Do You Wear a Hat?

Hey everyone.

I have noticed that people, at least in my local area of South-East Queensland, don't seem to where hats when out and about.

With Australia having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world (source & source) and the coming heatwaves and hot weather, which can mean that more people are spending time at the beach/pools, I think that basic sun safety is more important than ever and I also think that it has the basic sun safety message doesn't seem to be getting through as much as it was in the past.

So my question to everyone here is Do you wear a hat? and if so what type and if not why not?

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  • 66
    Baseball cap (or similar)
  • 57
    Broadbrim hat (or similar)
  • 31
    No hat
  • 5
    Something else?
  • 1
    Visor (or similar)


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    Only if I plan to be out in the sun for a while.

    • It's more comfortable and effective than sunscreen.

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        Plus I want to be able to pick up 20 year olds in my 50s, not look like a wrinkly old prune.

  • Yes almost always outdoors unless there is no sun whatsoever.

    Wide brimmed cricket style hat.

    If very hot I will dampen the hat to get the heat exchange effect.

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      Yes almost always outdoors unless there is no sun whatsoever.

      You mean at night?

      • +2

        Solar eclipse

        • +2

          Heat death of the universe

  • +3

    From the moment I get up…. Until bedtime.
    Baseball cap… Feels weird without it

    • +2

      You don’t wear it to bed?

      • +1

        Maybe it digs into his pillow because he wears it backwards?

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    After having an SCC cut out of my ear a few years ago, I wear a hat nearly all the time I'm out in the sun…usually the big Bunnings ones if I'm around the house/in the garden, otherwise just a cap

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      I feel like thats what it will take for folks to take notice, a skin cancer scare. Unfortunately I think for a lot of our kids it might be too late.

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        Agree completely….I grew up with my dad constantly getting stuff burnt/frozen off him and never really thought it would happen to me (even though I'm a spitting image of him).

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          Same. My dad was getting them burnt off his face, but he was 20 years older than one of my brothers who got sliced and diced on his forehead and chest. It's scary shit.

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        That was kind of the intention of the post. To try to get people to think about it and start to take notice.

  • It took me a while to find a broadbrimmed hat that would fit - apparently I have a big head, so I would wear a cap. I eventually found one that would fit at a shop that sells workwear (tradies clothes).

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    Depends on what you're talking about.

    Moving between cars/shops, etc. … only if I happen to be wearing one anyway.

    Walking around, but without necessarily being "in the sun" … cap with sunscreen is likely.

    "Out in the sun" … broadbrim.

  • Need to be able to choose multiple options. I'll wear a hat if I'm out for more than a few minutes but which hat I wear depends on what I'm doing and how long I'll be out. Cap if it's relatively quick in and out of the sun sort of thing, broad brim for gardening or just generally out for a while or a cap with neck/ear flap thing (do these have a name) if I'm going to be out all day with no hope of shade.

    • +4

      Legionnaire hat is the name you’re after

      • Ah yes, that's it.

    • I forgot about the Legionnaire hat.

      Need to be able to choose multiple options

      Is that possible with the ozbargain system?

  • Cap when heading out on a boat trip or knowingly spending a day in the sun e.g. stadium match, hike, cycling etc. Else, none.

  • +1

    I have hair so no.

    • …and your policy on pants?

      • If it fits, why not?

        (Ooo a neg. Found the baldy. 😂)

  • Anyone got any good recommendations for hats of all sizes for big heads? I got one and I don't just mean large size hats from a retailer, I mean custom made hats or hats made specifically for bigger heads!

    • +1

      Ask Eddie McGuire

    • I had trouble finding a hat that was big enough. All the ones that I could find seemed to be at least one size too small but I eventually got one from a place that sells "tradies" clothes. This shop but they don't seem to have any hats listed on their website but they had them in store.

    • +1


      • +1 For the Tilley. Have had it 20 years and it is settling in nicely. In the wash every few weeks in summer.

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    More people should wear hats, not just for sun safety but style too. I recommend a nice Akubra, and maybe a hand woven panama hat for hot summer days/the beach.

  • Is this so you can recognise us ozbargainers in the street?

  • +5

    Wear my MAGA hat daily.

    It’s a great conversation starter.

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    Yes, to keep the sun and heat off my head/face.

    No caps/hats when indoor, apart from beanies in winter.

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    Legionnaires hat.

    Our family walks a lot out and about for long periods just about every day - to parks, the bush, everywhere. So we have a hat on our heads when we're out all the time. It's a habit even when I go shopping - helps when walking between shops in the hot summer sun.

    Note even if there is no sun, there's still UV especially in the middle of the day. You also need sunscreen if you're outside for long periods outside of the low levels. Check levels here:

  • If you go to a beach, you'll see where our elevated stats come from: people deliberately being burned by the sun.

    We had a safety meeting at work on this topic - I learned that they've added something and seek to the end of slip, slop, slap. But we agreed they have it wrong - Seek shelter should be first. PPE is the lowest form of defence.

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      Used to do boat work from time to time. Hats, sunblock mandatory. Getting sunburnt considered an incident. We all quickly adapted and all the better for it.

    • free tan right? …or people showing off their hot bodies….

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    City folk are shithouse with wearing hats. Whenever I visit the big S, everyone looks at me as though I’m a gronk- but my hat is one step from being surgically attached lol. It’s always with me

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    I find wearing a hat makes my head hot, and that's very uncomfortable for me, but I do travel with a parasol (sun umbrella) because I burn in the moonlight. And they look cute.

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      A parasol would have a similar effect in keeping the sun off you.

    • yes and Solbari (aussie brand) makes cute ones for this purpose :) I have been thinking about it as its damn windy all the time and i try and wear a straw hat ..

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    The Sunsmart app is really good for monitoring UV (UV is as high on sunny days as cloudy days). Anything over 3, I wear a widebrim hat and sunscreen (and reapply every 2 hours). I also wear the light UV protection jacket from Uniqlo to protect my arms/neck from the sun when the UV is particularly high.

    There was a study by ARPANSA ( that showed baseball caps provide minimal protection.

  • I have a full head of hair, only balding or people with bad hair wear hats other than for sun protection.

    • Hats are also useful when growing your hair out, yes. One downside of Akubra is that they are annoying to carry if you have to go indoors for some time and you get horrible hat head, I see people wear them indoors at shopping centres etc but I don't like doing that unless just popping in to grab something quickly.

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    I have thin hair so i shave my head rather than fooling myself. I wear hats for sun protection because otherwise i would be a total idiot who likes burning the top of his head. I did burn a thin patch a few years ago with a sunroof down in my car so i referred to that as "(profanity) burn".

    I wear good quality hats that can be rolled up (for ease of travel) because they are worth the investment and last pretty much forever. Grand Hatters in Melbourne is a good place to shop - it's also amusing if you get entitled idiots who don't even make eye contact with the owners (fiddling with their phones of course!) when asking for something in a vague and useless manner and then get very put out when they ignore them or are unhelpful. They are up for a chat and will carefully recommend something that will fit your needs if you bother to treat them like humans.

    Kangol hats are also a good investment as i have had two for 15 years and they still look the same as the day i bought them.

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    I always wear a hat, usually a baseball cap but sometimes a broad-brimmed hat if the sun is very ferocious. When I umpire cricket matches I wear a white umpires broad-brimmed hat. When umpiring I also put sun-cream on the backs of my hands - so many umpires end up with skin cancers on the backs of their hands.

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    hat and towel, or an outdoor hat that covers ears and back of the neck. Always covered. My parents get skin cancers cut out annually, sometimes bi-annually.

    Even after moving to Japan 5 years ago where the UV level is 1/3 of Australia, I'm still concerned for damage from the sun, from all the years I spent outside.

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    I have always been reluctant to wear a hat. I look stupid in them (small head), find them hot and uncomfortable, and I hate getting hat hair. While the country was locked down this year, I was diagnosed with an aggressive melanoma that rapidly spread to my lymph nodes. I have just had my seventh lifesaving immunotherapy treatment, which now appears to be keeping the cancer at bay, but there were some pretty scary weeks after one scan. I’ll be wearing a hat from now on.

  • I'm pretty sensitive to sun so typically wear an Akubra. The Traveller is good for city use, big enough for protection but not so big to look like Barnaby Joyce

  • Love wearing a cap. Have quite a few in my cupboard. Great for bad hair days, mixing up your style a bit, and of course sun protection :)

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    I wear a cap usually now, but previously I preferred wearing a bucket hat or similar to cover more of my head and neck. A cap is OK but doesn't protect the ears.

    But on hols a while ago I caught a glimpse of a dorky middle aged tourist in a Cancer Council bucket hat and cargo shorts and thought gawd I hope I never look like that. Then I realised I was looking at myself reflected in a shop window.

    I know it's vanity, but it's hard to find a decent brimmed hat that:

    1. Doesn't make me look like a dorky old man
    2. Doesn't make me look like an old man trying to appear young
    3. Suits very casual wear, beach, etc (ie, not fedoras etc)
    • I don't ever remember seeing a Finn in a CC bucket hat. I think a cap is definitely better.

    • With respect, may be worth considering your general wardrobe. Changing the hat won’t do it on its own. I too can tend to look the dorky old man, but have recently looked at other options. I can, with care now look non dorky, quite the well dressed middle aged gentleman - even with a suitable hat. Having said that, there are certain clothes I like to wear and if I look a bit dorky in them - C gas…😁

      • this is a good point. european men wear hats all the time and beacuse they generally dress smarter, it looks fine. but if an aussie guy is dressed down heaps i can see why wearing any hat other than a cap would look ridiculous lol.

      • +1

        I agree, though in my defense the clothes I pack for hols are more…utilitarian than the ones I wear normally. Cargo shorts are useful when travelling, and (to my wife's chagrin) I take some clothes to wear that are near end of life, so I can discard them overseas and have more luggage space for new things.

        But regarding hats, what do you wear, if any?

        • Totally understand you on clothes!
          My casual beach, boat is a well used Tilley, always clean. Have a sportscraft woven hat for summer around town and a fantastic waterproof canvas Tam o Shatner I got in UK. Plus beanies. I am a Life Aquatic tragic and have a red beanie I horrify family with. 😁

  • Wish it was more socially accepted for men to use parasols.

    • +1

      Be the change you want to see.

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