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[WA] 6.6kw Optimized System, 5kw SolarEdge Inverter $4560 Installed @ Solarem


Solar Energy Masters 6.6kw Optimized Inverter solar package for only $4,560 - Normally Retails for $5,500

6.6kw Solar system
High performance SolarEdge inverter
20 x 330 watt Tier 1 - JA solar panels OR 16 x 415 watt Tier 1 - JA solar panels (depending on roof design)
5 year workmanship warranty
12-year product warranty on the JA Panels
25-year linear power output warranty on the JA Panels
Designed in Israel
Fully installed

Extra Features
Individual panel monitoring on app
Highest safety features
Optimized system so shading generation loss is minimized
Panels can be located in multiple roof locations

We are a national Australian photovoltaic solar provider for commercial properties, businesses and households. For more information about us please go to https://solarem.com.au

For more information [email protected]

Not to be disappointed on a 2020 installation. Last week for orders this week as end of year is not far away.

*Price offer only based on a single phase, tin roof, single level house.
*Panel size may vary based on demand and availability.
*Western Australia household only and extra travel cost may apply out of metro area.
*Offer price only valid for 2020 installation due to the changes of Solar rebate in 2021.

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  • Do you have a deal in VIC?
    10k system using SolarEdge?


      Hi jkim not at the moment due the border issues we are hoping in the new year we will be there again. Only in WA at the moment

  • Off grid options? Battery capable?

    • Looks good on the site, have you used them?

      • I'm ordering it in the next 1-2 weeks.

        • I just placed an order with them. Quoted $3200 for 6.6kw and 5kwh wifi inverter with 25 yr warranty on panels and 10 yr warranty on inverter.

          They will remove current system nxt year and install new one on a double story house for $3200.

    • isn't sunboost just reseller company, you pay then they contract out with random 3rd party installers. Would pay a bit more for piece of mind with installation and inverter warranty.

    • Doesn't actually mention which brand panels though, just Tier 1 which can be misleading

  • Solar panels are like Roller shutters. They are full of overpriced quotes, haggling and general dodgy salesman. Find a reputable "local" company who will be honest and up-front. Get a few quotes before installing as they will all try to overcharge. I wouldn't touch Sunboost unless you like dealing with foreigners and don't register your contact details with them as they will hassle you daily until you sign up…My advice is to just do your research, never rush in with the first option you see.

  • Kinda only have to spend 10 seconds googling "sunboost solar whirlpool" and see what they say over there about them…
    In other words, 25 years warranty won't help if the company doesn't last 25 months.

  • Who to use in WA (Perth)?

  • The installer is the most important component of any solar deal, so choose carefully.

    • Bang on. Yes, high end panels/inverter will have higher output and longer life with better warranty BUT if it's installed shit then the whole system will be shit. I see people tossing off on this brand Vs that brand but there's nothing wrong with low end gear, or high end, if that's what you want. Just make sure whoever installs it is local and has been doing it for some time. On that note, I strongly encourage anyone to look at solar, provided you know your consumption/expectations. Best investment we ever made.

  • What's up with companies listing panels in tiers. You can do that plus also give us the model name/country of manufacture so we can be the judge.