To Buy or Wait till Xmas iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB

Hi Ozbargain folk,

I am looking to purchase a new iphone. This will be my very first iphone and its going to be a gift for my wife during the Christmas/New year time. .

Not looking to sign up for any plans, as I am happy with the Kogan prepaid pack with enough data..

Was waiting for decent deals to come up on the iphone range for Black Friday/Cyber Monday but none have come through so far. Realised through other peoples comments that Apple don't really offer any discounts generally during these sales times. But I am wondering if there is a time during Christmas, that Apple normally reduces their price ?

I would love to hear some feedback from Apple users as you might be aware of their trends.

I understand that this has been a tough year for everyone, so not really expecting a huge offer/discount but didn't want to miss out of any potential offers that might come through in December.

Cheapest I could find so far for the 256 Pro max version is in Costco for $1,949.99 and JB hi fi for $2019

Thanks in advance,