Would You Find It Unfair That Only Those Who Attend Christmas Party Get a Gift?

Hi all, can I please have your thoughts on this matter.

We're having an end of year celebration at work and it's not funded by work. We're catching up at a pub on a weekend.
We are in healthcare and although collectively we have been recognised for doing our jobs during COVID wave, I feel my team has missed out completely on the goodies that were handed out as head office took them.

I'd like to buy the team a gift for their efforts but can't afford to buy one for everyone. For a $5 gift, it would cost me $200 out of my own funds which I don't have. Staff who aren't coming for lunch CBF going near work on a weekend. So I thought of only gifting the staff that come to the end of year lunch. That would cost me $100 which I could budget for.

Do you think that is unfair to staff who won't receive a gift?


  • $5 reward for their efforts… what's the point?

    Personally that just sounds like that's all I'm worth

    Don't use up money you don't necessarily have when it may not have the desired result. Focus on having a fun lunch, maybe just buy enough Christmas Crackers for everyone there and just have fun and enjoy yourself. Last thing you want is to walk away wishing you still had the $100 in your bank account for your own expenses

  • Cartier watch or get lost.

  • Its not necessarily unfair but if you are a team leader you will be buying for a chosen few and excluding those who cant attend risking being accused of bullying.
    A way around it might be just buy everyone who's there a round of drinks at the bar if you're just going to the pub or maybe don't even do that and just make a toast to everyone.

    • Yea I might just do that. We thought if other ideas and yours sounds great! Thank you

      • And maybe a card with individualised messages written, just a way to show appreciation, if people still like to receive them.

    • This….. If you are the team leader/manager etc, then it would be in poor form to not buy for all your team!

      I agree, shout some drinks or nibbles etc for those that attend.

  • I don't think it's unfair and good on you.

  • I’ve been to a work party where to boss did this. It didn’t bother me, but I received a gift. I’ve also had the boss shout drinks but it was much more than $5/person (more like ($30-50pp). I think people know the team leader doesn’t earn that much more than everyone else, so I don’t think people expect much if anything. If you can byo or order by the bottle maybe some wine and bubbles for the table (just make sure you pay any corkage). You could also consider a really nice cake or chocolates in the office.

  • Help your team ask for raises if you want to be "collective". Not a jab at you, just the Australian individualist culture that management love.

  • Talk to your manager. There is usually a staff engagement budget that is like $25 per head per year. Get them to release some of that money.

  • I just found out everyone in commercial at my workplace received a hamper.

    I work in supply chain and we did not - does it feel commercial is superior to us?

    • +2 votes

      Usually commercial side of the business see themselves as the deal maker and generates the income for the company, without them then the operational side of the business doesn’t exist… of cos it works both ways, without the operational side there is nothing to sell 😆.

      Organisational structure and KPIs are messed up in most companies…

  • You need to start an affair with a co worker

  • I’d be happy with an appreciative message in a Christmas card from my team leader.

    • I agree with this. This and a small set of chocolates kind of like a party bag or something would be nice and cost effective

  • I feel my team has missed out completely on the goodies that were handed out as head office took them.

    What job did you do during COVID-19?

    • I dunno what they did, but in a few western countries pizza was delivered to hospitals dealing with COVID cases and instead of going to front-line staff it was being eaten by management/administration…..

  • What do you mean by “head office took them”? Were they entitled to take them?