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Seagate 8TB External HDD $189.81, 8TB Internal HDD $204.41 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK / US via AU


Great prices for 8TB hard drives. Looks like an all-time low for both!

Free delivery with Amazon Prime.

Seagate Desktop, 8 TB, External Hard Drive $189.81 via Amazon UK https://www.amazon.com.au/Seagate-Expansion-External-Playsta...
Seagate Barracuda Internal Hard Drive 8TB $204.41 via Amazon US https://www.amazon.com.au/Seagate-Barracuda-Internal-Hard-Dr...

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  • Did a bit of digging. These are likely Barracuda Computes inside which are SMR.
    Still a decent price ($23.73/TB) and Seagate tend to include the international power plugs.

    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/9uqjuh/seagate...

    • This vs wd , which one is better ?
      Last week getting wd 12 TB for 25 bucks/ Tb.

      • Some people swear by WD, some swear by Seagate. Honestly, can't trust either 100% so have back ups for your valuable data.

        For convenience it doesn't hurt getting a bigger drive but there is potential for losing more data in one go.

      • I bought the 12TB WD yesterday at $23.30/TB even less after Cashback so WD was still slightly cheaper per TB if you dont mind waiting for it to go back down again.

        • Where do you buy it ???

        • I don't know if WD still do (probably), but they used to have an encoding/decoding circuit board between the HDD and case/plug. If/when the circuit board dies (which isn't exactly a rare occurance), you can't just pull the drive and plug it directly into a computer to retrieve your data. The data 100% gone in an instant.

          I don't know if this Seagate is any better. But a WD external has done it to me so I'll never buy another. I'll only buy hard drives that plug directly into motherboards, or that I'm certain have no internal decoder board.

          • @Faulty P xel: I shuck these WD and use them inside my PC for my Plex server.

            • @Axelstrife: Given the external power supply these obviously have some kind of circuit board inside, but do you know if it's a decoder board? I'm only after USB-powered drives but someone else might appreciate knowing.

              For others that buy this, the obvious way to test for certain is to copy some files over, shuck and fit the drive to a desktop/array, and if you can read those files without the case/board then obviously there's no decoder board.

    • thank you for saving me.

    • Did you happen to note if these have a decoder board? (See my other post a few posts above.)

      • Did that happen with a 2.5" HDD? I know that WD tend to solder the interface with the HDD so impossible to shuck.

        I'm fairly sure with Seagate it is a bog standard interface. I've shucked seagate a few times without issue. But I'm not knowledgeable enough to answer your question for certain.

        • Nah 3.5". This was several years ago so it was IDE interface, and had a narrow circuit board that plugged onto the end of the drive, with a DC power and USB socket on the other side of the board that poked through holes in the plastic shell. The board died, lost every file instantly, because when you remove the fried board the computer sees only garble. Thoroughly dumb and evil design.

  • These will both be SMR drives, which is fine if they suit your usage needs.

    The 16TB external Seagates apparently have Exos drives in them, which are supposed to be a cut above, and not much more as a $/TB proposition.

    I'm tempted to buy, but they don't seem to be on special, so might let the bank account fatten up a bit since Black Friday.

    • The 16tb are around $430 which isn't bad. Shame there wasn't a tempting enough black Friday deal or cashback.

      Historic low is around $388, hopefully it comes back again soon with some bonus cashback.

      • Yeah I bought a bunch of the 16TB's on black friday with the shopback 12% off. Was hoping to get more on Cyber Monday, but no sales :(

  • Bought 8TB in oct for 190.

    I received it today and I can confirm that it included Aus plug.

    • I bought 4 of the X-Box drives a few months back for ~$200. All came with the multi-plug power supply. A tad wasteful, but handy if buying from overseas.

  • A pity they're not Ironwolf or Barra Pro or Exos

  • i want the internal, but I don't trust Amazon's couriers. They never package things adequately, and most of the time my product boxes are damaged. HDDs are very fragile and I don't trust it will survive the delivery undamaged.

    • They sent my WD SN750 500GB drive wraped in 2 layers of bubble wrap in an envelope. No box or anything. Didn't even bother unwrapping the drive. Just sent it back.

      The Shopping Express had their BF deal for $169 for the 1TB … so thanks for the shitty wrapping and no box!

      • yeah, that's why I only buy internal HDDs directly from the computer shop. They don't come in retail packaging.

        Amazon in particular are atrocious with packaging materials. They'll put it in an oversize box, sometimes with just one bubble pocket, sometimes none at all. All my collector box sets get banged up. There's no way I'd trust a HDD inside a box like that.

        External HDD would at least have its own retail packaging and survive a bit better.

        • This whole box size thing is plain idiotic. I order an item (12 bottles of drink) which comes in 2 6-pack lots. They ship in 2 boxes. 1 fits like a glove, the other is twice the size.

          Guess if you pay peanuts, you get people that don't really care, and I don't blame them …

          • @photonbuddy: Not to mention, shipping costs depend on volumetric weight, meaning the bigger the box, the more it costs them, even though Amazon doesn't pass it onto you.

            • @lostn: I just don't get how they make money on Prime.

              I buy 12 bottles of soft drink for $13.80, including delivery. It would normally cost that to deliver such an item.

              • @photonbuddy: Amazon is a loss leader. They want to dominate on market share, not profits. Their goal is expansion, and to eventually become the one retailer you go to. They commonly use their might to crush start ups and ensure no one can compete with them.

                • @lostn: I can accept that as a business plan to get going, but Amazon has been around for ages.

                  There aren't fewer Amazon-style outlets, there are more.

                  They are now making profits, though, it would seem. Maybe they get massive reductions in shipping because they do so much of it.

                  Maybe it's the manufacturers that are taking the loss.

                  Not that I really care … Which is probably why we must bow before the feet of the Chinese government, lest they ruin us for depending on them so much …

      • +1 vote

        SN750 is a SSD though? Bubble wrap should be sufficient.

        • Well … possibly. But no box and no paperwork tells me this drive is probably not new. No way was I going to risk a drive that has been God knows where.

    • It's either over-packed of under-packed

      I've had a small bottle of tabasco sauce in a shoe box sixed carton wrapped in layers and layers bubble wrap, A keyring which I thought was my desk fan as it was like a crazy game of pass the parcel and bottle of vitamins which could have fallen from the moon unscathed.

      On the other side, I had a $300 fragile collectable arrive crushed and broken in soft satchel, a glass bowl also in a satchel and earbuds with the label put directly on the original packaging itself…

      • the reason they skimp on packaging is because the workers work in really poor conditions and are expected to work very quickly in order to keep their jobs (they are contracted through a recruitment agency, not directly employed by Amazon so they have no enterprise bargaining and can be cut at any moment) so corners are cut in order to meet quotas.

        Their breaks are timed to the second, and they might get a 15 min tea break but it takes 5 minutes to walk to the tea room and 5 minutes to walk back, so they only get 5 mins of break.

        It's been all over the news. Pick packers get treated like shit. And that service is passed down to you the customer.

        The ones delivering really good service are the Indians in live chat and email, but they get paid peanuts.

        Meanwhile, Amazon is a trillion+ dollar company that pays no taxes. You don't become the richest man in the world (whose wealth grew by $50bn during the pandemic while everyone else was hurting btw) without some smarts.

    • HDDs are very fragile

      HDD's are not fragile at all and are made to sustain 300G shocks sustained during shipping so it will probably survive a plane crash.

      • please put this to the test by throwing one onto hard concrete. That should be no where close to the impact of a plane crash.

        You realize there's a head on an arm right? All it takes is for that thing to come loose, or scratch the platter and it's done.

  • Smr if anyone wonders

  • 14TB @ $289 or bust. I've seen 299, it needs to happen again!