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Drops Lifetime Premium - Black Friday / Cyber Week Discount (Lifetime $109.99 AUD)


Drops is a mobile and web application that helps to learn vocabulary for various languages. Although it is free for use in timed batches (which might be suitable for a lot of people as this type of thing can be repetitive and mundane)..

Otherwise might want to unlock it with premium access. Lifetime premium for $109.99AUD which they say is 65% off which might not be entirely accurate as it is usually around $249 AUD. Lifetime premium discounts don't seem to occur very often and seems good for those who see value in it. Premium offers extra features and allows you untimed usage.

This language app has Vietnamese with a southern accent pronunciation which is also quite rare as well and might be helpful to those seeking to learn the southern dialect.

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  • Somewhat related - I really liked Duolingo's tiny cards which made it easy to find and use flash cards but they recently shut it down. Does anyone have any recommendations for an alternative that can work on mobile too?

  • Would you consider this more of a professional learning or just casual learning?

    To clarify my question, is the stages of learning from this service have a set curriculum or is accredited by a reputable institution.

  • Relevant words from Reddit,

    "I love the presentation of the program but at the end of the day it's not very advanced in terms of language learning and afaik most polyglots look down on this kind of app.

    I used to use the app many times a day but I'm not using it anymore. Here's why:
    It only has pictures to describe meaning and those pictures are static. As a result it mostly lacks verbs. It's mostly nouns. Nouns aren't that useful. Many nouns are low on word frequency lists. Not only this but the words are isolated and completely out of context. Thus, you don't form any link to any words you already know. As a result retention is low. There's also little handling of the language other than recall. There is typing but that's about it. So retention is even lower."

    • I'd agree with this in general. I find drops useful for individual words in volume rather than language in context. Duolingo does a much better job on the language side. In conjunction it makes a good team. Drops to learn stacks of individual words and Duolingo to learn how to use/apply them.

  • I get an offer for $89.99 AUD in app so check there before committing.