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50% off Coffees + Free Shipping on All VIC Orders @ Inglewood Roasters (Until 9pm)


Just received this text


Enjoy 50% OFF ALL COFFEE including blends, single origin, decaf and pods.

​​​​​​​As well as FREE SHIPPING on all VIC orders

Sale ends 9pm Monday, 30th November

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters

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  • Well I guess my 40% off deal sucks now.

    I do feel for these guys. No one is going to pay full price for their beans ever again.

    • +3

      Their beans and customer service are great though. I get mine ground to various sizes and they are always happy to oblige.

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    No love for Bendigo?

    • You guys have 'Under Cover' roasters for that

  • These guys must not be making much on these deals and are depending on repeat custom from the sales.

    i mean how much can a 1kg of green beans cost + effort + overhead to then sell them for $25 a kg.

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    All this Ozbargain Data-breach talk must have taken a hit on their expected sales. Another 50% sale to back up Black Friday.

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    I bought the sunset blend last time, this time got the Roosevelt blend and the Nicaragua Single Origin. Happy to pay the discounted price.

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    All it takes is for one rep to apologize for previous one off debacle. I'm one of them that they've over roasted out of any of their deals.

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      I still don't know how they can be sure no customer information was exposed or why their website was displaying what it did.


      People clearly are keen for information going by the various comments.

      I asked the question in the other thread but no response from the rep as yet.

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    No idea why there are always mixed comments. Bought the sunset blend last sale. Was terrific.

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      Their website was compromised and they censored anyone who complained about it

  • Anyone else not get a confirmation email?

    • Got mine not that long ago

    • I didn't receive but it charged to my paypal.
      Not good experience this time..

  • Purchased on 26th Nov with PayPal but yet to receive a confirmation email or tax invoice.

    • Just email them and they’ll send you.

      • Shouldn't need to email a business for an order confirmation I wouldn't think.

        I see it as a common courtesy.

        • I’m just proving a solution to the issue.

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