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[Pre Order] Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 Twin X2 8GB $809 (Was $899) + Delivery / Free Pickup @ Umart


inb4 someone negs me because this is RRP… but technically this is discounted from $899 to $809.

3070 is on par with the 2080Ti/S variants of last gen. So not a bad price for a new release. Get it while it lasts!

Comparison between the RTX 3070 and RTX 2080Ti by Forbes

Card Interface PCIe 4.0
Card Size 274mm x 120mm x 3 Slots
Chipset Manufacturer RTX 3070
Core Clock (MHz) 1740MHz (Boost Clock)
Core Technology Ampere
Digital Max Resolution 7680x4320
DirectX S 12
Fan/Heat Sink Twin
Form Factor ATX
Graphic Chipset RTX 3070
Input/output 3 x DisplayPort 1.4a, 1 x HDMI 2.1
Memory 8GB GDDR6
Memory Bus 256-bit
Memory Clock (MHz) 14Gbps
Memory Size 8GB
Memory Type GDDR6
Warranty 3 Years
Wattage 650W

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  • +41

    This has honestly been the best price for the 3070 that I've seen so far.

    • +3

      It's insane that is the same price for FE too, which is generally cheaper than after-market

      • +11

        I'd probably buy the FE before I bought an Inno3D

        • Yep, people think this is cheap, but it's Inno3D which is comparable or even worse than Galax, and only has a dual fan.

          • +13

            @MiscOzB: Well Galax are a decent brand. So that's fine.

            • +6

              @Variableaperture: Besides the 2yr warranty even on top cards and the warranty conditions for eBay purchased new cards, the actual cards themselves are as good as any decent board partner.

              I had an EVGA GTX960 & now a Galax GTX1660S, I haven't read a thing online negative about them and they have been selling through every retailer in AU for long enough to not be a problematic provider.

              EVGA on the other hand, who has a great reputation in North America, was removed from PCCG for a while due to their local warranty handling.

              So far I am happy to recommend Galax & I like their design more than most others, they are more simplistic which I prefer.

              • @Jimbuscus: EVGA warranty is still slow as shit for everything. PSUs and GPUs.

                • @notaccel: Good to know, Would have went with them again eventually.

                  My RX570 took Gigabyte 2 months turn around, only to still have minor issues that it was having in the months leading up to failure and they managed to drop and bend some of the cooling grills.

          • +5

            @MiscOzB: No clue why you are getting downvoted. The design of this Inno3D card is very simple and basic, with minimal premium materials with what looks like to be a plastic shroud. The FE edition is much better in terms of quality and probably performance than this card.

            • +3

              @sTein0: yeah the FE cards were over engineered compared to the reference design. they were a loss leader by Nvidia which is why they made so few and why there was no availability. they made them to give some to reviewers and other influencers and sold the bare minimum to not get bad publicity.

          • @MiscOzB: Galax is a major player and have been around for decades.

            Inno3d is adequate and has also been around for decades.


            • +4

              @justtoreply: Its not that they have been around for ages, its just they do not produce as high quality cards as competitors. For example, the majority if Galax's cards are mainly plastic, with minimal heatsinks and cheap looking lighting. Of course they serve a purpose of providing cheaper variants of cards, but if possible one would rather get a card from a brand such as Gigabyte or Asus.

              • +2

                @sTein0: But they do make premium models. they just also make budget models.

                See the I-chill and Galax HOF Ranges, they are some of the best cards available.

                This is priced $200 under the gigabyte cheap model, so I think I will forgive the cheaper materials in the budget models.

        • I've got an inno3d 2060 super - no problems at all

        • +1

          My sample size is only 3, but for myself and family I have set up an Inno3D 1080 from Dec 2017 and 2x Inno3D 2080 Super from Dec 2019 all used heavily for gaming without any issues. They aren't overclocked and that doesn't mean others won't have had problems but personally have no issue with the brand whatsoever and would buy again.

        • Had a Galax 1660s Ex version. Very solid well built card potentially higher quality than higher priced competitors. Previously had inno3d cards from way back (gtx 580) still works to this day.

  • -1

    price error 869 now

    • +1

      Nah that's for the OC version

      • -1

        ah the link is to the wrong product

    • +2

      nah that's OC version

    • +1

      uhhhh yeah…? it is $809…

      • +3

        your link is to the OC version… at least for me? and thats for $869

        • +1

          Yeah its the wrong link

        • +1

          ah my bad, will change the link now

          EDIT: changed ;))

  • +2

    Good price but it said pre-order, do you know how long it takes to ship? Also being only two fans, will it affect the performance or noise level? Thanks

  • +1

    Yeah it was this morning and still is pre-order as far as I can see, unless you found a particular store that isn't

  • +6

    Ridiculous of Asus to price their 3070 cards 50% above 3070 FE RRP

    • +25

      No, ridiculous to buy, Asus aren't the stupid ones in this situation.

      • +5

        exactly, if people are willing to pay it this makes them smart. Personally after the AMD release performance surprises I am happy to wait till the end of Nov to decide what to order.

        • one of the smart ones, i was lucky enough to get a 3080 within a week of release and im kinda meh about it haha.

          • @venomqo: If you bought it with no huge mark up then still a win.

            • @Mouse123: i payed about a $250 markup, which considering some of the wait times isnt too bad. it was actually an ebay order i thought i cancelled, and PLE 'rejected' my cancellation and just sent me the card, lol.

          • @venomqo: I would love to claim it was being smart. however had I been able to get my hands on the right 3080 in the first 2 weeks of launch for my mini itx case I would have. I actually cancelled my preorder in first week of November.

            Personally I would not be too upset with getting a 3080, I would have been perfectly content with one, though now that I have the choice it looks likely I will go with a 6800 or 6800XT.

  • +1

    I pre-ordered this midnight, order status not changed so I am presuming this is going to be on back-order for quite a while

    Also checked PC Byte, Shopping Express, PCCG, PLE and none of those stores sell a 3070 anywhere close to $809 so I think there's going to be quite a long backlog for this SKU.

    • PLE evga cheapest 3070 with 3 fans is $899. But all of these sold out. I just called umart and the customer service said they don’t know when it will be available since it’s pre-order, you will be put in a queue but they don’t have a timeframe. Great price but if it’s not in stock then it’s useless I will pass on it this time, wait until one day you can buy these in stock…

      • -1

        No one should ever get the $899 one because it doesn't have a metal back-plate. Jayz' tear down video on the XC3 Ultra ($949) shows there are a few thermal pads between the PCB and metal back-plate, it should help with heat dissipation a little bit. I don't know if this is the same for the XC3 non-Ultra with metal-back plate ($919) though, something to keep in mind.

        • I bought the $899 without the back plate…. Is it really with swapping and losing my spot in queue? Does it make that much of a difference?

          I don't really know that much about computers!

          • @zekedot: https://i.imgur.com/DeBFMJP.png

            You keep your place in the queue by the looks of this. Metal back-plate won't make a significant difference in temperature, it's just a very nice to have thing since it helps with the structure of the card and protects the back of the PCB.

  • +10

    Thanks OP - pre-ordered. Looking forward to this card in 2021.

    • +3

      likewise! however i'm just waiting for 1660S to drop sub $300…..

      • +1

        and i'm waiting for 2070S / 5700XT to drop sub $600 if that is ever to happen; in saying that, 800 is a great price for 3070.

      • Its been down to 300 I think once so far, so hopefully you'll catch it at that again soon, can recommend the Galax brand is decent.

        I have been running it on a 1080p/75Hz monitor and the 1660S is a stellar 1080p machine, with the exception of Microsoft Flight Simulator it sits at 75fps on every game I've played at max settings. RDR2 is the only game I haven't tested.

        • Haven't seen of the super variants go down to $300 before…. hopefully around Christmas/Black Friday time they will though, conveniently around the same time of the release of AMD CPU/GUs

  • +4

    here for the "Wait for AMD 6xxx Series reviews" comments

    • +6

      Nah wait for the RTX 3070ti, 10GB of GDDR6X VRAM for ~1000 AUD in a few months.

      • +23

        Nah wait for the RTX 4090, 50GB of GDDR7X VRAM for ~ 5000 AUD in a few years.

    • here for the "Wait for Intel Rocket Lake Xe GPU" comments.

      • All these people waiting for top-of-the-line, you-beaut, all-singing-all-dancing ray tracing behemoths with 18gigglebits of Drrrp & I'm just here hoping Intel's new UHD 650 will let me play games from 2008

    • +2

      Yep, because in a couple of weeks you will get the 3070 for less… but nevermind, go forth and buy. I will wait and deck myself out with an all AMD machine.

      • +1

        You would think so. But i have noticed, during the last few releases, that the intro price is the cheapest the cards will be for at least 12 months. If you can get stock.

        • Don't forget AUD has been on a rollercoaster over the last 2 years.

  • +11

    AMD just released the new card, and AMD yes!
    I'm pretty sure NV will drop the price soon.

    • umm, for 3090, maybe….don't think they need to drop the price of the other 2 models

    • +1

      I'd hate to buy a 3070 now only to have their price drop in a few weeks.

      • +2

        watch this space

        • +1

          …well, I for one will be eating my own words.

          I was going off AMD's track-record, thinking the RDNA-2 cards were going to only match the previous Nvidia RTX-2000 series. That is to say competing against the RTX 3060-Ti, or the RTX 2080-Super, or the GTX 1080-Ti. Nope! Rumours even pointed to "RX 7700xt" nomenclature, so I even got that wrong. Afterall, they're using the same (7nm) node, so all their improvements will come from the architecture. Well, what AMD has seemingly pulled off here is the same thing Nvidia pulled off back in 2014-2015 with Maxwell/GTX 900-series. Very impressive.

          I'm going to wait a couple days/weeks for the Hardware Unboxed video review. And then, I'll probably update/fix up that comment of mine with the inaccurate speculative portions :(

          • @Kangal: looking really good. new build time for me. Looking forward to the reviews!

  • +11

    Wait for AMD 6xxx Series reviews

    • +4

      Wait for "Wait for AMD 6xxx Series reviews" comments.

      • +2

        Wait for replies to the "Wait for AMD 6000-series reviews" comment.

  • Probably the cheapest deal among all options at this stage. The only weird thing is this card's width is 3 slot in the description but it defintely looks like a 2 slot card.

    • 3 slot seems unlikely!

  • +6

    Amd has better card so hopefully nvidia cards get a price cut..
    I have to buy nvidia coz I have a gsync monitor with no freesync .. Also have nvidia shield for streaming pc games to tv..

    I am waiting for rtx 3080 for around $1000.

    • +2

      It’s sad that Aussie retailers mark up the price for 3070 and 3080, yea third party cards are a bit more expensive than founder edition but not by much, in China the base model is normally the same price as the founder and the next tier cost about $100 more, but in Australia, 3080 cost around 1400-1500 for the base model, that is about 300 dollars up from the founder edition ($1139). Only evga seems to follow the price guide from Nvidia and they charge $1139 for their base model. I will wait until 3080 back to the normal price of $1139!

      • I sold my rtx 2080 super for $750 but feels good that rtx 3070 can be had now for $809?

        I am pretty sure once the stocks are full, the price will drop especially due to Amd GPU.

        Currently just using my laptop with gtx 970m.. Definently feels sluggish compared to desktop but will suffice for next 1 or 2 months of wait.

    • Thank you for reminding me about my monitor, I am in the same situation.

  • +1

    Ordered this at 12:10am, but I scored an MSI Ventus 3x OC card from mwave for $999 which is available for pick up today even though I ordered that one at 12:30am. But kinda bummed with the prices, considering the top EVGA 3080 model is $1269 from PLE. Ah well can't go wrong either way as this is on par with the 2080 TI or better.

    • +7

      They are totally the same thing. I currently use a PS4 for excel and Solidworks, it's great.

      • +1

        You need a 3070 for Excel?

        • +1

          no, need 3090 minimum for that

        • Nope, that's for playing games, on the same thing that you do excel on. It has multiple uses, it's amazing.

          • +2

            @brendanm: Yes its truly amazing to pay only $850 for a graphics card upgrade to your pc to give you a $600 PS5 GFX gaming expricance lol.. Does the 3070 come with a 1tb gen 4 SSD as well by chance? Anyone who knows gaming knows this is not value for money now next gen consoles exist.

            • @Robstar350: Next gen consoles aren't out yet.
              You haven't seen how they actually perform.
              Why pretend you have?

              We know for a fact the last 2 generations were littered with lies leading up to launch.
              Considering the PS5 Unreal benchmark that blew the internet away can be run at better settings on a laptop with an RTX 2000 series GPU, pretending the new consoles are somehow power hourses is pretty absurd.

              Not to mention the high cost of running a console over a generation. If you pick up the digital only PS5 you're going to be stuck paying whatever PSN decides the going price is, possibly $70USD or up to $124 AUD for new releases + the cost of PS+ + the cost of replacing any PS4 controllers you own since they only function for backwards compatibility.

              I don't say any of this to fanboy, I think the new GPU and the new consoles are both hideously overpriced. Everyone is too eager to get a new shiny toy for the end of the year. The PS5 will get a slim revision in no time at all and the 3000 series will see much lower prices.

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