General Purpose GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Launch Thread

Starting a thread for any stock or deals on RTX 3060 Ti cards similar to the RTX 3070 thread. Post any stock, prices, reviews, questions, etc here and hopefully we'll see some worthwhile deals soon.

The Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB has been leaked for months but only became official when the embargo lifted on Founders Edition card reviews overnight. AIB reviews will start coming out tonight when it is officially available for sale. Australia is only getting the AIB cards 'available to buy' from 11pm AEST Dec 2nd.

The RTX 3060 Ti matches or beats the RTX 2080 Super for performance, and is only around 15% slower than the RTX 3070 so is a great 1440p gaming card. It's also testing up to 40% faster than 2080S for FP32 tasks. As it includes DLSS 2.0 and Nvidia SAM (smart access memory) coming in future it should have a decent future uplift as games evolve. Testing shows it performs similarly to AMD's 6800, but with less memory, for a much cheaper RRP price.

Hardware wise, AIB cards use a single 8-pin power connector, and draw 200-220w so you won't need a monster power supply. It uses the same form factor as the RTX 3070, so you could probably use a brands 3070 dimensions to check if it fits your case.

Nvidia's own FE card has a $399USD RRP, which works out to just over $600AUD directly converted (with GST) making it great value for performance. AIB cards are starting to pop up but as expected prices are jacked. I'll post the first pricing I've spotted from Techbuy below.

Good luck scoring a decent deal in this market, and share the wins here if you do.


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    Looks great, too bad you won’t be able to buy one.

    • Nah I'm sure there will be plenty scalped on eBay at ridiculous prices tomorrow

      • There's no margin to scalp thjs

    • Buy one when?

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    I thought people had learned that US msrp =/= the correct AUD conversion even when factoring in gst.

    These will be $100-$150 less than the 3070’s at best. So expect entry level gpu’s to be $750ish and premium cards to be $1k or so.

    Edit - and yes good luck getting one. The market is heaving for $1200-$3k 3080’s and 3090’s. There should be extreme shortages for a high performing sub $1k card.

    • History proves you're right on pricing but Nvidia FE 3000 cards did* arrive here at roughly USD RRP plus GST in the official Mwave raffle, so it's a fair start point.

      EVGA (and others) might match these again as a launch partner as they were subsidised for last launches. I think we all agree that AU doesn't get a fair start point on stock or price so will see how this one goes.

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      The theoretical multiple from US prices including tax and exchange rate at the moment is roughly 1.62 times. For example 3070 FE $499 US MSRP = $809 AUD (which was the claimed RRP in Australia), and EVGA 3080 XC Black $699 US MSRP = $1132 (listed at PLE for $1139).

      Even though you can't buy anything here at that 1.62 multiple right now, I think that's the price point we should expect in 3-4 months time.

      If I'm correct then the 3060 Ti will come in at around $650 for a low end model and $750-800 for a high end model based on US MSRP. I'm sure as hell not paying $850+ for one now when they should be over $100 cheaper in 3-4 months time.

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    EVGA has a 2-fan model listed for $709 and a 3-fan model listed for $769:

    • can you buy direct from evga store in aus?

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    Techbuy are the only local store I've seen with listings so far, and could be placeholders. Not sure what official AIB RRP is for these cards (always more than Nvidia FE this gen) but I suspect they are above RRP. Expecting NewEgg etc to have theirs live soon.

    Gigabyte Eagle OC RTX 3060 Ti - $833.00

    Gigabyte Gaming OC 8G RTX 3060 Ti - $894.30

    Gigabyte Gaming OC PRO 8G RTX 3060 Ti - $940.50

    ASUS Dual RTX 3060 Ti - $883.30 (note the pic is a Strix, not dual)

    ASUS TUF RTX 3060 Ti 8GB - $933.90

    • Cheers - I just placed an order for the ASUS Dual - have a tiny 1U i9-10900F machine which can only fit a dual slot lower powered card (tested with a RTX 2060 OK) - I can't find any info on the dimensions or power consumption of these cards so just taking a gamble!…hopefully they do actually have stock!…

      EDIT - Just checked with them and no stock of anything - so it's essentially a preorder from Techbuy with no ETA.

      I just realised that the dual fan models are all still too big for my needs! - There is a dual fan mini version also as per the link:

      I suspect chances of getting one of those will be extremely slim….

  • I've just got a 1080 which will hopefully tide me over until the 3060 Ti comes down to a reasonable price

    • I reckon that's probably around March once production ramps, demand settles, and 3050, 3050ti, 3060, 6700 and 6700XT cards are launched.

      Even at these first prices, it's still reasonable vs current pricing for an RTX 2080 Super today

      • That is true, although for my own use case I'm probably just going along with the hype by even considering getting one of these cards. Just need to stay calm and be patient

        • +1

          I'm running an AMD APU with no GPU for games and AI coding, so feel that frustration daily. Luckily this site keeps my stingyness levels high enough to wait (and I want more memory for AI models).

          RTX 3070 Ti with 16gb GDDR6 or 20gb GDDR6x is my ideal card but that's still fiction until next year

          • @TheLurker: I think the 3070 Ti will come with 10gb GDDR6x and the 3080 Ti 20gb GDDR6x + same # of cores as 3090.

            • @mizx: Have seen rumours of those, plus other combinations. I would say higher ram cards are inevitable but could be as long as H2 2021 before a higher memory 3070 ti comes out.

              My gut says that today 8gb is enough but with next gen consoles accessing 12gb developers will soon use more so nvidia will need to catch up.

              Also as a complete guess, 3080/3090 is GA102, and 3070/3060ti is GA104. 3050(+ti?)/3060 is GA106. I'm assuming they'll make GA101 a titan, GA103 fill the big gap between 5800 and 8400 (roughly) cores on 3070 and 3080 respectively. Another unfounded guess is GA106 and 105 moving to 7nm TSMC fab as AMD and others move to 5nm.

              GA104 doesn't quite do 4k well enough to compete with 6800XT so it would make sense to make cards near US$599 price point (FE)

      • What's a 3050 gonna do? Ultra Mario Bros? 🤣

  • Contemplating creating accounts at a bunch of major retailers and staying up tonight on the off chance I might be able to order one. Hoping for something in the $800-$850 price range for a mid-tier version (i.e. not the most budget ones). That might be possible but who the hell knows.

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      Feedback from the 3080 buyers was they got better deals on preorder than what came later so it could be worth it. Or boxing day sales

  • When is it available for preorder?

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      Theoretically 11pm tonight, for fulfilled order while stock lasts. Preorder once stock runs out (could be within minutes judging by past launches)

      • First I've seen a time, where did you see that? Also 11pm what timezone?

        • its 10pm AWST, 1am AEDT according to PLE.

  • The best 3060 Ti once again goes to TUF I believe, in thermals and acoustics.

    • Asus usually comes with more aggressive fan curve. The difference isn't that much after normalising noise level.

      • Not sure but I think that was changed by ASUS from 20x0 super onwards. Certainly no complaints I've read on TUF or Strix but possibly Dual or Turbo might be worse. Gigabyte fan curves were terrible but Asus did a good job according to reviews. A TUF or Strix are my top pick due to dual HDMI and silent running. Any recent sources on this issue for current cards?

        • +1

          it's easy to change the fan curve yourself even a card doesn't come with silent mode. HDMI and DP are interchangeable with a cable.
          I personally won't spend extra $$$ for an Asus card. Performance-wise, they are all very similar. I just get one with 3-fan and 3-yr warranty

          this review shows temp after normalising fan noise

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    Oh look another paper launch for a product the target market can't afford.

  • Is there a founders edition raffle for this one?

    Cant see anything on mwave.

  • What's AIB?

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      AIB = Add In Board.

      So you have Nvidia and AMD manufacture/design the chipset itself and they sell it to MSI/Gigabyte/EVGA/ASUS etc to make custom AIB cards for that chipset.

      • +1

        So an AIB is an AIB made by someone other than Nvidia, but an AIB made by Nvidia is an FE? How strange. Thanks for the explanation.

        • +3

          The term AIB is often mis-used.

          See for clarification:

          Whenever someone talks about a card being an "AIB" they are most certainly referring to "third party" AIB partners.

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          Normally if someone says AIB they mean a card made by an add in board partner like the ones I listed.

          It's even more confusing really than what you described though.

          AMD & Nvidia make what is called a "reference card" for a new chipset. It's the design of what needs to be on a card to be a particular model. e.g. for a RTX 3070 Nvidia makes a reference card specification for what chip it needs, how much memory it has to have etc and build a reference spec PCB for how it could work.

          Then, theoretically, the AIB partners get that reference spec and change it with things like; different transistors, a different PCB layout (still with all the required components to meet the specification), their own custom cooling solution and design etc. So these are "custom" or "AIB" versions of the card. e.g. MSI gets the RTX 3070 reference spec, messes with it and produces the MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio.

          However what's been happening lately, at least from Nvidia is they are actually competing with their AIB partners by making their own "custom" cards, which are not "reference" specification, but their own take on what a custom card looks like. These are what Nvidia calls "Founders Editions" these days. They are technically not "reference spec" cards, they are Nvidia designed custom models of the "reference spec".

          So yes there is a lot of confusion around as to what is an "AIB card" versus a "reference spec" card versus a "custom" card. Technically you're right the Nvidia Founders Edition is an "AIB" or "custom" card made by Nvidia themselves. As is technically every card you get from anyone. But mostly when ppl say "AIB" they mean one made by a board partner.

          • +1

            @Jorgonaut: Haha yeah, crazy. I dunno why people started using this weird acronym instead of "third party" or "custom" or some other existing word which describes the situation perfectly…

    • -1

      Everything except for the Nvidia FE?

  • Hopefully this means the 2060 super drops in price within the next couple of months.

    • Skeptical about this; since it will start to cut into the market share of the 1660 Super which seems unlikely.

  • just bought an aorus 5700xt on a recent deal, might try sell and put towards this one.

    • +1

      My 2c: If it does the job for you now and if you've opened it, I'd stick with that card now and revisit next year. That's a good card still, and I think you'd lose out twice by selling this for a net loss plus paying over rrp for a 3060ti now when other models and more stock are coming in next month's. If you want a major uplift on performance, I'd hold out for a 3080ti or 6900xt next year.

      • i actually haven't recieved it yet, should be sometime this week. was $508 from budget pcs. Only upgrading from a galax 2060 super so i think its quite a small jump.

        • That's a great price, what store was that? 'Budget PCs' is a bit generic and I'm having trouble googling it.

        • (Nvm found it, now 'BCP Tech'.)

          • @Fuzzy Toaster: yea sorry they changed names but was a good deal at the time, i didnt even know the 3060ti was going to released so soon.

  • So what were the most affordable vendors for 3070 cards?

    • PLE; $899 for the EVGA without the backplate.

      • +1

        Yeah, retailers are plucking $50 USD margins out of these cards at the bare minimum, and then there's that other level of horseshit where suddenly you're selling this card for $900.

        When you can ShopMate a card with an international warranty and get stock faster and cheaper after launch allocations are exhausted, you know the retailers and suppliers need a serious whack for their practices.

  • Are mwave getting FEs?

  • when restock mwave

  • So much stock… Might pick up a card whilst waiting for 3080, and then a super big present for my sibling…

    • It's cause nobody is scalping this, they leant from their mistakes with the 3070

  • So expensive

    • I think the lower tier cards are fair price

      • At $749 is it a good value compared to 5700xt at $500?

        • +1

          22% faster at 1440p @ 50% plus the price. I think go budget or go 3070/6800+

          Ray tracing is dead on the 3060 ti

  • -1

    Just bought a pre-order 3060TI from Scorptec for $899:

    Though I can see PC Case Gear has them in stock for the same price, might be a better choice:

    • wait what? why wouldn't you just get the one in stock?

      • +5

        The better questions is why pay 3070 prices for a 3060 ti

      • Panic, basically. :) I noticed PCCG still has them in stock, so I cancelled my order with Scorptec (I was honest about the reason why and they were very understanding) and ordered with PCGG when I woke up this morning.

        • PCCG are taking several days++ to even prepare "In Stock" items for shipping, and then you have to wait for the actual delivery. Scorptec shipped within 24 hours for me.

  • +5

    ASUS Dual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti OC Edition Gaming Graphics Card (PCIe 4.0, 8GB GDDR6 Memory, HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a, Axial-tech Fan Design, D
    Sold by: Amazon US
    $652.71 with 7% cashback looks like im winning

    • +1

      Damn! Nice! I must admit I panic bought. :)

      • every store will be oos by tomorrow morning anyway, if u copped good on ya

    • link?

    • Are you buying through Amazon AU or through Amazon US?

    • Can you post a link or receipt? i can use it to claim price protection


      come on broo dont leave us hanging

    • Link for watch listing purposes? Amazon aren't showing anything for out of stock items.

      • legend

        can you share a screenshot of the price or invoice if possible?

        was 657 before or after cashback?


    $740 free ship from australia

    be quick

    • Itss gone?

      • switch to Australia its still available

    • It says Ships from Australia but I'm getting World EggSaver Standard (8-11 Business Days) AUD $41.00 at checkout.

      Nice profile pic BTW…or should I say FTW since we talking about evga here.

      • Not to worry…unavailable now. lol

  • +1

    Meanwhile on ebay

    LOOOOOOOOOOL poor soul whoever bidded on that

    • Wow such a good deal

      • Read closely the owner is selling the JPG picture not an actually 3060ti card.

    • The description 😂

      JPG file only of the brand new RTX 3060TI Founders Edition by nVidia.
      No real GPU will be shipped, only image is on sale.

    • the buyer can choose not to pay

    • It will take PCCG forever to ship though. Even for "In Stock" items, probably looking at 1-2 weeks delivery time because it will take them 3-4 days to even prepare a box for shipping

  • -1

    Personally going to hold out until lower prices or FE (if it ever released in AU).

    • by then 4000 series will be rumoured

      buy now with 28degrees

      price protection later

    • I don't think they will for the 3060ti's or lower

    • bruh if FE ever hit AUS it will be so limited u won't even know it hit in AUS, all this stock will be gone tomorrow i'm calling it right now

  • CRAP i ordered the wrong card

    asus has 4 versions of the 3060ti dual WTF
    i thought it was the mini

    now i have to return it

    • Which one did you get? And how much?

      • asus dual 799

        ive cancelled it now

  • +1

    Based on the number still available hours later looks like this won't be as limited as rumoured.

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