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Sonos Arc $1146.10 + 2000 QFF Points (RRP $1399) @ Qantas Store


Not sure how good of a deal this is but in my research I haven't seen a lot of sales on the Sonos speakers.

Been waiting to get a deal on a Sonos Arc to go with LG 65" CX OLED TV. It is now $1146.10 (RRP $1399) + 2,000 QFF points.

The other Sonos speakers are on sale as well. EG. Beam, Ones, Sub.

EDIT: The Arc is $1260 on JB commercial. Still good for those that dont have QFF and can get access.

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    Had to cart before discount appeared

    • Qantas website has been playing up. Worked for me in Chrome!

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    Sonos Move is 2000 pts + $637.50 before discount, and 2000 + $550.53 after discount. How is that 20% off? Is my calculator broken?

    EDIT: I see this in the conditions:
    Discount is available using points only and/or the points proportion of Points Plus Pay, is applied at checkout to points value only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


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    Awesome got the Arc and the Sub

    • Jealous! I'm just getting the Arc so as to not break the bank…

    • Smart buy.
      I have the old playbar and the sub plus 2 rear play 1's awesome system. I'm just looking for a reason to upgrade to the arc but I don't have any qff points.

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    I have the Hisense hs512 and it's suberb for 695 at the good guys

    • I saw it in store for $594 at GG today

      • Bargain!

      • You should post that deal!

    • Not superb spelling ;)

  • Yep - discount appears when added to cart. Moved the slider all the way to the minimum point spend (2,000) and then earned back 2,292 😂.

  • If I have an account but have 0 points, is there a clever way to redeem this offer?

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      2k points (save 20%) = $71.20.

      edit: not saying that's a clever way, but that's -a- way.
      edit 2: so it works out to be $71.20 for 2k points, and then $1,146.10 (plus the 2k points) for the soundbar. JB HiFi has it for $1,399, so through QFF it'd be $1,217.30.

      • And you'd get more than that many points in return, thanks very much for that!

  • Gotta be kidding me

    Just bought it with my points yesterday

    • Cancel and reorder if it hasnt been delivered?

      • They delivered today

  • Good deal! Just got one!

  • Please note there is no change of mind return policy on Sonos.

  • For those thinking about buying the beam here's my 2c

    I have beam and pair of sono 1s, while the surround sound is good the bass on the beam is extremely underwhelming.

    I wish I waited for the Arc instead

    Also question for the points experts - I have never used qantas points to shop previously. Is spending 58k points + $500 a good buy for the Sub?

    • I think the Beam's bass to be pretty decent in such a small package. When I got the sub I really had to dial the Beam down in order to hear it.

      • The bass is crazy on the sub I've tested out a few times at jb hifi

    • +3

      In general - redeeming points for any consumer product is almost never the most efficient use of the points vs redeeming for a seat upgrade. Just a quick example - the cash difference between Premium Economy and Business class for one way Melbourne-Singapore is $1500. Points redemption for this upgrade is 27,200 points. ie. Your 58k points sitting there is worth ~$3000 if you upgrade two seats or a return trip. This is worth much more than the $900 cash you are saving by using it on the soundbar.

      • F hell thx my man. I'm not gonna use points for this then haha

      • +2

        Your 58k points sitting there is worth ~$3000 if you upgrade two seats or a return trip.

        There are so many caveats to this. First you have very limited routes you can get such a bargain on, two you have to actually be able to get the upgrade you want which is not something you can just "do" on a whim, you have to book pretty far in advance. Three I'm pretty sure on the other side of COVID-19 you aren't going to be able to get very many upgrade that cheap for a loooooong time.

        Also if like most people you haven't paid a cent to accrue QFF, free money is free money.

        • +4

          Plus………just fly economy and spend the points on a nice device. This way you end up with a nice device that lasts longer than a 9hr flight which becomes just a memory :-) Does one really need to go Business class to Singapore? I'd rather grin and bear economy and end up with the device :-)

          • @Borg: London business class return takes fewer points than this. Just sayin'….

            • @miwahni: I agree that it’s pretty hard to find the flights on rewards - doable but pretty much impossible in and around any school holidays or public holidays in my experience.
              So yeah it’s good for off peak travel….

          • @Borg: Agreed. I'll fly any class now, just let me out :)

          • @Borg: I just bought a Roomba with points plus a little cash. I haven't paid a cent for the QFF so i'll take a cheap Roomba to give me back time from cleaning!

            • @serpserpserp: Never understood these "robo" type cleaners. Perhaps because my place is full of crap everywhere and the poor thing would barely get out of its charger without bumping into something. Even if it did manage to make its way out into the maze, it would run out of power well before it could find its way back. I can see the flames of frustration flaring out its rear and it making a beeline for the front door :-)

              • @Borg: I'm not hugely into them but someone in my house is. The newer ones have better collision detection with junk on the floor so it shouldn't get jammed. This one has about an hour charge so it should be able to make it back to base in my tiny house just fine. Plus it has auto emptying which was the deal maker for me. No way am I getting a robo vac I have to empty and clean after every run.

                No way are they cost effective, but these points were free and only cost a few hundred in the end so I am ok with this.

        • Yes that’s true, I’ve tried upgrading to business to a similar route (mel to hkg) with a gold status and all I was able to upgrade to was premium economy.

          It was due to the economy ticket class I have, the cheaper you have, the harder it is to upgrade. Expensive one like flexible economy have higher chances of upgrades. And they also say that ff status bears weight so if the queue for upgrades are full of plat members, you’ll be bump off if you have gold, silver, or none at all.

          Ps: I’m saving my points for a one world rtw ticket, instead.

          • @3per: Not going to get back to flying for a long time, but I'd frequently be able to secure upgrades to business to West Coast US from Sydney.

            The catch is that I'm mostly upgrading from Prem Eco and not pure Eco.

            • @fatal: Yes that’s the point. You’ll have to spend more to make the ff points worth more than an item redemption.

              I think majority of people here in ozbargain, i assume are frugal and will spend the cheapest economy ticket (like myself).

  • I thought about it but decided against it as my TV doesn't have eARC. FYI the Atmos function will only work with eARC

    • And then it's only worth it if you have blurays. If you just stream the eARC won't do you any good.

      • Not if you use Apple TV 4K and watch Netflix shows/movies with Dolby?!

        • Sure, how much of the library has Atmos?

          I take your point though, in the future more and more content will have uncompressed audio.

          • @Nuggets: You may want to do some research into this as I could be completely wrong but I believe Dolby "Atmos" from Netflix for example is actually packaged in Dolby Digitial plus which is compatible with your basic ARC port.

            Its only when you are trying to play Atmos from a 4k Bluray or other HD Audio formats does the lack of eArc become an issue

  • +1

    Damn 75 inch oled cx..$$$

    • Its 77 actually .

    • oops i meant 65. Not baller enough for the 77!

      • Hahah.. I'm in the market for a 65. How is it?

  • Note the beam is $539 and sub is $845 on TGG commercial- arc not there but was sure it has been sub 1200 on TGG commercial recently.

  • Nice find. Make more points from the purchase than it costs to get the discount!

  • I purchased the ARC and SUB from Westcoast HIFI and got the 20% OFF. I think if you go to any Westcoast hifi you can 20% off on SONOS.

  • I purchased the Sonos beam instead…

  • +4

    For anyone wanting there is a 15% off code for the sonos store through UNIDAYS

  • Now shows 2,000PTS + $1387.50 for me? Edit: discount appears in cart

    • Add to cart to see discount.

  • Is the Arc good enough as a music speaker(s) on its own?

    • Yes.

  • +1

    Only white left in the Qantas store.
    But got the 15% discount code from UNIDAYS and let's hope 5.20% cash back from cashrewards works as well.
    Thanks OP even though I didn't get one from Qantas store, wouldn't have known about UNIDAYS discount if it wasn't for you.

  • I have bose 700 setup with surround sound and bass sub… Can anyone recommend Sonos Arc?

  • Has the UNIDAYS coupon expired? Didn’t work for me. I’m after the black one, so unfortunately can’t purchase through the Qantas store. Was thinking I might need to hold out til Black Friday to get a discount on this.

  • I only have 1400 points is there any decent way to get 600 more in time to grab a sonos item?

    Edit: I Was lazy, just found the link above!

  • +1

    The Beam with the Sub is outstanding. Huge difference

    • yeh that's what I'm looking to do…the bass on the Beam is :(

  • Excellent, bought the beam with sub

    Looking forward to it!! :D

  • grabbed a white + sub
    Heaps of qantas points sitting there not being used and unlikely to be used any time soon, so a rather uneconomical point usage instead :)
    Thanks multiple banks for those sign up points i guess.

  • The website is sh*t***g itself

    Are there any arcs available? Can anyone tell me the ARC price if used with 100k points?

    What is the Beam with 100k points? Tempted to get this and then add a sonos sub

    • Only white arc is available.

      I got an arc + sub for ~1360 + 114k points.

  • +1

    Has anyone's item status moved from "processing" yet?

    • +1

      My arc shipped yesterday but not the sub

    • My Sonos purchases all still showing as processing. Ordered 16/10 ~4pm

      • Mine's still processing too. 16-Oct-2020 at 05:24 p.m. Estimated delivery date is Thursday! Can't see that happening tbh.

        • Same here. Ordered Sub on 16/10/2020 at the midnight! Status is still "processing" with an estimated delivery of 20 Oct 2020

  • I ordered sub on 16th and still shows as processing. Also seems like they have removed sub from their store. I cannot see sub in the listing when i search for sonos.

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    FYI, the order page still says "processing", but it's apparently onboard for delivery today (got an SMS from TNT). Qantas is a bit slow to update.

    edit: got the arc.. no sub yet.

    • Good to know that. I placed order on 16/10 at 9.42am. Still shows estimates delivery of 20 Oct.

    • +1

      Mine was
      Ordered 17-Oct-2020

      Arc - shipped and attempted delivery yesterday. Hopefully redeliver today
      Sub - status: Processing, Estimated delivery: 25-Oct-2020

      sub no longer on their site so hopefully not stock shortages. For the price they charge in QFF points they could just go buy one from JB and re-ship it ;)

  • Anybody with Sub order received any further notification about delivery?
    I called Qantas store twice both time the lady advised she would follow up and call me back…still nothing yet.

    • nup
      Arc turned up, but now waiting on the sub and no change to order status.
      (grabbed some ikea SYMFONISK for rears this weekend also)

      • How are the ikea speakers? I have arc and 2 ones. Waiting for sub to complete my setup.

        • Seem fine to me.
          First venture into Sonos gear but were easy to setup and link the IKEA ones to the sound bar

  • Sonos purchases arrived today except for the sub. Sonos website sub page states 'Ships from 28 October 2020' which may be relevant if the Qantas store reships and has run out, or dropships.

    • Pretty sure drop ships as my arc showed as being a delivery from Sonos

      • +1

        And White sub finally shipped

  • +1

    Received call from Qantas store, that my sub will be delivered today from supplier. No tracking or courier detail are available.

  • If you're gonna get the Arc wall bracket, get it from JB Hi-Fi. Picked one up today for $85 (asked for their best price). Qantas has it for "17,210 PTS or 2,000 PTS + $87.50" - and $12 shipping.