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[UNiDAYS] Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (5G) 128GB $780.30 + Shipping (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • that's cheap AF!!
    I checked the camera today at the Samsung store and its not that great

  • touchscreen issue remains, even after recent updates. thought they have fixed it, guess not

    • I keep seeing these comments about the touch screen issues and decided I should chime in. I owned this phone and sold it recently, had it for about 3 weeks. In the time i had the phone there was an update issued which addressed the touch screen issues, however, this update didn't necessarily fix the issue but, what i would call, smoothed it out. For me i would particularly notice the issue when pinching to zoom, primarily into a photo for example. Often when pinching with two fingers to zoom into and out of a photo it would jump into and out of the photo like a stutter/jump of sorts. It would also jump into the location of where one of my fingers was placed rather than identifying where both fingers are touching the screen(this felt like a glitch if described in one word). When it was updated/"smoothed out" by my definition, the pinch and zoom simply felt like it was achieved slower than before, in order to mitigate the issue to some extent, for the most part the issue is fine and is not worth disregarding this phone as its overall a good solid phone, however even with the update the issue still persists and they're simply just using software to counter a fundamental hardware issue by my assessment.

      Not much else to add, i enjoyed the phone but decided to sell before black Friday sales. Good phone for $780, the touch screen isn't a big issue but occasionally you will notice the jump/stutter but it wont happen every time so if it happens just pinch again and it performs as usual. A sight inconvenience as how i would describe the issue briefly.

  • Haven't had any touch screen issues with mine.

    Agree camera is not great but coming from a pixel 3 - the wide angled lens is a bonus.

    • At first I have not paid attention to it, not the worse cases like some have experienced but recently it is stuttered from time to time which is very annoying, like suddenly touch on screen not responded as being frozen

      • The only time mine freezes is using Chrome but I know that's a problem with Chrome because the notification shade and the gestures are still responding.

      • Finally experienced my first touch screen issue - essentially non-responsive while typing - had to restart the phone and all is well again.

    • I can't recreate the touchscreen issues either.

  • Touch screen issues are mostly fixed but I wouldn't purchase this phone if you're a mobile touch screen gamer.

  • Waiting for Ultra to drop in price…

  • $718 if you can get 8% discount w giftcards for the full amount