked in another thread - but figured I'd ask the source - what mount would work for recessed Dell monitors (Just 27", nothing huge)

  • Just bought this for $44 on Friday :(

    • +1

      Wait till it goes down in price, then contact Amazon, might give you a slight refund

  • +9

    I have used the F80 on both the 34" Xiaomi and Dell 2721DGF, can confirm both works.

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