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Sonos Sub Gen 3 White $719.10, Move $449.10, Beam $400.50, One $201.60, One SL $179.10 C&C / + Delivery @ The Good Guys


Greetings everyone, TGG are running 10% off a range of items and this includes already discounted Sonos items :)

From what I can tell, most of these are historical lows for the products, it's rare to see good pricing on Sonos items.

Stack with discounted gift cards also for further savings.

Included Deals:

Sonos Sub Gen3 White $719.10 - RRP $999
Sonos Move $449.10 - RRP $649
Sonos Beam $400.50 - RRP $599
Sonos One Black $201.60 - RRP $299
Sonos One SL Black $179.10 - RRP $269
Sonos Arc Black $1259.10 - RRP $1399

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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The Good Guys

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  • +1

    10% on the arc, great find

    Another 3.5% on shopback

  • +2

    Great deal. Wish this was on at the start of Black Friday. I’m to broke for more Sonos now :-(

  • I’m thinking about buying the beam and 2 of the sonos one speakers and hook them up to my tv,
    Should I do that or buy an arc?

    Any thoughts would be helpful

    • +4

      I’d buy the arc

    • +1

      Depends on your tv setup

      If you have a recent tv and you’re a big movie watcher get the arc

      You need to have eArc from your tv but you get to experience Dolby atmos sound from some movies

      Note that Sonos arc would be better with Sonos sub rather than the two Sonos ones at the back

      • Is having Dolby Atmos worth the price difference when you don't get surround sound without the rear Sonos ones? Or does the Arc and Sub give you some surround sound capabilities?

        • +1

          A true Dolby atmos system has speakers in the roof so when there is a scene such as raining you hear the rain from the roof

          The Sonos arc has speakers that face forward and face diagonally up so it bounces off the ceiling

          The Sonos arc gives a pretty good Dolby atmos sound using the ceiling to bounce

          You don’t get that with surround

    • If you have EARC on your telly buy Arc+Sub
      Else buy Beam and Ones

      • which ones? the SL or non SL version?

        I'm new to all this and checked my tv (Samsung Ru7100 last year's model) and it doesn't have eARC support - so looking at setting up a home theatre (cheapo version as I don't have the eARC support)

        • Doesn’t matter Ones or SL, they both work as a slave to the Beam. There is no eARC on Ones/SL.

        • The only difference I've found with the SL is that it doesn't come with smart capabilities (ie Alexa, Google Home). But the Beam does so you really don't need to spend the extra ~$20

      • Arc + Sub is way better and fuller sound than Beam and Ones. I think whichever way you setup your home theatre with Sonos, get the Sub!

    • playbar,sub and 2 x play ones.

    • +3

      Also depends largely on your living space. We went with the beam, sub and two symfonisk IKEA speakers as rears. I was keen on the Arc, but decided on getting the sub. Our living room is about 3.5m x 4m and we get a great sound with this setup. We have a few OneSL pairs around the house for stereo setup in different rooms.

  • +11

    Oh 💩. Just when I thought it was safe to come on ozbargain after a brutal BF weekend of buying unnecessary stuff I didn't need.

  • +1

    Code worked on a wine fridge which never seem to be discounted, absolute legend thanks doweyy

  • +1

    Just a tip if you have old Sonos gear then look into the “Sonos upgrade” program for 30% off from Sonos site based on RRP…. but good for the Arc for example.

    • What about using it for the Arc?

    • +2

      Most of the gear is now 15% off if you own a "legacy" product.

      Not as good a discount

  • +1

    I have a Playbase. Will adding 2 One SL's to a small room for surround sound be worth it?

    • +1


  • Anyone have experience with the Yamaha YAS209 2.1 channel soundbar? How would this stack up against the Sonos Beam for a small/medium media room?

    • +1

      Yep I can. Have got beam, and 207 which is basically same without Wi-Fi. Obviously the sub helps out the yammy, and the dts virtual X really does some magic to help create a more spacious sound for movies/tv. But beam wins hands down on convenience for streaming music with airplay 2, and probably wins on TV/movie voice and music sound quality across the freq range.

      • Champion. You don't feel a lack of bass with the beam (no sub)? That's the only thing swaying me towards the yammy, that and the fact we won't be using for music but just movies/tv.

        • +1

          Depending on the size of the room, the beam does a decent job on its own…. but once you add a sub… you will be knocked over with how good it can sound.

          • @supafly: ha yeh that's the danger with sonos - suck you in! always wondering 'what if I add sub, add surrounds… ' etc etc.

        • it's decent enough bass on the beam, for its size. good enough for general viewing IMHO, but depends on your tastes (i dont watch a lot of action movies) - there wont be any rumbling from thunder/explosions etc, as simply cant compete with a dedicated sub! If just TV/movies, and you only want something as a stand-alone, I'd prob go the yammy…..unless of course you want a modular system you can add to (= sonos rabbit hole and $$).

  • +1

    Anyone bought from videopro going to cancel and buy here instead?

    • My beam from videopro has already shipped. :(

    • Just contacted them this morning to try cancel my beam order (used Chat and was told to send an email to [email protected]). Hasn't shipped yet

      • Have they gotten back to you yet? Hoping they can do the same for mine.

        • Yes they just did, the refund is flagged as pending in my bank account

    • Yup I just emailed them this morning and cancelled my order to get full refund, since my order hasn't shipped yet.

    • I bought ARC and sub last night 30 mins before the GG deal, today i spoke with VideoPro chat and got them to match it, also added the AMP and $100 off retail for that, the discount means you forgo the $100 giftcard but you still cone out ahead.

  • Fk… i just bought from harvey norman last night.

    • buy these and return them to Harvey Norman, problem solved.

  • Did I make the right choice, choosing Klipsch The Fives over the Arc?

    • I reckon the Fives be better for music! So depends on your flavour

  • can i price match this with code at JB?

    • JB is out of stock online for Beam

  • Is this online only or in store too?

  • Now that’s bloody cheap lol

  • Just bought a one sl from good guys yesterday for $199 is there anything I can do lol

    • just return and buy again, if you already open , buy then return the new unit with your old receipt

  • Lol what timing is this!?! I ran around getting the coles gift cards to get the sub from JB, now TGG just serves the same price on a platter! Argh

  • thanks

  • Beam is good for big open living room?

  • I paid $780 with Amazon for the sub a few days ago for the white.. Anyway to get a refund on the difference from Amazon? Paid by paypal. Thanks.

    • They have some of the best returns cust service, just do a live chat and they will probably credit you the difference or something

      • This didn't work for me, I got offered refund and I had to pay return shipping so basically make a loss

    • I've been told by Amazon before that they do not price match, your option is to just return the product for a full refund.

  • Can we use the promo code AND gift cards?

    • +1

      Yes,I used gift cards and got N extra 5% off.

      • +2

        Where do you get discounted gift cards?

      • +1

        where did you get 5% gift card

      • Thanks, used 5% gift card and promo code earlier today. Sonos one for $191. Not sure if cash rewards also work.

        Gift cards from Suncorp.

  • Brilliant prices - been lurking for a Sub for a long time to add to a Beam + 2 x Symphonisk setup. Finally pulling the trigger. Thanks OP!

  • -1

    I got the sonos beam from Amazon. Haven’t installed it yet and still in original packaging.
    Anyway to get a difference in amount paid back or do I have to do a complete return and get a new one for TGG

    • You can sit on the phone, don't use the chat, and ask for the 10% discount as Amazon credit.
      Just explain that the return costs will probably cost more to them than actually decreasing the price and get the rep to talk to their manager and you should be sweet. I just got it for my sub and beam.

      • Thanks, really appreciate it.
        I will give it a try

  • +1

    Pulled the trigger on buying a Sonos Arc, 10% off with the code and 5% off using gift cards from my work = $1,259.10

    • nice one. tempted too, but was approx $1150 on this deal which is whats holding me out! I should just get it an enjoy hahah.

    • Order still hadn’t arrived from TGG. 1/12 The store that had them in stock sold them before they looked at web orders, then 5/12 they transferred the order to another store with them in stock & when I rang the store 15/12 they hadn’t been alerted to the transfer, so the order was just sitting there. They are shipping one today. 😝

  • no stands for the One available? any recommended stands?

  • Anyone using the arc with one of the Sony X900 tv's?

  • Is AGL rewards down for anybody else?

  • +1

    So for those of you that get the ARC - this will take up a precious HDMI port on your TV.
    Are there any HDMI splitters out there that work well eARC and the SONOS ARC?

    • XBOX S/X (Requires HDMI 2.1)
    • PlayStation 5 (Requires HDMI 2.1)
    • Switch
    • Apple TV 4K

    Doesn't leave any room for the SONOS ARC to be connected to the TV.

  • +1

    Bought three One SLs! Cheers OP. If only there was a sale on the Play 5s - I would've bought some of those too!

    • +1

      Setting these up as rear speakers for home theatre?

    • +1

      there was at HN pre-BF, but they pulled stock from their website. I'm waiting to see if they put them back up. The new fives havent dropped much anywhere

  • Anyone else place an order for a click and collect, chose a store that had it in stock and then get an email saying it's not in stock and order is back ordered? When I go back to the product page, my local store is still showing in stock - ready to collect in one hour

    • I attempted the click and collect with a black Beam, but at the payment page got an error saying it was only available for delivery. Ended up buying a white one instead.

    • +1

      All good it was processed as soon as the store opened - it's ready to be picked up now

    • +1

      This sometimes happens with TGG's when their store stock levels are inaccurate. I've had to wait up to 1-2 weeks for the backorder to complete even though it shows in stock in my store.

      Other times its been good and ready for pickup within the hour.

      A real hit a miss with these guys..

  • I have an eARC compatible TV but I feel like the Arc would be overkill for a small room. Is the Beam a better alternative or should I look somewhere else?

    • +1

      I've been looking for a bar for my small/medium room too. All reviews indicate the beam is the better fit. Maybe add a sub if you feel it's lacking later, alternatively look at the Klipsch Cinema 400. Doesn't have a ton of reviews but they have a history of making products that live up to expectations.

      The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 might also be good but isn't yet available to buy here.

      • I mean at the price the Beam seems to be the great buy but my current TV has Atmos support but then again for a small/medium don't think it'll be much difference.

        • Yeah, I hear you. We just bought a new TV with Atmos too, but feel like splurging on a $1300 Arc would overkill in a room of our size (3.5mx5.5m). At any rate, the Beam is less than a third the price of the Arc (including this 10% off deal). Good value to see if it works, otherwise could potentially ask TGG for an exchange with the Arc.

    • If it's not strictly about the price and you're keen on Sonos, a good combo is Beam + Sub, which is cheaper than the Arc.

      The Sub will remain relevant for many years, so if you ever want to upgrade to another Sonos bar in the future (say a new Beam in a few years or whatever else they come out with), you've still got that dedicated Sub.

  • which one will work best with Q60T 75 Inch? Thanks

  • Cheers OP. Cancelled my Amazon order for this. $80 cheaper in Sub. Ozbargain is going to ruin and complete me

  • Jbhifi should price match, yeah?

    • I called and they mentioned they will match the price on the website, but not the 10% off code.

      • +1

        Such a cop out from JB

        • JB price matched for me, actually went to $445 then paid with 15% off GC’s.
          Sonos Move: $378.25

          Thanks OP!

  • I forgot to use cash rewards. Order is being processes but not delivered. How do I cancel the order so I can reorder The phone is only for sales

  • Was not able to use C&C as non of the stores had it in stock.

    Had to pay delivery of $35.00

    Bought the sonos beam, 2 of the SLs and the woofer for $1512.80 delivered.

    Still not bad. Also 3% shopback for $45 cash back.

  • I also got a promotional discount on latitude pay of $15 (new account) = $442 inc delivery. ($44 dollars a week). This was for the move.

    • How'd you get that? I just signed up but no idea how to get the discount.

      • it was applied on purchase but im not 100% sure if it was just luck or new customers

    • Hi mate, if you get $15 off from latitude pay, can you still pay the remaining with discounted TGG gift card or the entire balance has to go through latitude pay? Cheers

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