General Purpose GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Launch Thread

Starting a thread for any stock or deals on RTX 3060 Ti cards similar to the RTX 3070 thread. Post any stock, prices, reviews, questions, etc here and hopefully we'll see some worthwhile deals soon.

The Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB has been leaked for months but only became official when the embargo lifted on Founders Edition card reviews overnight. AIB reviews will start coming out tonight when it is officially available for sale. Australia is only getting the AIB cards 'available to buy' from 11pm AEST Dec 2nd.

The RTX 3060 Ti matches or beats the RTX 2080 Super for performance, and is only around 15% slower than the RTX 3070 so is a great 1440p gaming card. It's also testing up to 40% faster than 2080S for FP32 tasks. As it includes DLSS 2.0 and Nvidia SAM (smart access memory) coming in future it should have a decent future uplift as games evolve. Testing shows it performs similarly to AMD's 6800, but with less memory, for a much cheaper RRP price.

Hardware wise, AIB cards use a single 8-pin power connector, and draw 200-220w so you won't need a monster power supply. It uses the same form factor as the RTX 3070, so you could probably use a brands 3070 dimensions to check if it fits your case.

Nvidia's own FE card has a $399USD RRP, which works out to just over $600AUD directly converted (with GST) making it great value for performance. AIB cards are starting to pop up but as expected prices are jacked. I'll post the first pricing I've spotted from Techbuy below.

Good luck scoring a decent deal in this market, and share the wins here if you do.


  • There's some on these, but most out of stock / pre-order:


    Computer Alliance



    Seems a bit steep to me considering the base US $399 price.

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      I believe the $399 is MSRP for the FE only, not these 3rd party ones.

    • -1

      So a base price of $537 AUD - even taking into account AIB pricing, they expect us to believe that these are (profanity) $450 above RRP?

      What a joke, the ROG Strix is over a grand for (profanity) sake!

      • At minimum you need to add 10% GST on top. Also prices in Australia is higher than US due to stiffer competition in US market in general, let alone the size and scale of the market (i.e. US they sell much higher volume so can make profit with lower margin)

  • +4 is selling the Galax version for $699 + shipping (Paypal surchage).

    More than 10 available as of now.

    I think this is the closest price to Nvidia's RRP of AU$688.

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      On backorder now, but that is a good price. I also like the new carbon look they've gone for. At only $200 more than their 2070S cheapest price I've seen on OzB I reckon that's a great deal! Keen to see what comes up with some ebay coupons and cashbacks on this card over Boxing Day

  • The RTX 3060 Ti matches or beats the RTX 2080 Super for performance,

    Lel, my sister is raging about her 2080S that costed 1k but the 3060 more than half that….and performs about the same

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      yeah but it retails at 80% of that…

      • not the 3060, according to my last google search which came up at something liek $457 or something….

    • If it helps, I work out the cost per day depreciated to justify inevitable tech depreciation. E.g. if she bought it a year ago she's effectively paid $0.55 per day to have a 2080S which isn't bad at all.

      • That's assuming she uses the computer every day since purchase….

        • True. Mine is a work build so I do, but understand depreciation will be worse if she doesn't use it much

  • Hi guys, I'm checking Newegg US, I know we can't buy directly, anyone has experience with using forwarder MyUS or Shopmate?

    Here's the link for everyone:

    440USD, I expect other costs might add up to 700AUD?

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      I set up shopmate a whole back for a laptop and found it was very expensive at around $80US, so I didn't go through with it. That card is retailing at $829 here so up to you if worth it with no local warranty? May find cheaper with ebay codes on computer alliance listings post Christmas if you can wait? Also the 3070 is a $929, or 3 fan for $939. $949 gets a 3070 Gaming X Trio from PLE. That is not $700, but isn't that much of a stretch for a more powerful card locally

      • True, yeah it's possible for 3070 at that price if waiting a bit

        But then my choice would be either going low at higher frame/cost, or get a fairly good one, I would be trying to get RX 6800 XT at $1050 (if that's possible!) if going that much higher to 9xx for 3070 (6800XT is competing with RTX 3080)

        Yeah about RX 6800 XT…queueing with Computer Alliance atm…

        • +1

          They're much harder to find yet again, but AMD is certainly worth considering this generation, particularly if paired with a Zen 3 CPU. Hope the hunt goes well!

  • If i were to sell my brand new sealed 3060 Ti at below RRP, is it okay to be posted here or no?

  • I'm interested in looking at a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. How do I choose versions? Each maker has 3-4.
    Do I just find the cheapest one? Pretty sure I'm not playing anything that'll push the specs.

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      The high end models don't perform much better than budget models, so not worth going top shelf for most people, unless doing some major overclocking.

      The biggest difference may be noise levels where 3 fan can be quieter than 2 fan, but not always. Larger fans are quieter than small sometimes depending on the quality of fans used. Otherwise you might want one with certain aesthetics (e.g. White, or lots of RGB lights).

      There was a cheap deal recently on Asus Dual which has reviewed well but was US stock so comes with warranty challenges. If you can get cards in the $700 price point you're doing pretty well.

      I wouldn't make any decisions until Wednesday 13 when it's rumoured Nvidia will launch the 3060 6gb and 12gb with release probably late Feb (delayed by Chinese New Year. Chance you may see them earlier. As latest consoles use 12gb memory for video it's likely developers will start to use more in future so they could be a good choice within budget.

      A good review article is here (focused on power delivery and overclocking so may be OTT for your needs) and there are some good stock alert discord channels incl this one.

      Hope you find a bargain out there. It's a battle to find in stock cards at good prices but it is possible

      • Thanks for that info. I was looking around and once clicking into the sites I realised everything is out of stock! This makes comparisons for 3060 vs 3070 pricewise null.

        If a 3060 12g comes out, it'd be slower than the TI. This adds another spanner. I duno, it's too confusing even if stuff was in stock

        • Stock happens, but you've got to be quick. OzB and discord groups help, but if in doubt you could pre order something. I've got an order for a MSI Suprim X 3070 waiting for stock late this month for $913.

          Question… What resolution for games, and any other use (eg graphic design, media encoding, AI coding etc)? If just games AMD 6700 or 6800 series could be an option. If only 1080p monitor any of these would be plenty good enough

          Yeah too many options, but budget and stock are deciders

          Edit. IIRC 3060 is only a few hundred cuda cores less so won't be a world of difference. Could be a to 10 fps at a guess. Then there is 3060 Ultra above 3060 ti and below 3070 rumoured. Reality is if you don't want max detail 4k you won't go wrong in that tier as long as it fits your case.

          • @TheLurker: it's for vr games, so I don't know what res that counts as. Is it the 1440x2880 of the glasses? Is it more because there's a whole world?
            Is it completely unrelated to other screen games?

            I have a bargain 1060 3gb now, it's fine for everything else. The vr really bare minimum. But really it's almost there. Probably any upgrade with more ram is going to be enough for now. Balance of longevity I guess. But since old gens don't come down in price nowadays that's why may as well get a proper card.

            • @furyou: That use puts you near ultra wide 1440p. I am only guessing but suspect that VR would also do some stereoscopic depth modification per lens which may also increase load (others will know more than I). If so, I think most articles would suggest 3070, 2080ti or 6800 power but haven't checked. Are you confident 3060 ti is enough?

              • @TheLurker: well the 1060 is kinda OK already.
                I'm not sure how much of the VR stuff is CPU based vs gpu. Ie is the cpu giving the gpu 2 sets of 1440x1440, or is the GPU taking some info and building 2 eyes worth from it?
                Maybe the cpu does most of that.

                Not many reviews seem to touch on vr.

                The 3060 ti theory price is better value than 3070 for almost same perf. But it's strange they put out 2 cards so close with similar perf?

                • @furyou: I haven't done research into VR use, but assume Ray Tracing may add realism to textures that might be more important for VR than for others. I read 3060 ti didn't quite have enough power to make ray tracing viable, and 3070 was borderline.

                  Yes they are close, and even use the same chip base. What to buy still probably comes down to the best deal you can get your hands on. With so much fictitious pricing and stalled pre orders, there may not be much between them. Either is going to be a big step up from what you have so if you're happy already, you can't lose.

                • @furyou: Basically you're looking at 2k @ 90fps. I'd say 3070 is a safer choice. My vr headset runs at 2160x4320 @ 90hz. So I need a 3080 to run it at full speed. Very demanding.

                  • @MJi: @MJi thanks. It also depends on the action right? I'm confused with these cards and the 3060 coming out with 12gb and everyone saying we need 12gb.
                    I just dunno what to do. Do I just jump on whatever has stock, do I think and try to find reviews and it's gone.
                    Are there brands to avoid, designs to avoid.
                    i'm still more for the 3060 price range.

                    • @furyou: I suggest you wait and hang on to your 1060 for the time being, and get the 3070 for your vr when the price is right, and get the most affordable one.
                      I'm currently on a temporary gpu as well, getting 50fps on ACC VR, or Project cars 2. not great but acceptable for now. planning to lay my hands on the 3080 when price drops a bit. I know I can wait.

                    • @furyou: FYI, playing Cyberpunk with 3090 @8k uses 11GB

  • Is there any in stock anywhere?

    • Yes though changes by the minute. Definitely can find them if willing to pay high prices but good deals are harder. Assume you've been checking static ice, pcpartpicker and discord notifiers like ANZ launchers?

      • +1

        Wasn't aware of the discord. Thank you

        • +1

          There are a few others I joined but that's been most active. And it's free

      • Hi mate, mind sharing the discord link again? it says the invite has expired - keen to join, thanks

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