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[QLD, NSW, VIC] Taco & Regular Drink $3 (With Free Refills) @ Taco Bell


Taco lovers rejoice! Our $3 Taco Supreme & Pepsi Deal is here!

Includes one seriously delicious Taco Supreme; filled with seasoned beef, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and cheese #madefreshtoorder.

Plus, a regular drink!

In-store only, excludes delivery.

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  • Love some Taco Bell

  • +1

    iYo quiero Taco Bell!

  • +10

    Hot Take - Taco Bell is not very good !!!

    • +11

      GYG is better. But for the price of 1 decent burrito at GYG, you can get a whole mediocre crunchwrap supreme meal at Taco Bell.

      • 1 large burrito at GYG is $9.90 when ordered via the app and absolutely packed. More than enough food in a single burrito.

    • +14

      Yeah it's not supposed to be very good, it's like the Mexican McDonald's in the US.

      • +3

        Very accurate comment 😂😂😂!

  • +10

    Taco Bell in Australia is revolting. Just bland poor value slop.

    • +1

      I don't mind the Burrito's at Zambrero and Guzman/Gomez but there does seem to be a lot of rice (as filler) stuffed in.
      I love the flavour of Mexican food, but again… whenever gotten from a franchise and even a restuarant, it seems like 3/4 of the serving is rice and to some degree beans. Maybe some like it this way… personally I like to see more meat in such dishes.

      I was hoping to hear Taco Bell would get good/better reviews.

    • +3

      Is it better overseas?

      I thought it was decent in the US, haven't tried it here.

      • +1

        From my experience… Taco Bell in the US (at least the one we tried in New Mexico) had very small servings of tacos and quesadillas. Was very disappointed.

      • Have tried both,I found the the Taco Bell better here than in California. Taco Bell USA was cheaper than McDo and Burger King, and the taste showed it

    • You speak as if Taco Bell is better in the US.

  • +4

    Agree , food is so bland . England would claim it as it own.

  • +4

    What? Tacobell is in NSW?! I did not know this!
    Check again. NVM, closest is at blacktown….

    • +1

      Took me by surprise as well. Maybe their marketing game is not so strong.
      I'm still disappointed that Little Caesars Pizza folded in Australia… and to boot, I had one nearby.
      Was poorly run/mismanaged is what I'd heard since. Shame really… the others need competition and I really liked Caesars'.

    • I assume they disappeared like that giant coffee chain did… now they're making another small scale attempt as well

      Looks like they're popular in Queensland


      I've always said Queenslanders are weird… maybe they need some extra sunlight….

  • My ranking of Mexican food franchises if anyone is interested.

    1. Montezuma's
    2. Zambreros
    3. Mad Mex
    4. Burrito Bar
    5. Guzman y Gomez
    6. Taco Bell

    If there are others I don't know about let me know cause I love Mexican food. Monte is a distant number 1 compared to the rest but is also the most expensive.

    • +2

      You should try Salsas Steak Quesadilla, add sour cream and sauce; it is very similar to Mexico's street food. Very tasty.

      • +2

        Thank you! Mexican street food is so good and was hoping someone would bring it over

    • Think you're missing Taco Bill at the top!

      • *bottom

    • Montezuma's and Zambreros are very few though so just hard to reach unless you live in the area. Med Mex and GYG have the highest numbers of stores among these I reckon?

    • I haven't been to Montezuma's for years. The last time I went it took so long for the food to come out that I got really hangry.

      Doesn't look like they have the Enchilada combo anymore? That was some cheesy goodness (or not so good I guess!)

    • salsa fresh…
      paco taco if u r loaded…

    • https://tacobill.com.au/locations

      Seems to be VIC only franchise

    • Montezuma’s is about as ‘Mexican’ as honey chicken is to Chinese cuisine.

  • +2

    Don't have number 1, 4 or 6 in WA. I would easily put Guzman above Zambreros and Mad Mex. We also have Salsas. Don't know if they are exclusive to WA.

    • +1

      Cheers for the input! Yeah to be honest 2-5 are pretty close to each other. I guess for me the Mexican flavours just don't hit right at Guzys. But salsas is next on the list. Sucks you don't have Montes though!

  • +3

    20 years ago my local KFC was transformed into a KFC + Taco Bell!.. then a year later reverted back to a regular KFC… LOL

    Didn't know Taco Bell still existed in NSW!

  • +1

    My lunch is sorted till this ends 🤣.
    Love the free refills I miss that feature from fast food places.

  • +1

    I honestly haven’t seen a TB in Sydney for ages that I thought they had closed down.

    • +2

      Same. I only knew of one in Sydney and that was like 15 years or more ago!

      • Don’t tell me it’s Taco Bell Ashfield? That’s the one if I remember correctly. Where the current KFC/Maccas is on Parramatta Road. I just can’t remember it’s exact location. Could have been the current Hungry Jack.

        • +1

          Nah actually it was George St back near the turn of the century. I was wondering along and randomly found it.

  • +1

    Since when was there Taco Bell in the land of Oz???

    • Yeah this surprised me too

    • びくりしたね!?

  • +1

    Come to Canberra! I'm getting sick of Guzman y Gomez.

    Taco Bell is just a good trashy American take on Mexican food.

  • Doesn't seem to be available @ Blacktown :/

    • +1

      It's on their, website social media and theres even a tv ad… no where does it mention excludes certain areas or stores. Maybe you just got an unformed worker that had no clue about it in the system

      • +1

        Yeah well it wasn't on their systems when I tried

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