This was posted 1 year 1 month 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Backorder] Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 2TB $378.60 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


If you're looking for Samsung EVO Plus 2TB NVMe SSD, this is likely one of the cheapest. Selling on Amazon AU (you may have to select the correct retailer from the "New from" link below the description and select Amazon US). I would have bought it if not for the 2TB WD SN 750 which I bought, which surprisingly has already shipped.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Amazing deal.. I jumped on the Samsung cashback offer a month ago thinking $480 after cashback was good for the 2TB …crazy how quickly these NVME drives have dropped.

    • I need this to do a hand me down build bit I can't when the price drops weekly…

      • Go with the WD SN 550 1TB from Amazon instead for a hand me down build. Its sufficient for most daily / gaming usage and the price, at $149 is close to the lowest ($135) price. You likely won't get much lower than these prices without sacrificing quality (see SX 8200 pro controversy) or getting stock if they discontinue production.

        That said, there is room for 1TB low / mid end to go down to $100 but really you may end up waiting for another year at least for this to hit that number

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      I think they may be clearing out some stock for a new range of EVOs. Unlike other brands, I have never seen prices for Samsung drop to anywhere close to this level until November this year.

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      Have you received your cashback yet? I filed mine in more than a month ago and I still haven't received it :(

      • Yep! Mine only just came through last week though

        • Did the cashback funds suddenly appear in the bank account or do they send you a notification email beforehand?

          • @FrugalNotStingy: Speak of the devil. My cashback just came through a couple of hours ago! No email notification beforehand.

    • I'd be all over this too but already settled on the ADATA XPG 8200 2TB drive for similar price back in August. Checked the storage controller and its one of the older "better" SM2262EN instead of the lesser SM2262G controllers.

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      I paid $630 a few months back… though it's very nice having all your stuff on a single drive rather than spanning stuff over a few different HDD… And before somebody points out the single point of failure, I backup my drive… every few months…

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      Was going on eBay for 464 before cashback 3 weeks ago when posted here. I always buy Samsung but was going to be happy to save money with WD or ADATA, but $375 then or this deal I think is a no brainer if you want >1 TB SSDs. Great time to buy whether you’re budget conscious or seeking top tier performance.

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      28degrees price protection

      worth giving up rewards points for.

  • If paying in AUD I see $385.53 Total with shipping

    Order Summary
    Items: USD 249.99
    Shipping & handling: USD 5.44
    Total before GST: USD 255.43
    Estimated GST to be collected: USD 25.54
    Order total: USD 280.97
    Payment Total: AUD 385.53

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      Buy it from Amazon AU. My bad, I'll correct the header

      • Word :)

  • Tempting, This or get a PCIe 4 one? would I see any benefit from gen 4?

    • +3

      Not for real life performance. And defo not for games. This is definitely an amazing price - i'd recommend jumping on it

      • Any second saved on doing anything is a second save to me!

      • +1

        yeah, that's what I'm thinking, though I'm not in a rush to buy so may wait to see if prices drop further

      • I wonder if the upcoming DirectStorage API is Gen 3 as well as Gen 4. I hope it is Gen 3 as well, making all these NVME drives more effective for gaming.

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      Some possible benefits:

      • Keep your brain happy.
      • (if purchased the correct one) Could support PS5.
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    Earliest delivery 4/1/21, Free delivery 12/1/21.

  • Why is it showing as $579 for me? And if I choose other sellers, it shows $378.60 but sold by Amazon US and arrives in January.

    Edit: Nvm I misunderstood and thought the $378.60 was sold by Amazon AU and arrives in Dec. All good, thanks OP

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      As per my description, you do have to choose Amazon US as the seller in order to get the bargain

      • Got it thanks :)

  • What external enclosure would you recommend for this one? I would like to use it as a external backup drive?

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    This deal has been on Amazon for a few days, if you are keeping track of it. Glad I got it at this price, with the 12% ShopBack promotion and 3% off Amazon Giftcards at Suncorp. The OP originally said it was from Amazon Au but it's actually shipping from the U.S.

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    Purchase from eligible ebay store.. get ebay to price match this deal + get ebay voucher.. claim Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    • Can you give me link to ebay item ?

    • they price match it AND give you a ebay voucher? how much?

      • He means to buy discounted eBay voucher as some people will have access to 5% off gift cards through health insurance / work benefits portal / credit card rewards / etc.

        • No, it's actually buy it on eBay at regular price and submit a claim under the eBay Best Price Guarantee.
          If approved you'll get an eBay voucher for the difference in price + 5% off the Amazon price.

          It won't work though since the T&Cs state the item needs to be in stock at the approved retailers website and the part number needs to match.

          Amazon US part number: MZ-V7S2T0B/AM
          AUS version part number: MZ-V7S2T0BW

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    Is this deal any good?
    2TB - AUD 263.44 + No Import Fees Deposit & AUD 14.34

    • +2

      Good find for 2tb version. Only issue would be that it's QLC.

    • +5

      Comes out to ~$305 shipped, the 970 Evo Plus is worth the extra ~$75 for TLC flash and faster controller IMO.

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    Much better than the SX8200 Pro, especially after ADATA cheaping out on the controllers by changing them without any public announcements nor price drops.

  • just waiting for Sony to confirm which nvme SSD is compatible with PlayStation 5.

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      This is PCIe 3, so almost certainly won't be supported on the ps5

    • +1

      It will be quite a wait. Not only Sony needs to test those potential candidates, a firmware update will be required. Also, has all aspects of it been worked out by Sony? How would you replace/upgrade that NVMe SSD? Do you need to go through settings and disconnect it before removing it?

      WD and Samsung are banking on the fact that their latest PCIe gen 4 x4 NVMe SSDs do reach the interface max of 7Gb/s sequential read (i.e. you cannot get any higher than that) so Sony won't have any legit excuse on it? The internal SSD in PS5 is provided by WD I think (with custom controller).

      • +1

        The internal SSD in the PS5 is integrated into the motherboard, it has a separate empty M.2 slot which is disabled via the current firmware until they qualify existing PCIe 4 NVMe drives.

        It's fairly simple procedure to install a new drive but a pointless exercise at this stage as the slot isn't enabled as yet.

        I believe the nand packages on the PS5 are Samsung with a bespoke controller.

        Good teardown video here for those interested.

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    This is a killer deal if you are looking for an extra storage for your Series X/S console.
    You can play and do quickresume for older games from an external storage and can store any game on it. The transfer speed now very nearly saturates the USB SS port, I believe.
    Source: I have a non Plus 970 evo 2TB in a Sabrent m.2 case attached to the back of an Series S and love it.

    • +2

      The transfer speed now very nearly saturates the USB SS port, I believe.

      It should easily, I have a samsung t5 portable ssd which can max out usb3 at 350MB/s transfer speed. The NVME in my laptop can copy to my 2nd NVME at 1GB/s so this will have no problems maxing the Xbox usb port.

  • What a great price - this cost me heaps more back in June…

  • +1

    Got mine!
    Thanks for your help

    Cheers mate.

  • Anyone tried these in a Macbook Pro? are they stable?

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      From what I understand, they do not slot straight in, you need a 3rd party adapter for the interface.YMMV

    • They work with adaptor but waking from sleep can be hit or miss depending on your MacBook, there's some terminal commands you can put as a workaround but you will need to research your specific year.

      • Yeah that's what I remember from a few years back, sleep issues and system hangs / crashes. Was unsure if was NVMe drives in general, specific brands or OS related

        • +1

          I have a mid 2012 with an adaptor and mine has sleep issues once in a blue moon but 99% there's no problem waking from sleep and I put mine to sleep with the keyboard shortcut every time I get up from my seat so I'd say maybe 1 in 1000 times it won't wake from sleep and I have to hold the power button to turn it off then turn it back on. I've only just replaced the battery though as it was coming up as required service and the machine would just shut off at 52% charge so it might be related to the battery in my case. Haven't used it long enough after replacing to confirm either way.

  • I am getting an estimated delivery date from Feb 11, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021 for the free Expedited International Delivery :(

    • They are expediting it - turn that frown upside down.

      • ? still says Feb 11, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021 for Expedited International Delivery…. ?

        • Give me an E.. Give me a X.. Give me a P.. E-X-P-edited. Yheyyyyy!!!

          Lol maybe they'll send sooner, fingers crossed peace be with you.

          • @Budju: Bought it. Well since I want a RX 6800 or 6900 for my new build and they are not really available till next year, so no real rush actually/

            Thanks OP.

            • @leznix: You got urself a nice bit a hardware there son.

        • Keep in mind Amazon don't charge your card until the item ships so make sure you don't forget to pay it off.

  • Any chance to price match with any au local retailers?

  • hmm, so i dont know too much about nvme etc.

    If i had a gen4 m.2 slot, would i be better going for a gen4 nvme drive?

    Or does this high end samsung gen3 as good as a gen4 for every day tasks?

    • +1

      Get Gen 4 in case Microsoft DirectStorage API only works on Gen 4, they haven't announced minimum specs. That is software tech that allows XBox Series consoles to load games significantly faster.

      • We arent really gonna get many games that will use Direct Storage implementation properly for a while tbh.

        • Probably true. Though I imagine ports from the XBox will have it since they've already been developed with that.

  • Is anyone still seeing the deal price?
    :( I was away for a few days and missed this

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