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Ark Powerpack 3 12v Portable Dual Battery Box DC-DC AC Smart Charger 2.5a DA25 - $217.50 Delivered @ Trailer Camper Australia


Great dual battery system alternative! Portable 12v power where ever you go. Includes a 2.5amp 240v AC & DC - DC car Smart charger & two USB sockets to charge your electronic devices on the go….plus an Anderson plug adaptor ideal for charging your battery via solar panel.

The Ark Powerpack 3 has an built-in 6 Stage 2.5amp Smart Charger which ensures the battery is correctly charged and conditioned at all times with charge, bulk, boost, resting, conditioning and re-awaken stages of charging. These stages are all auto, so you can just leave your battery connected to 240v power at home or via the 12v cigarette lighter adaptor in car without further worry or maintenance.

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  • Any good for a one week Campervan trip ?

    • Perfect once you get yourself a solar panel and a deep cycle.

    • Off grid presumably? If not you don't really need a battery.

      Fridge will use 20-30A per day (very roughly) so unless you have solar you'll need a BIG capacity battery, say 200+Ah Lithium or ~300Ah AGM (which will weigh ~70kg and won't fit this box).

      Remembering that AGM should only be taken to about 50-60% (eg 60Ah from a 120Ah battery) while LiFePo4 batteries can be run to "zero" Ah but last longer if you only use ~80% (or ~100Ah of a 120Ah battery)

  • How many amp hours?

  • Doesn't include a battery guys

  • would help to know if the built in chargers suits both lead-acid as well as Li-ion batteries.

  • Hmmmm 2.5ah charger on a typical 100ah deep cycle battery? 40 -60 hour to charge unloaded. A typical fridge would use 2-3 ah


      Hi, This box is designed to be charged up at home to 100% then plugged into a 12v Ciga socket in the car while travelling.

      The idea being its supplying that 2.5A to the battery while the fridge is connected to the Powerpack IE. The battery is staying at 100% until you get to your campsite. Then you can also plug in a 200w + portable solar panel etc and you have power for coming in up to 8-10Amps to power all your electricals.

      Also typically a 2.5a charger charging a 100ah battery at around 12v or 50% full would take approx 20hrs…..the idea being when you get home you just plug into 240v and maintenance charge back up to full to get it ready for your next outing.

  • I got excited at first, thinking its an upgraded version of my arcpak for only 1/3 the cost. Then realised its a totally different company. It just seems too similar in name for an inferior product.
    Secondly, 2.5A is just far too slow when most other DCDC chargers out there charge at 20 to 25 Amps. The model's name DA25 could mislead people to believe this can charge at 25 Amps.
    My C-tek smartpass for example charges my arcpak at 140 Amps. (56x faster than this product).
    I'm not going to neg the deal, as it is coming in at a far lower price point. However just thought people should know this is a far inferior product to most others on the market at the moment.

    • Which Arkpak have you got? The 730 with the inverter? It is actually the same company. Here is this powerpack (in the OP) from the same company's website

      Also, which C-tek charger charges at 140 amps?

    • 56x faster ?????

      240V @2.5A = 600 Watts
      12V @ 140Amps = 1600 Watts

      1600/600= 2.7 x faster, so let's round that up to 3x as fast, a long way from 56x.

      That said, 2.5Amps is fairly slow, a 4 or 5 Amp 240V charger would be nice.

      1600W/240V=6.7 Amps


      It's not to small if your just trying to power your fridge while driving off the ciga socket. Please read post above as explains.

      • You don't need a second battery, or box, or DCDC charger, to run a camping fridge off your car battery while driving although you may get better efficiency - depending on your vehicle.

        This product has its uses but for this price you can buy a decent battery box AND a QUALITY 240v 15-20A charger, with Li profile - which is precisely what I have.

  • Sounds like junk.
    No battery included.
    AC charger is 2.5A (would take 20 hours to recharge a dead 100ah Deep Cycle at 50% discharged)
    No clue what they mean by DC-DC charger, there is no mention of how this functions as a DC-DC charger in their description.

    • Dc-DC charges are the new way to charge from your cars 12v system replacing the traditional isolator old system… Most newer cars have smart alternators and require dc2dc to be able to charge a second battery… Also it would be nice to know if this supports lithium

      • Yes, but it simply says that to charge this battery from the alternator you just connect it to the terminals. That's neither smart or a dc dc charger.


      Charges via 240v or DC-DC ciga socket at 2.5a an adequate charge rate for powering a fridge when travelling and ensuring the battery is full when you reach your destination.

  • 2.5A charger is purely to keep it healthy at home, you're better off spending money on a brand name charger to keep batteries in the best condition. No mention of the Amp rating of the DC-DC charger. Probably, maybe an ok choice only if you seldom use your power pack and don't want to keep it in your vehicle/trailer/camper and don't have a 240v charger already.

    • The product manual says that the DC-DC charger "utilises the 2.5A smart charger system like
      the mains power supply". So yeah, it's still only 2.5A which is useless. It is better to run a separate cable from an isolator to the battery terminals in the Powerpack to get the fastest charging current.