Spotify device for kids.

We want to get a Spotify device for our kids that doesn’t let them browse the internet etc.

We have seen the mighty vibe which looks good, but I’d like a device which also had a screen with album art, like the iPods of old

Does any such device exist?

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  • Google Nest Home.
    I play Spotify music on it and can see artwork and lyrics. Has YouTube music too, not sure if that's a positive for you.
    Voice control. Once setup it can identify people by voice so playing from our own Spotify libraries.

  • Sorry, to clarify I need a portable device for travelling etc.

  • Is there a way to have simple android phone that only allows access to the Spotify app and nothing else (sorry not an android expert) with only a WiFi connection active?

  • Android phone, start the app and lock the screen. They should still be able to acccess things like skip from the Lock Screen but not open the phone to use any other feature.

    Or, delete all the apps off the phone, including and browsers and auto start Spotify. There is a way of putting a phone into a mode that basically locks it out once a certain app is started, but you might have to google that (kind of like how some shops will to have an information kiosk running, but you can’t exit that app.)

    Look on the google play store for apps that enable “kiosk mode” or google what they are and how they work.

  • Have you considered a smart watch with a dedicated Spotify app?

  • Any cheap iphone or ipod. You can set app limits and block/restrict anything you want.

  • I have an old Nokia 2 Android that I use in our workshop for spotify. I purged all the apps to free up space.

    You could do similar but setup a second profile that only has access to limited apps.

  • We’re going on a road trip over summer. I don’t want to listen to their music in the car

    Let not get philosophical about it

  • If you buy this for your kids I'm pretty sure it will do the trick…. but you will pinch it ! 😛

    A little OTT. But fits the bill.

  • What's wrong with just an old school mp3 player? All you have to do is load it with music before you go.

    • I'd be all for this except they're probably going to start getting needy when new stuff is released so it's less hassle to give them spotify which would never need maintenance.

      • How will they know new stuff is released, if they aren't allowed to browse the internet?

        • Good point, however I'm sure they have contact with friends in some way and kids get bored so just give them endless music so they can't complain. Anything that does spotify will also do youtube which is another boredom killer.

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    Get a cheap Android phone, install Netguard firewall, only permit Spotify to contact the Internet (whitelist), play around with parental controls in Android to prevent kids from making changes.

    • Sounds like a great solution - parent can also install some games for the kids to use without risk of purchasing stuff on them too

      • im on iOS so not that familiar with cheap android devices. all my android devices are media streamers (Mibox).

        What is a good cheap android phone that will work well for this purpose?

        I wouldn't put a sim in it, I'd just have wifi (i have a wifi hotspot in the car)

        • Any phone will do, depending on your budget. If you prefer iOS, maybe get used iPods and enable parental controls on them to only allow Spotify and nothing else? Sounds a lot easier if you don't want to learn a new platform

  • oppo has kids mode that restricts usage to certain apps you select. no notifications, calls etc. only way to get out is by entering the screen unclock password/finger/face