Black Friday / Cyber Monday. What did you buy? What was your favourite deal?

Just put together a tally of my black friday / Cyber monday purchases and I bought 9 pairs of sneakers! 5 pairs are Xmas gifts so not so bad but I really need to stop buying shoes. I guess the good thing is none were over $70.

Apart from that bought COD PS4/Xbox (gifts), Cyberpunk & Ghost of Tsushima (for myself).

My favourite deal was probably Infrared Nike Air Span 2s for $40 from Nike Factory.

What did everyone else get?


  • NOCO GB70 (lithium PB/jump starter)
    Philips series 6000 air purifier
    Crapload of hue lights.

  • Just two games Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. I don't like to buy things unplanned.

  • $5,250 Him/Her/Teen, $600 The Restaurant, and $250 The Pub gift cards.

  • Nintendo Switch, missed out on the cheapest price but oh well, the kids will be happy.
    Also bought a fridge.

    • the kids will be happy.

      What games do they have?

      • It comes with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, other than that they will have to start saving some money.

      • I'll also add to this that I found out a couple of days ago there are some free games that you can download which will keep the kids busy so no need to spend too much money upfront to play games!

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    What did you buy?

    Fish & Chips.

  • What did you buy?

    A new bike…

  • Philips OneBlade Pro - used $10 app voucher
    R. M. Williams Men's Dynamic Flex Craftsman - joined eBay plus for the discount and got a $50 non stack-able voucher

  • Animal Crossing for $50
    Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers for $22 with the sale stacking with the collectors discount

    Some Country Road clearance stuff with the 20% discount stacking
    Logitech G915 Tactile for $245 with Ebay 20% off + Cashback + $10 bonus
    Pandora jewelry for Christmas at 20% off

    100% off PIA VPN too, hoping it tracks within 30 days

    All around decent, only thing on the wishlist missed was a Be Quiet! case, but no real discounts I could find

  • I didn't find any bargains.

  • FF7R, an Osmo Mobile 3, Total War 3K. Code Vein.

  • Dualsense controller for $94. I'm hoping the 12% cashback will work, but this is my first time and not sure how this works exactly. I tried to follow the instructions but not completely confident it worked.

  • Pirelli Tyres from myCar $117ea, Viomi V2 Pro Robovac for $299 and Zinus Bed frame for $295.

  • I'd been saving up and planning…

    Razer Core X Chroma (Amazon deal, with 5% Cashrewards and the alleged $10 Cashrewards extra - I have a laptop that will suit this item)
    Gigabyte RTX 3070 (Futu ebay, 20% off the jacked price)
    A second monitor for the home office AKA gaming desk (Amazon deal and 5% Cashrewards).
    Bulk dishwasher tablets, rinse aid and dishwasher cleaner (Amazon deals)
    Eight litres of Omo (Amazon deal)
    And a partridge in a pear tree.

  • Sony XM4s

  • Beyerdynamic Lagoon Headphones. Wanted to buy for a long time but were very costly. The sale made them reasonably affordable.

  • Fujifilm XF10 for $459 + $14 delivery. Couldn't resist after it hit sub $500.

  • nothing unfortunately - My partner however got a whole heap of crap that I bought her, from Mechanical keyboards to headphones…

  • I wish I can have my time back ;)

    The Amazon $349 switch deal and Airpods Pro were tempting. But I already have a Switch and ANC headphones.

  • Around 30 PS4 games
    $1700 Techfast Gaming CPU
    G502 Mouse
    USB3.0 KVM Switch
    Total War: 3 Kingdoms Royal Edition (PC)

    Omnidesk Pro for the wife

    She also bought me $9000 of VGS shares. But this was more as a wedding anniversary gift than anything else.

  • Hornby OO scale electric tank locomotive $55 delivered from UK via Amazon, about 20 less than buying here.

    Arrived today after ordered 20th, but outer packaging was a mess and if courier etc had of tried could've taken the item out obviously not taped well and thrown about.

    I got on to Amazon about it and they refunded $ 20 and "promised to get up the seller etc. So at days end got the item around 40 cheaper than here.

    That was my only black friday etc purchase as I blew the budget on that one item.
    But I'm happy

  • 5700XT Phantom Gaming $399

    • haha - forums becoming like posting deals, very quickly get moved to the bottom and our attention goes to something new :D

      This one will have the same fate.