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Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100 Wireless Waterproof in Workout Earphones $75.42 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Lower price from this previous deal:

Colours available for this price: Blue, Black and Lava Black.

I like these for bike riding - they don’t block out all surrounding noise.

Might only be available for Cyber Monday US time, so price could go back up soon.

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  • These are the NY Times Wirecutter's Best Headphones for Running (Budget Pick) for 2020.

    I have had these for running for the past 18 months and would absolutely buy them again if they ever broke or went missing.
    Battery life for me is fine, just remember to charge them every now and then - they helpfully have a "battery high/medium/low" audio alert when you turn them on, and if the battery drops to low while using them then you get a reminder as well (which actually gets a little annoying I admit, but it does remind me to charge them when I turn them off).
    Audio is good. They're not super loud but that's good for running as I like to know who/what is around me. Tap/touch controls are good and I can use them for podcasts to skip ahead 30 seconds/back 10 seconds, which was important to me. Bounce from 'headband' is also pretty minimal for me, I don't even notice it.

    Anyway that's my experience. This is a good price, go get them to go with your Forerunner 245 Music you got from the recent round of discounting, pick up some cheap New Balances from the current eBay 20% off and you'll be sorted for running this summer.

    • Tap/touch controls are good and I can use them for podcasts to skip ahead 30 seconds/back 10 seconds, which was important to me.

      I really need this feature for podcasts, too. I checked the user guide and there was no mention of that function. Is it something that can be customised in the app?

      • It is in the instructions - 'Track Selection' is the function on the headphones, in most podcast players, they use the same media controls for skip forward/back.

        Your welcome :-)

  • dammit ozbargains, I bought it.
    I am no longer in charge of myself.

  • I've had these for a year. They've been great, especially for this price, fit is very comfy and sturdy and can still hear surrounding noises. See so many others with them to.

    In reference to the Forerunner 245 comment above, I use mine with a F245. Been a solid combo for the past 12 odd months, but recently I've had bluetooth cutting out when I wear it on the opposite arm (left arm, BT part of the 2100s is in the right ear), shifting watch to the right arm seems to eliminate the issue. Hard to know which device is at fault.

  • If there is a problem with these, it's that they (well, the previous models) last forever.

  • I’ve owned 4 sets of the previous model and two died after about 2 years.

    I’ve since found out the play/pause button on the left earpiece jams on meaning the headset won’t work and it drains the battery. The answer is the good old “wack that earpiece on the desk” and eventually it frees up. It’s the only time I’ve really found hitting something hard does actually work!

    The sound quality is surprisingly good for a non-sealed earpiece.

  • Had a pair of these and they are the best workout earphones ever. Great comfort and amazing sound quality and really solid build.

  • idk how people can get comfy with this style of ear tips ..
    never fits well for me, the round tips from samsung / jabra earphones fit better, thus better/louder music without having to crank the volume