Whats The Most Expensive Thing You Bought but Never Used?

Whats the most expensive thing you bought and never used ie still brand new condition
(eg cant be an investment/decoration/backup or a gift to someone that hasnt been given)

for me it was a surface laptop discontinuation sale $1000 new
sat in my draw for 1 year still in the box as I already had a laptop that was 3 months old, but always wanted a surface badly

Subconsciously I'm hoping my laptop breaks or have a need to give it to someone


  • Klashankov

  • Collected a lot of games on Steam that I never even ended trying to play. I don't even know if it runs on my computer….just got it on deals…

    • yeah I've got this too - so many not even downloaded

  • Leather jacket, used it once and spent around $800. Sitting idle for two years

  • Literally never used, probably a $200(???) drop saw I bought 15 or 20 years ago that's still sat in the shrink-wrap in my garage.

    Plenty of others where I certainly didn't great great bang for my buck, but outside of a couple of cheapish power tools I've rarely bought things that I never used.

  • Not unused but used once since bought in February, Mavic mini drone.. $639. and really unused is Mavic 1 year insurance for $59.

  • +3

    This shit Stanley Fat Max stud finder that would only work if you stood on one leg, and it also somehow detected electrical cables in a table. I'm serious.

    • +1

      Yep, got one of the same model. Basically everywhere you go there seem to be electrical cables and continually emits some piercing noise to warn you of the 'danger'.

      I do keep persevering with mine, but I've drilled so many holes in walls to find NO STUD…. argh

      • Yeah I've got the same POS Stanley stud finder

      • Yep I'm yet another with a shitty Stanley.

  • $1200 MS surface pro 3. spent the first week time setting it up to Windows 10, and ever since it's been collecting dust.

    • but you can bet it's a dam fine Windows setup

  • Bread maker and ice cream maker. Still in the box unopened for a couple of years now. Probably well past the warranty period. Don’t even know if they still work.

    • Ah yes the ice cream maker we all wanted, but don't have freezer space for. I feel you.

  • $450 AUD Prada wallet I bought in Rome in 2013. Still sitting in it's box. I do still use the Prada sunglasses I bought at the same time though :)

  • All sorts of Tools / Hardware - E.g.
    ~$500 Plumbing supplies from the Masters closing down sale
    ~$300 of tools I've never used
    ~$1000 for all sorts of vent kits, fans, grilles, ducting and insulation batts I've never got around to installing.
    ~$200 of light fittings, led swap outs etc I've never got installed.

    ~$400 flatpacked Ikea furniture I never assembled 2-3 years later (i bought a matching set of 6 things, put the 4 together I actually needed then was sick of assembling furniture)

  • +3

    30k degree… RIP

    • Wow - I didn't think about that, I can relate! I thought a couple of grand was bad with my comment above… there was a lot of time went with that cash too… still, it can be put down to general knowledge / character building (even if it should have been more directly used for a career path not followed)

  • 1k-2k suits, got too fat with gf

  • like and $1800 leather jacket that i wore once - it looked really good but i got fat lol

  • +1

    Paid $740 for 1 year gym membership upfront. Used 5 months, then had to go to overseas and then after coming back I changed my suburb. It was 40 mins drive one way to go to gym. The gym had only 1 branch.

    • Would they transfer to other member's? Could have listed it half price or something on a local page. At least you'd get something back for it.

      • Tried listing for $200 and it had 5 months left. Transfer was free. But no one was interested it seems.

  • -2

    I'm happy to take the surface off your hands

  • $179 dash cam x 2. Never installed. Still driving without a dashcam. I know i will regret this one.

    $120 pocket hole tool. Was going to DIY some furniture. Never did.

    $1200 custom desktop setup. Partner though a new desktop was needed but was too lazy to setup the new one. It's been 5 years now.

    • +1

      Should install the dash cam!
      Can't believe how useful they are.

      I was initially in the "dont need one" camp, as accidents are fairly straight fwd camp

  • +5

    Ebay plus. Absolute rubbish.

    • +1

      I bought a years sub for ebay plus for $49 when they were throwing in a free Google Home mini. I valued the home mini at around $40 (at the time), so I figured if I used the plus sub just once, I would have broken even.

      ….I did not break even.

    • I can't justify eBay Plus. I guess they struggle to as well hence the annual cost to get people to commit.
      Should do it monthly like Prime but I can easily justify keeping Prime every month compared to Plus

  • +1

    Formal education

  • +1

    Put in a half court at home, about 20k counting the cost of the slab. Did my shoulder, probably never play again. Kids might use it when they get older, and they have a good spot to ride their bikes.

  • a hooker that ripped me off

    • Did she have an adams apple?

  • I bought a designer jacket for 250 down from 700, never worn

    • That's why you use Ozbargain!
      You got a bargain.

  • Nintendo 3ds. Didn’t come with a charger, wtf.

  • Nintendo Switch Games x 50

  • I have a PS4 Pro with 20 games, I've completed maybe 2 games in total.

    • that's a long term investment, in 30 years they'll be sought after by collectors

  • I bought the Conan boardgame kickstarter. Was about $300 from memory and it's been sitting at least 2 years on my shelf…

  • Apple watch 4. Bought last december and bcos of lockdown did not get the chance to go out for business. did not even charge for like 5 months now.

  • +1

    SCUBA diving equipment, only used it for maybe 15 dives. Cost me around 5k?

    • Ouch. This is why I suggest people don't buy their own gear until they've done about 50 dives. Everything I have bought 'pre-50' I have changed over as I got better at knowing what I want.

      You might be able to recuperate the cost as there are plenty of scuba buy/sell groups on Facebook.

  • I blame this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584875

    Ergobaby omni 360 mesh. $180. Put baby into it, it cried. Can't return it they said it was on sale :( and the "baby will get used to it". Booooo

    • I think a lot of people waste money on stuff for babies as a lot of it is trial and error as to what they like…or if it's your first, buying a heap of stuff you think you need but really don't. Baby carriers and capsules would be up there for sure.

      • +1

        Ha! It is my first baby. But I have been really really good so far and haven't bought anything I didn't need, until now. Breast pump and car capsules are hired. Pram, bassinet were inherited from another. Clothes were all gifted. I also have a boba baby carrier that the baby loves. I blame ozbargain for this purchase and their stupid returns policy….

    • +4

      clearly the baby is faulty

      • +1

        Thank you I loled. Obviously they are saying my baby is faulty.

        Can't return the baby either…its pretty expensive too.

    • Damn, this got me nervous. I got one too for my first born due next year. Fingers crossed it will get used.

      • Good luck mate. I went to the Chiro and she said the Omni 360 is VERY long for a carrier. Here is hoping you have a long baby….

      • I have the same carrier and I have gotten plenty of uses out of it. Including nights where my baby would not settle and my arms were dead tired, so I put them in the carrier… Voila, sleeping baby
        Each baby is different :)

  • Investment property

  • My VEII SS commodore had a major engine failure at 100,000km. Spent $6000 on having it repaired at a local shop (Holden dealership wanted closer to 8k). Was involved in a not at fault accident several months later and the vehicle was written off.

  • Spent $1500+ on parts and $500+ on tools to build a DIY amplifier, plus ~80 hours planning the build. That was 12 years ago.

    Listened to 2, 3 songs with the half built amp. It's been sitting in the garage since then.

  • +1

    my wife

    • Same here. Zero return on investment.

      • And the possibility of losing half your total investment when she finds a better investor 🤣

        • 3 out of 10 stars. Check small print on warranty.

  • Casio TR70 camera.


  • My $600 Kitchen Aid Mixer
    It was on sale but I am yet to make enough cakes to recover the cost.
    Had it for about 5 years

    • I won one and it sat in the box for years until I got married and had kids. But it's not an essential item.

  • Rtx 3080

    • Have you got it yet? A mate of mine preordered one about a month ago… expected delivery after Christmas

  • Husband was watching infomercials late at night and bought this $500+ Shark Floor Cleaner. No idea why, he rarely cleaned the floor. He used it ONCE - and that was just to 'show me how good it was' by cleaning his coffee table with it. Now all the cleaners are discontinued and its just sitting in the store room.

    • K, haven't you taught him you anything yet?? :P Infomercial/TV shopping deals are like the exact opposite of OzBargains lol!

  • Ahh shit I forgot about the Stanley Fatmax drills I've never opened from Masters also from 4 years ago -_-

    Can't remember if it was the $125 or $149 deal.

    • +3

      I miss Masters

    • I’d buy it off you if you were willing to sell them?

      • Lol sent you a pm.

  • Probably SSD SATA. Bought them thinking I would use them but I never use the new ones I buy since the old ones are still not at capacity

  • +1

    Medical Insurance

  • Many many years ago, my employer was doing a clearance sale of old electronic equipment. I bought a Palm Pilot, a Psion Revo (anyone remember these) and some other stuff at half price. I put it into storage and opened the box 10 years later to find some amazing paperweights.

    I fell for some high pressure sales tactics and bought holiday vouchers that promised free accommodation at the Gold Coast as long as I bought a meal at the property. Bought it and forgot about it, and the vouchers expired.Might have been a scam, but never got to test it.

    • +1

      I still own a Palm Pilot (but haven't used for years) - it provided the technology to move my calendar/note system to electronic; the thing I remember best from those days was Sscrabble on the HP Ipaq I got after the Palm Pilot.

  • +1

    My ex wife.

  • Sony Playstation classic mini.

    Plugged it in once. Nostalgia wore off when I turned it on.

    It's in the back of a cupboard hiding out of sight to help me forget the $150 I paid.

    • +1

      oh mate, sorry for your loss.

  • I tend to research most pricey things I buy with the then intent on using what ever it is, so can't really think of anything besides maybe clothes I buy and then don't wear

  • +2

    10k engagement ring, i mean she said yes but she's probably worn it less than 5 times because she's scared of losing it, just sitting in our safe.. does that count as 1 use?

  • $250 wireless Sennheiser headphones. Never figured out how to get it working and never could be bothered taking it back for a refund. Still sitting in the box about 3 years later :(

    And a PlayStation 3, cost me $250 as well, plus about $300 worth of games. Used it maybe twice over 6 years so probably doesn't qualify.

  • Mine is $1200 for a PT course. Thats money I will never see a return on

  • +2

    I find myself buying stuff with specs I just don't need.

    E.g. a $2200 Dell XPS 2 in 1 laptop -> End up using it for word processing and chome and never using the 2-in-1 i.e. tablet mode.

    E.g. One Plus 8 pro @ $1350 -> Sold my $784 S20+ (from Telstra JB Deal) to get this. But its definitely not double the phone or add much else to my fb messenger experience.

    I'm trying to kick this habit, and have now bought an Intel 10400F as for my new desktop which will be a mainly chrome and word processing machine, as my old one died. Shook off the temptation to buy a Ryzen Threadripper to "future proof" or an i7 becomes 7 is better than 5.

    • +1

      Yeah did the same with a $2000 yoga ThinkPad. Used it in tablet mode about once or twice, 14 inches is just too big for a tablet and I have an ipad anyway lol

      • hahahahahahahah - I currently have the $2300 yoga thinkpad x1 gen 4 after I sold the XPS …. (keyboard travel upgrade) …. don't remind me lol - wish I got the X1 Carbon @ 1300 with cashrewards

  • Switch + few games.. but don’t wanna sell it in case I wanna play which will probably never happen anyway.

  • My Fiance's engagement ring

  • Breville Smart Grinder Pro. I know it's Ozb's official coffee grinder. But I moved on to something better in a matter of weeks.

  • +1

    Bachelors of Computer Science degree from a top 100 world ranking university.

    I'm a bar tender.

    • Why? Software developers are in demand

      • He’s not a software developer he’s a bartender

  • +3

    $3000 on car insurance for a classic car I sold the next day.

    Only buyer interested was 300km away. Agreed to drive the car and meet halfway. Bought the policy the day before with the intention of cancelling it the following day within the cooling off period after selling the car.

    I forgot to cancel it.

    Somehow I didn't notice the direct debits and assumed it was for one of my other vehicles. Renewal came 12 months later and that's when it clicked.

    Amazingly after a phone call and an email attaching the Vicroads transfer form they agreed to refund the entire amount minus 2 days!

    • +4

      That's insanely good customer service. Which insurer?

      • RACV

    • +1

      OZB feel good story right here

  • +5

    A condom box of 40

    • +1

      lol I have exactly the same thing. An unfortunate ozbargain deal.

  • insurance

  • Multigym. Cost thousands and ended up as a coat hanger

  • I once bought a car thinking i could go around driving but then a virus hit and was forced to stay at home lel :/

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