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Air Purifier $299, Portable Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi $349 @ ALDI


Air Purifier
Air Conditioner

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    Any one know the model number of the air purifier?

    EDIT: AX3000 seems to be the model number and mostly mixed reviews. I guess back to waiting for Xiaomi.

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    Now, is it worth lining up in front of the store that day? ** Looking for reviews :D

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    Depending on what you are after I wouldn't buy a budget robovac and would check reviews very carefully to see if it is any good at what you need it for.

    The time you spend untangling it, helping it to find the dock and manually cleaning missed areas is just not worth it and defeats it's purpose.

    • Totally agree - even with the more advanced navigation methods they can sometimes get hung up, although much less likely. Strongly recommend avoiding the cheap ones - LIDAR navigation is a must-have.

      • Yep first generation Xiaomi is cheaper and beats this budget Samsung model

  • nah….i dont recommend samsung rob vacuum…

    bought 5. returned 2.

    • You have 3 Samsung vacuum cleaners all named Rob?

    • Hmm, so you don't recommend but you kept 3 of them?

      • He also named them all Rob.

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    Why is this robovac more expensive than the first gen Xiaomi? I bought the first gen a year ago ($289 delivered) and never have any problems. Sometimes, I just need to replace the filter (around 300 hours of working).

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    A portable air conditioner, even with wifi, is too often worse than no AC at all. If you don't set up the outlet correct, so it goes outside - often not quite possible without effort - it's going to be a noisy, ineffective electricity/money eater.

    • Yep, it is inefficient by design. The unit itself generates heat, the exhaust pipe gets very hot and the aircon creates a negative air pressure hence sucking in outside air through anywhere it can.
      There are ones with the compressor outside the building but are not allowed in Australia.

      • There are ones with the compressor outside the building but are not allowed in Australia.

        That's interesting. I guess the compressor would be portable, that is: not fixed, too? Why is it not allowed?

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          Yeah its BS. Portable split systems are available overseas but for some reason are super rare/expensive in Aus. Double hose portable ACs are way better but for some reason you cannot find them in Australia.

        • Yes compressor is portable too. You only need a small hole in the wall/ window/ door (just like a normal split system) to connect the two bits. Not sure why these aren't allowed here (these used to be sold here, but probably stricter safety regulations now) though I can see them being sold in Europe and North America.
          For example by Costco Ca:

        • This is infinitely a better design.

          You could import one from another 230v/ 240v country and change the plug? Postage would be $$, but less than a $600+ install.

          I'm.guessing the issue would be the potential for a 240v cable to be cut in a closing window. That being said, the same potential applies to any extension chord.

          • @tunzafun001: Yes it is a better design as the main source of heat (the compressor) is outside the room you are cooling. Its not just the electric cable though that connects the two bits (some kind of tube for gas flow?). Also, you can probably bring them in (if lucky to be not confiscated at the border) but then you will risk your insurance in case you have one :)

            • @Sfh1975: Thinking more about this. If it is removable/ movable, it must have a built in vac system to vacuum the lines. Or it must have 2 big hoses going in and out, or maybe just a large ingoing cool pipe and it just pressurises the inside of the house (vs creating a vaccum like our system does).

              • @tunzafun001: It works just like a split aircon, in fact it is a split aircon. There is no exchange of air. The air inside the room gets recirculated within the room. The only exchange that happens between the two units is the refrigerant (hot out, cold in) and electricity to power the outdoor unit (condenser/ compressor), if its the indoor unit that's connected to the mains.

                • @Sfh1975: Yeah, but if you seperate a slit system you need to pump the gas back into the compressor, and then seperate the units. Then before you reconnect, the units you need to connect a vaccum to the gas lines to boil away any air, moisture, oxygen etc present in the lines.

                  So if the o/s units do only have small hoses/ lines, then they are either not portable or maybe have their own built in vaccum compressors,

                  • @tunzafun001: Ah I see. You mean since its a "closed" system, you cannot just unhook the hose connecting the two parts. Well you are right. Most of them are joined at the hip, so to say :) Still they are portable enough and you dont need any permanent change to the building. You simply pass the condenser unit through the door/ window and then close it. The bit that closes the window gap has a slit instead of a hole to accommodate the refrigerant line. The condenser can be either hung from the window itself (I guess helpful in multi storeyed buildings) or put on the floor. The indoor unit would be fairly light and moved around with ease as far as the connecting line would allow.
                    However, there's another version which is similar to what is available here in Australia but with two ducts (though its not what you imagined). Instead of pulling the air out of the room, it pushes the air in from outside and would supposedly be a little bit better in terms of performance.
                    There is yet another version (industrial only?) which is water cooled and the two bits are exchanging water through normal hose, and hence are not connected permanently. Not sure of the details though.

                    • @Sfh1975: Ah I see, cheers for all these details! Much better idea.

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      Nah I disagree. Yes portable AC are inefficienct POS compared to split systms. However on 40 degree nights it can make a big difference on whether or not you get any sleep. If noise is an issue put in some earplugs. Who cares if it is inefficient, running it on the rare occasions is not going to spike your power bill.

      These are suitable for bedrooms around 10 - 15m2. Any bigger and it is useless.

      Anyway you have a 60 day try before you buy at Aldi.

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        I have one and I do agree with you that it has its use on one of those night/ afternoons.

    • I live in a rental with no air con. Is there an alternative to a portable air conditioner you’d suggest?

      • No. Get this and it will save you on those hot steamy nights in your bedroom. Aldi has a 60 day return policy (no questions asked) so there is no risk,

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        Pretty much no. You can try a misting fan (throws water at you) or an air cooler (passes the air through some wet meshing to make it cooler before throwing it at you) but if you live in a humid environment, none of these will work. In fact it will make you feel worse by raising the humidity in the room which stops you from sweating naturally to get rid of body heat. In a dry environment with plenty of air flow in your room, these will make some difference.

        • I'd go for a proper fan, misting fan, at least if you're in Victoria, so not too humid.

          I don't quite get the logic of having a clunky, noisy appliance at home all year for that "one hot night". Also it would be a lot of hassle to go back and forth returning it - that thing weights 10s of kilograms.

          Unless you have great storage options and transporting the thing is not an issue to you.

          • @bouncybear: He asked for options. I suggested a misting fan, an air/ evaporative cooler or to get an aircon if none of these were viable for him. I never said he should get it from Aldi and then return it used. In fact, that goes against my ethics, as its abusing their no-questions-asked policy!!!

  • Would like to know the decibel on this unit. Anyone know where to get further info?

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      They are usually Stirling brand if that helps

    • Also curious, did you end up finding more info?

  • How do people not set these portable ac up properly its so simple.

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