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Lexar High-Performance 633x 512GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Card $98.05 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Says a limited time deal and appears be as fast (spec wise) as SanDisk extreme.

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  • Watch the write speeds though… Lexar is notorious for quoting reading speeds, and anything less than their 2000x cards have a pretty bad ratio of write speeds being half read speeds

    • The write speed is not great, but not bad either. It fluctuates between 33M/s and 37M/s from USB 3.0 to the card on my laptop.

  • Must hodl for a samsung evo 512gb at <$99

  • It seems like the formatted capacity of this card is 461 GB instead of the usual 477 GB that's on Samsung cards.

  • Good card for all those recent dashcam deals?

    • Might want a high endurance card instead

      • meh, i've run dashcam over 5 years and none of my card failed, even the lower specs class 10 or UHS1. The only cards ever failed on me are 2 from the raspberry pi.

    • Not recommended. My 64GB model failed in my Viofo 119 V3 within a few months of not intensive use.

      But fine for general use outside the dashcam.

  • I have a corrupted Sandisk 200gb that contains all of my daughter's baby photos. Able to salvage 90% of them but it's painful

  • I had a 64Gb version on my SS phone for about 2 years and one day it just died without any reason. Lost all unbacked up data there.