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Redragon K552 TKL Red LED backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Blue Switch) $44.39 Delivered @ Spring Original via Amazon AU


Long time stalker but this is my first deal post so feel free to hammer me if it doesn't work.

Looking for a replacement mechanical keyboard for my son mostly for gaming and read and watched a few reviews and thought I'd try Google to get some pricing on Cyber Monday and came across this Amazon deal.

Best price on Ebay is $66 delivered so at $47.99 on Amazon Cyber Monday deal I thought it was a good deal. For some reason I also had a 6% coupon option available on checkout and I selected it and paid $44.39 delivered with Prime free delivery but I didn't post this price as I'm not sure if this 6% coupon is available for everyone.

I have no idea what this keyboard is like, had good Amazon and Youtube reviews so bought it at this price. Presuming blue switches and red LED's going to make son an elite gamer and provide loud clicky music for your ears to enjoy. This was the Youtube review that I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXDIMA9FtS8

Update: Apologies posted as RGB but as pointed out Amazon description reads it is red LED backlit not RGB (even though picture is RGB). Not a deal breaker for me, son still going to bash it regardless of what the colour pretty lights are.

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