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10% off TCN Him/Her & Kayo Gift Cards, 20% off Toys Including LEGO @ Big W


New catalogue sale for Big W starting on Thursday. Both gift cards and 20% off toys sale finish on 09/12.

Participating Retailers
The Him Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Universal Store, Culture Kings, Tommy Hilfiger, Hype DC, Platypus, Foot Locker, Xbox, Aquila, adidas, Glue Store, Drummond Golf, Academy Brand, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Edge Clothing, Neverland, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Van Heusen, H&M
The Her Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Kookai, MAC, Princess Polly, adidas, Showpo, H&M, Universal Store, Sportsgirl, Platypus, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Glue Store, Adore Beauty, Aveda, Hype DC, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tiger Mist, Culture King

20% off toys - excludes price drops items, low price lines, clearance, pre-orders, gaming, nursery, sporting, cycling, skate, scooters, trampolines, swings sets, inflatable castles, cubby houses and aquatic.

Credit to living4music for the gift card details.

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  • oh no - here we go again!

  • Grab your popcorn…

  • what does max $500 for jb hifi mean? like you can only redeem max $500 from tcn cards?

    • You can only use $500 max of these cards for one transaction.

      • there’s a limit? booo

        is this imposed by JB or tcn?

        • Not sure but Most likely by Jbhifi

        • What's with the limit? Can they be added to normal jb hifi giftcards? Can you use $500 his and $500 hers in a single transaction?

        • Yes I’m interested in this too. I thought I read you could use the gift cards to buy bigger denominations of jbhifi gift cards on their site ie. consolidate 5x$100 gift cards to one $500 jbhifi gift card. Didn’t realise jbhifi themselves might have limits on gift card usage

          • @Kenb0: Apparently there was a memo sent out advising staff that this was no longer possible.
            Went in to purchase/swap to a JB gift card the morning of the Coles sale and the guy was happy to do it but the cards weren't active yet.
            Went in the next day to and the same guy was reading said memo just as I came up to the counter.. :(

          • @Kenb0: You can consolidate JB gift cards but these are not JB gift cards but actually just EFTPOS cards.

        • That’s old info by the op. There was a $500 limit at jb stores and it was in the TCN terms and conditions but they removed the limit and the reference in the T&C’s about a week ago. I used well over $500 on the weekend.

    • Ah bugger I managed to buy an iPhone with these a few weeks ago at 10 percent saving. Was hoping to get my hands on the mavic air drone when it next goes on sale. That sucks they introduced a limit. Thanks for letting us know you have saved me some embarrassment at checkout and what would have been a costly error on my part.

      • Nah there isn't a limit anymore. There was a limit, but not usually enforced, now the $500 limit has been removed from the TCN terms and conditions.

    • There's no max to how many jbhifi cards you can use online or in-stores. The $500 max for jbhifi meaning the highest denomination for one gift card. I used TCN to buy 2k worth to purchase iphone recently and had about 15 giftcards checked out no problems. hope this helps

    • Apparently they will only take $500 or 10 of these cards (whatever is achieved first).. but.. depending on the person and how busy they are on the day will possibly change that..
      I got lucky with my 15% coles cards. worked on my sale a bit with the guy so when i got denied at the counter from someone else he went up and asked her why and they put it through.
      I spent about 1.3k of those plus older cards i had. I bought 2 fridges and a tv

    • This isn't an issue at most JB HiFIs. I used 54 $50 cards to buy an 85" TV, then a couple days later used another 20-odd $30 and $50 cards to buy a washing machine.

  • Big w just can't shift their Lego now Amazon match them

  • Swap gift cards are giving 10% value on eBay through rewards points. A nice swap from Woolies to BigW.

  • We're never getting a sale on PlayStation gift cards ever again, are we?

    • It'll happen as often as it used to. Which is rare.

      Sony seem to think they can beat the Microsoft/gamepass juggernaut using their decade old tactics. They need to up their game before they're irrecoverably behind. They need regular good deals on gift cards and way better subscription offerings.

      I'll call it now.. In two years gamepass will be the thing. Like, sitting next to steam in the hierarchy. Then it will overtake steam in 7-10 years

      • just buy tcn cards which are usable at jb hifi and buy psn cards. effectively 10% off…or swap cards at eb games for psn.

        • Thanks. Yeah I know.. I don't really need the credit as I buy physical and don't have a PSN subscription. But I prefer Sony first party games and controllers to MS.. So I'm just venting that Sony are going to lose as they are marketing idiots

    • I stacked the 12% amazon yesterday with the 10% zip for these cards: https://www.amazon.com.au/PlayStation-Live-Cards-Hang-AUD30/...

  • But from the other post it seems like JB has removed the $500 GC limit.

  • If you have Zip account, then add their card to GPAY / Apple Pay for an extra 3% cashback while buying these cards (min spend $1000 across one or more transactions for redeeming the cash back)

    • Already redeemed twice. The catch is I have to wait for the trxns to settle down before pay the balance off. You cant spend over your limit on one day.

    • Second the minimum spend condition. If you don't spend at least $1000 before the 3% cashback offer ends, then T&Cs state the following: "At the end of the Offer Period, any credit back that has not reached the Reward Goal will be cancelled". People will get caught out in the frenzy thinking that they've just scored 13% off these cards if they've only bought a handful.

  • i am pretty sure there are no terms and conditions stated when you buy tcn cards that retailers can reject or limit them.
    may be a accc ssue…reminds me of the no giftcards for ps5 preorders at jb hifi debarcle.

    • There was actually a change in T&C (at/by TCN) that limited the use of their gc at jb and gg to just $500. They changed it back shortly after for some reasons.

  • JB could be handy for when the time comes that Consoles are in stock! Hahaa

  • there is no more limit in JB for now?
    I think TCN updated their term condition twice.
    1st time is adding $500 limitation.
    2nd time is removing $500 limitation.

    • no limit, smooth as :), redeemed 18 cards with new Macbook Pro and 16 cards with iPhone 12 Pro Max with no issue at all

      • But are JB the cheapest? That's the problem, to save 10% when someone else is cheaper.

  • bigw lego = cancel

  • Can we use discounted big w gift cards to purchase? If not, any work around?

    • I'd like to know this too.

      • the only work around is purchasing something small yet high value with discounted gift card(s) which purchased with point earing credit card, then refund for store credit prior next purchase ;), something like iPhone/iPad etc

  • Anyone wondered who pays for these discounts?

    Just TCN marketing team trying to get presence?

    Does the store that sells them make money? Does the store that accepts them pay a tax?

    Might TCN go bust? Is there a chance the track could bend?

    • There is a chance of people simply forgetting about their gc and never use them. Pretty sure that number would be way more than 10%. Big W wants people in store so win win.

    • Not on your life my Hindu friend


    Barbie, here I come baby.

  • Can you use these to buy ebay or amazon gift cards in jb? I rarely go to jb anymore so not familiar.

  • Still haven't had my value added from the Coles 15% off sale - TCN can eat my shorts

    • Yeah I'm still missing some too, called over 10 times , Coles are useless, rude and not helpful.

      • Customer Lack of Service - you are right, they couldn't give two shoes - they got their money.

        • 6 days later my cards have finally had the value added. It will be the last time I buy these. I'm still waiting on the Coles customer service supervisor to return a call, the TCN rep took pity on me due to being stuffed around so hard and loaded the cards. Now to see if JB will allow me to change payment methods

    • So the total value isn't immediately credited to the card?

      Thanks for the heads-up.

      • The cards are activated once the payment is made but it seems to take up to 7 hours for it to actually appear on the card. You can check your balance online to save a wasted trip to the shop.

      • Takes 24 hours for the gift card to be completely activated

  • Cool going down to big w when it opens.

    Walk out with pockets bulging with gift cards

  • head to surrounding rural towns if you want 15% TCN cards from Coles by today, it was how I snacked heaps of them with ease :) - the cost of driving out of city is considered as a scenic drive worth lol
    for those who live in Gold Coast, head down to Ballina, Goonellabah and Lismore if you want $100 ones, they have a lot left there, some without JBHifi logo on but it’s fine as long as you get the Him, Her, Teens and Kids ($50 mostly and only I guess with these)

    • wth … are you one of the folks that raided these towns for tp back in early days of lockdown as well?

      • hell no, if you look it up, those surrounding towns are pretty much Covid safe, plus it is wide open with border from today too, like it or not NSW and QLD should never be divided

    • I've tried to visit the Coles around Perth Metro and it's all gone, however I can get those cards in Northam and still got the TCN cards as of Sunday.

  • Is there a limit in those GC’s?

    I assume max 5 per person?