This was posted 1 year 1 month 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Your Order and Free Delivery (Max Discount $15) @ DoorDash (Excludes QLD, Expired in VIC)


Credit to @travisd for the original post:

50% off up to $30 (max $15 saving) and $0 delivery fee

Voucher Terms: 50% Off Your Order and $0 Delivery. Save up to $15: Offer valid from 10/11/2020 to 31/12/2020. The maximum value of the discount from using the promo code is up to $15 dollars. Limit one per person. Other fees may still apply. All deliveries subject to availability. Must have or create a valid DoorDash account with a valid form of accepted payment on file. No cash value. Non-transferable. See full terms and conditions at offer-terms-conditions.

Original Deal post

Referral Links

Referral: random (2190)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $30 credit once referee places an order over $20.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • +2

    where do i enter the code

    • +5

      In the cart before payment

  • +1

    Any min spend?

    • It wouldn’t let me spend less than $15 before

    • +1

      Yeah you can. Just tested it.

    • Worked for me too

      • Strange the $10 was dudected just before payment. Then afterwards it wasn’t. Did you get that happen?

        • This happened to me with a deal the other day too. The total came to $11.99 but I was charged $16.99. Too good to be true.

    • isn't this offer finished ?

      This offer is available from 18 November 2020 6.00am AEDT to 24 November 2020 11.59pm AEDT, for the first 15,000 redemptions only

      • If you redeemed it logged into ShopBack app by that date, codes can be added as gift card any time. Just added.

  • +2

    Just to clarify. You can spend more than $30…. but max discount is $15. Title needs adjusting.

  • Reached its maximum redemption or Probably it is one per person?

  • bloddy ell' it worked, weird code but effective

  • You are supposed to obtain a possibly unique code by signing your email details at Little Birdie. The code may have limited uses so if OP's code stops working, you will need to subscribe to Little Birdie yourself.

    • i dont get it, why wouldnt they give out unique codes wtf…

  • It can be stacked, I used yesterday, was procrastinating whether to post or not

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP. App was glitching on payment if I tried to schedule but worked if I requested delivery asap.

    • Interesting that that was my problem. I got payment charged notifications on Google Pay twice because of this, but the order never got through

      • Same problem here… now i have like 8 hits on my credit card trying to get it to work! POS!!!!

        EDIT: Finally it worked scheduling using desktop. APP is a buggy piece of crap. Will have to call bank tomorrow to make sure other hits are reversed correctly.

  • +1

    For those having trouble with payment credit card or Google pay:

    If you assign your PayPal account with doordash it will work. I have done this numerous times with this fix.

    I like doordash and have used it heaps of times :).

    • I tied that, didn't work. Also another credit card, didn't work. This was when trying to schedule order or later today.

      Eventually worked using desktop. The APP is buggy.

  • Thanks OP - Free dinner using this code + credits from Shopback lol

    • hahah same, $3.42 for 3 Zinger Stackers is lit

    • shopback credits on door dash?

  • Feel like they’re gonna disable the code

    • +1

      100%, it has a long expiry but I think I might use it tonight just to make sure I get the bargain

      • Yep, my email said it was a unique code which it clearly isn’t, they disabled STORE2DOOR but it took them a long time to do that

  • refunded due to missing items, great customer service. free meal

  • Thanks! Ordered El Jannah for tonight's dinner

  • Your order does not meet the minimum subtotal amount for this promotion.


    • -2

      need to order minimum of $15

      • $21.89 is the order. its saying small order fee? wth is this?

        • I think doordash charges extra 5%?

        • +1

          need to order min $30, max discount is $15

  • +3

    Back to the Delivery Hero days :)

    • Ahh, memories.

  • +4

    "the provided store is not eligible for this campaign"

    Which stores would be?

    Edit: think it just doesn't work in qld

    • same boat

    • Get same message in Qld

    • Queensland is Australia’s heaviest state, with two-thirds of adults overweight. Doordash is ethical.

      • Sure - Doordash is ethical.
        Some of us are fasting tonight.

        Possibly, as in many fast food Deals, Qld is a different operation with different Deals.

      • This article is 6 years old. Might not be true anymore

  • +1

    YMMV but I've found doordash to be the worst among the food delivery services. I've had poor experiences with all my deliviries so far. It honestly feels like drivers prioritize doordash last. As a result you get late orders 20-30 minutes after expected arrival and food is usually cold and stale by then.

    Maybe I'm just unlucky.

    • I don't know about that, my rankings go Ubereats > Deliveroo > Doordash > Menulog

      • Menu log halos has the worst UI

    • I've found it to be generally good. On a few occasions the order was unable to be processed for whatever reason and gives me credit for the problem but apart from that it's been fine.

    • Happened to me 3 or 4 times out of like 5. Pretty bad, the driver just drives off practically past my house. But complaining on the app gives good results. usually $5 no questions asked, and like 75% refund if its cold

  • Fr sure the code will be disabled shortly. I just scheduled a delivery for dinner tonight

    • How do u schedule it ? I can’t see that option I wanna order for tomorrow night haha

  • Thanks just got 2 kebabs delivered free for $11 plus $5 gocasback for a new signup

  • +3

    "the provided store is not eligible for this campaign."

    tried three stores already…

    • Did you do delivery?

      • yes, I think it just doesn’t work in qld

      • Same issue for delivery in Qld
        Tried many stores, get same message.

      • Doesn't work for qld

  • Thank you OP! Incredible deal..

  • Gettin' some spicy wings tonight!

    • +1

      Same! And some ribs 🥰

  • "Voucher code does not exist"?

    Spending $15.20 before delivery. Any ideas?
    In VIC…


  • +4

    Not working in QLD it would seem…

    • +1

      Not working either. Queensland.

  • ordered for later but the app changed it to immediately whilst I was still at work, be careful. had to cancel the order and now have to follow them for a refund

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered, worked perfectly!

  • +2

    Discount was $19.99 for me (50% plus $4.99 delivery fee credit), thanks OP!

    • Yeah that's the max discount I think

  • Thanks!!
    Worked for me in VIC on the first store I tried - the store I tried is a 'DashPass' store (if that helped).

  • +1

    Can confirm not working in Brisbane, tried 20+ stores.

    • Didn't work for others here - tried many stores

  • Thanks OP. Ordered some pizza’s.

  • What's the general consensus on GOCashBackAU? Never heard of it but seems there seems to be cashback for this deal?

    • +1

      Not sure, no harm to try I guess. Seems it's first order only though (I tried 2x, and only the first tracked as $5). Gocashback referral is also $5 currently but can only cashed out after $20 (so with their referral and Doordash, still need another $10 to earn before we can do any withdrawal).

  • Thanks OP, great find.

  • Not working in QLD Hunger pains

  • +1

    Worked for me in Melbourne. Nando's.

  • Worked for a $30 Reject Shop order :)

  • KFC family burger box for $15 :)

  • Keep getting payment declined after Google Pay shows up. It's over the $0.49 minimum order.
    Tried Zip Google Pay as well. Tried to add my card directly and it still says payment declined.

    So I thought I'd try the website.
    Added PayPal; PayPal is not allowed for this order or something. Added card, works. Don't know why but the Google Pay in the app doesn't work for me, even though usually Google Pay works fine.

    What a rollercoaster, regardless I ordered. Under a dollar for a rippa mega box and a magnum delivered tomorrow.

  • Why are the cards being rejected? Any way to get through this?

    • I have no idea, read my comment above.
      Is yours the same problem?

      Try the website.

      • Im trying on desktop, so its through website

        • Hmm, I guess they're just having issues due to the influx.

        • I guess you could try the app then, do the opposite of me ;)

          • @Beeper: Its weird, worked on app and paypal for me, exactly opposite to you ;)

  • Code expired for me

    • +1

      Can only use once per account

  • Just placed an order (in Melb) with no issues.

  • Super-like 👍🏼 OP.
    Dinner Sorted.

  • Mine wouldn’t work, keep getting some VoIP number issue but it’s just my mobile number 😤

  • Thanks heaps OP, just saved $19.99 off a $39.49 order (Vic)

    Not sure what the $15.00 max discount is about. I just used that code and voila!

    • +1

      That discount is inclusive of the delivery charge most likely - $15 discount + $4.99 delivery

      • Makes sense, ta

  • +1

    Wouldn’t work in the app, but managed to get it going through the website. Saved $15 plus delivery fee. Thank you!

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