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UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch $34.29 Delivered @ Ugreen via Amazon AU


RRP $48.99 (Save $14.70)

  • This USB Switch 4 Port device allows up to 2 users to share 4 USB 3.0 peripheral devices, such as printer,scanner,mouse,keyboard or usb disk etc without the need to constantly swap cables or set up complicated network sharing software. It's a great for use at home if you have multiple PCs or Macs.
  • USB 3.0 Switch supports ultra-fast USB 3.0 data transfer rates of up to 5Gb/s (10 times faster than USB 2.0), to work flawlessly with high-bandwidth USB 3.0 devices, such as external hard disks, high resolution webcams, camcorders, video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras, multi-channel audio and more, and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices.
  • The USB sharing switch allows you combine with 4 USB 3.0 Ports to share multiple devices e.g. printers, scanners, etc. Bus powered with no external power supply required.
  • Button and LED design,you can easily switches between systems via push buttons with LED indicating the active computer.
  • Stable Connection: USB 3.0 sharing switch with a separate micro usb female port for option power,which optimizing its compatibility with more devices, such as HDD,Digital Video Cameras, SSD etc. Important Note: Please use Standard 5V Adapter(Not Included, sold separately) for powering. Any charger with higher voltage output is Not allowed and may affect the product performance.
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  • I have this. Works very well for my use case. My main PC is connected via display port and work laptop with HDMI. So just need to change source on monitor.

  • wish it also had an hdmi .. would be awesome

  • Bought this last week to share keyboard and mouse between work pc and home pc.. works very well

  • Ugh I just bought the USB 2.0 version when it was on sale on Friday - Well thats annoying.

  • Does anyone know how it compares to this: https://www.amazon.com.au/HARIBOL-Display-Docking-Station-Di...

    Seems quite similar; around the same price, but more ports.

    • That's a docking station, this device is a USB switch

    • One is a docking station and this one has a switch to switch between devices. The one you linked you would have to unplug the docking station and plug it into another computer. This deal is connected to both PCs

  • Same product but USB 2.0 is now AU$21.59 for Prime members, $26.99 for non-Prime members.

    I'm only using this to switch peripherals, so have ordered the cheaper (USB 2.0) version.

  • Got this one. Really good. Just wish it had a wired remote.

  • Perfect - was on the look out for one of these. Thank you OP.

  • I've been using this since around March, and it works very well across all devices (a logitech webcam, a plantronics usb wireless headset, a gigabyte wireless mouse, and a wired keyboard). Has not missed a beat and would absolutely recommend anyone after a solid USB switcher to anyone. I'm not affiliated in anyway, just someone who's worked with KVM's for over 20 years now and it's nice when something works as advertised.

  • Whats the point of this when you can use an app or software like mouse without borders?
    edit: For your mouse and keyboard at least… still can copy and paste between devices.

    • Because this doesn’t require both devices to be on. I switch between home desktop and work laptop and I don’t necessarily keep home desktop on when using laptop so I would assume the switch would work in my case and not the software solution.

    • Because if you're switching to work laptop, you might not be able to use that application due to your company software policy, or VPN blocking the software from working on your LAN.

  • I use one to switch a headset, webcam and desktop mic, works really well. Feels very well made and high quality.

    My only knock on it is that cables come out of both sides, so hard to mount it really neatly for cable management - but haven't seen anything better. Would be nice if all 6 USB ports were on the same side, or even if the 2 computer ports were on the sides instead of one of the long edges.

  • Can you use this with docking station

    Pc1 pc2


    Docking station

    kB mouse and monitors

    • Interesting idea, haven't tried that. You could potentially also put the kB and mouse into this and just use the docking station as a USB to video adapter

  • I think this will be more useful if its a KVM switch (with HDMI for example)
    most sharable devices doesn't really need USB 3.0 speed
    and most keyboards or mouse only requires USB 2.0

    This 3.0 switch is overkill in terms of USB speed
    but lacking monitor switching feature
    so in summary, it doesn't worth buying imo….

    Something like this for $21 will do the job:

    • It depends on the monitor and video signal you're looking to use for switching.

      If for example you're on the bleeding edge and you need DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.1 (eg. 4K 120Hz), then you have to spend considerably more money to get the right KVM. KVMs tend to really take a long time to be updated for newer DP/HDMI connection standards, so sometimes a USB switcher is good enough if your monitor is easy to switch sources on.

    • Definitely depends on the devices. I have a 4k web cam, my Logitech G560 speakers, my mouse and a charger connected to it. I had to play around as this switch wasn't capable of handling my 4k webcam, and wireless headset receiver at the same time. So the USB 2.0 would handle even less.

      I instead connected my wireless headset and wireless keyboard receivers to my monitor which has a built in KVM and the others connected to this switch.

  • Sweet! had my eye on this one for a while to switch a USB audio interface + USB Mic between my iMac and my PC and now my patience is saving me a couple of dollars :D

  • Love the ugreen brand. Have a few of their things.

  • Excellent, been waiting all covid for this, was bummed on Friday it wasn't this USB 3 version. Now I don't need to switch between work laptop and home PC!

  • Bought the 2.0 version and returned it. Cannot get my Logitech keyboard and mouse, connected via a single unifying receiver which is plugged into a usb c dongle, to wake my MacBook after switching..