Unable to View Gift Card Purchased on ShopBack App - Am I Entitled to a Refund under ACL

I need help with a gift card I purchased on when I was in-store at JB Hi-fi via the Shopback app on my phone, however the voucher will not display, and I was forced to use cash to pay for the $200 which was meant to paid for by using the gift voucher purchased through Shopback. As a result I have paid $500 for a gift card which I cannot view, nor do I have a need for anymore, as I was forced to use cash in place of the voucher I had paid for.

I purchased 1 x $500 gift card, and 2x $100 gift cards within a 5 minute period when I was at JB Hi-Fi.

I am not able to view or use the $500 gift card, however, I was able to view and use the 2 x $100 gift cards whilst I was in-store.

Am I entitled to request a refund, and that the $500 gift card be cancelled, as I no longer have a need for it as it did not work as expected when purchased, and in my opinion was misled by the purchase.

In addition is there anything under ACL that may support me in getting a refund, as it's not clear on the ACCC website (https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/advertising-promotions/gif...).


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  • No retailer can force you to pay for anything. You paid it with cash yourself. You could’ve waited and contacted Shopback https://support.shopback.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/3600540303...

    Good luck. https://support.shopback.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/3600530132...

    I am not able to view or use the $500 gift card,

    This is a good reason, though they may fix it for you instead of refunding you.
    You probably need to dispute the transaction with PayPal or bank and do a chargeback.

  • I know this won't help in your case (sorry), but as a rule, I usually make sure all my gift cards are working and viewable at home before going in-store.

    • This.

      I know its tempting to get a Super deal.

      I am always worried that Entertainment book won't generate the e-voucher and I have wasted my time.

  • what did Shopback say when you contacted them?

  • Am I Entitled to a Refund under ACL

    I suggest you hire a lawyer…

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    and I was forced to use cash to pay for the $200

    Who forced you to pay?
    Did you report it to the police?

  • Have you looked into Shopback's terms and conditions?
    Unless they specify instant delivery, you shouldn't rely on it.
    Using gift cards like this is always a risk.

    • Understand what you are saying. The purchase has been made, and is showing in my deal purchases within the account section in the app, but when I select the "See Voucher" button, nothing happens.
      I have reached out to [email protected] and am awaiting a response.

  • here for the comments, not disappointed.

  • I actually experienced something similar last week but I purchased kogan’s eVoucher and I got the code but it just did not load. It took a few days to rectify but I raised both with ShopBack and kogan. Kogan was the one who came back with an updated code (removing the first few characters).

    So I have to say I am not impressed by ShopBack and appreciate that you fee the same. My suggestion would be to raise it with ShopBack and try to either sell the voucher to someone else or hold on to it for maybe a future purchase.

    Good luck.