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JB Hi-Fi Spend $50 Get $10, Myer Spend $100 Get $20, Booktopia Spend $30 Get $10, ToysRUs $50 Spend / $20 @ CommBank Rewards App


Got notification in app for new cashback rewards (check your notification for your awards as these are targeted and your rewards could be different). Valid in-store or online and on Credit or Debit cards (select "credit" option if using Debit card in-store)

  • JB HiFi $10 cashback on $50 purchase (valid till 24 Dec)

  • Myer $20 cashback on $100 (valid till 24 Dec) - for a similar AMEX offer, the cashback worked on purchase of Coles/Myer giftcard though I haven't tried with CommBank card

  • Booktopia $10 cashback on $30 - this is the only one which has fancy T&C of excluding voucher codes, gift cards, cashbacks and coupon deals. 31 Dec.

New way to access in updated app (if you are unable to use notifications)-
Log onto the CommBank App
Go to For you
Select Commbank Rewards
Activate rewards
Enjoy shopping :) Might take 2-4 days for cashback amount credited to your account

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  • Thanks OP.
    I dont get any notifications on my App so only go there after reading this.
    Cant find a way to enable notifications as they come in. Do you know of a way?

    Out of the 3 awards that you mentioned, I only have the JB one, plus Kogan.
    Interesting how they pick and choose who to send. Power of Technology!

    • When you login to the app, did you see any notifications/messages in the middle of screen? (bottom will show your account options etc). When you see those notifications/messages, you can click "View All" and you should be able to see the message about new rewards available (assuming you have the latest version of Android app). Not sure if this works the same way in iOS app.

    • It sure is interesting as I have David Jones cashback instead of Myer.

      And I have never in my life shopped at DJ.

  • i dont get any rewards for some reason

    • Getting:

      "We'll show you rewards if you have an eligible card, are 18 and over and have an Australian home address".

      Must be targeted.


      • Not true. Missus only has a debit card and the offers showed up. And offer’s tnc’s say eligible credit or debit cards.

        • Oh really? What account does she have? And it's not linked to yours?
          Towards the bottom of the rewards page it only mentions credit:
          1 You can claim cashback rewards when you tap or select credit using all CommBank cards except Travel Money, Corporate Credit, Business Debit and pre-paid Mastercards.

          • @toobzy: Yep. She’s just got a Smart Access and a Netbank Saver account. Linked to mine but irrelevant as I haven’t got a CommBank credit card either.

            Tncs on the CommBank rewards activity JB Hi-Fi reward page states “1. Pay with your eligible CommBank debit or credit MasterCard and tap or select credit.”

            And her debit card comes up as an eligible card when activating the JB offer.

            edit: from what you’ve quoted, it seems the only debit card that is ineligible is the business one anyways, without going into that link to read the details of it.

  • only JB HiFi and Booktopia, I think jb hifi offer could be used to purchase any gift card/voucher in jb hifi as the terms do not exclude gift card.

  • Thanks OP. Any idea if the cash back still tracks if paying using the Commbank Debit card in Google Pay in store? I notice that it wants credit to be selected when using a physical debit card at the terminal - anyone had any experience on this?

    • I think not as t&c states not eligible while using 3rd party payment platforms like afterpay, zip and PayPal. Gpay isn't listed in the examples so I can't be 100% sure

    • Yes it should work fine, you're not using Gpay as the checkout, you're using NFC to make payment.

  • just activated rewards an i've got $30 back on $100 kogan, which seems pretty decent

    • I find it impossible to find the best deal on things on Kogan. e.g. I want to see a list of cheap Switch games but can't filter to show only games that are in stock

      • I have received $30 back to my credit card after using it in black Friday sale.

      • Their website is pathetic. You can try to coming the other deals - $20 off 100 for Herald Sun Plus membership, APPLOVE for $5 off each item on app (Switch games eligible), 5% off on app (doesn't combine with APPLOVE).

  • I got Myer, David Jones and Booktopia. The CBA offers have overtaken AmEx IMHO.

  • Didn't get the JB offer, but got $20 off a $50 spend at Toys R Us and $15 off a $100 spend at David Jones.

  • Wonder if jb gift cards purchased from jb website will track.

    • I suspect its just cashback based on the description on the transaction. ie/ it doesnt matter what you buy as long as its from jb.

    • These types of offers only track the source of the transaction, ie. the merchant. The bank can't see what what you actually spent the money on. That would be a massive invasion of privacy.

      • I used to think the same but when I tried to purchase Gift card at BigW for using Zip offer, the system did not allow me to make the payment (Zip T&C excluded purchase of gift cards!). I also had another item in the order still wasn't able to use Zip.

        • The difference is Zip is a tech company, not a financial institution. I believe they can get around that similar to how cashback sites can have different rates for individual categories within each store.

  • I got Kogan, Mr Roses and Toys R Us.

    So random.

    • I got the same as yours. Maybe I made enough purchases from DJ and Myer that they believe I would pay for the full amount regardless of the cash back?

  • Ok I’m going to CBA to apply for a debit card now

  • I'm considering buying new stuff at JB anyway so this would be useful. And stackable with the Qantas card offers (300 extra QF points).

    Booktopia would also be of some use.

  • What eligible card do I need with CBA

    • It could be any CBA debit/credit card but you have to spend with the cards at first for rewards to show up. And you need to opt into rewards.

  • Does anyone know if the minimum spend includes shipping costs?

    • There is no T&C to exclude shipping costs. Though you might want to double check the offer. You are still using CBA card to make the payment so hopefully should work.

  • It never alerts me to new rewards strange

  • Thanks OP. Wouldn’t have checked if it wasn’t posted here. Got $30 off $100 spend at kogan.

  • Wonder if I could make a mixed payment, e.g. $100 paid by CBA debit card and the remaining paid by gift card.

    • Good question… with Big W having 10% off Her/Him gift cards that have JB Hi-fi, wondering if Commbank actually detects the Gift card being used.

    • I'd say as long as your CBA statement says JB HIFI $50.00+ you will get the cashback,

  • Any fee free CBA accounts? I don't seem to be able to find one.

  • Does this work if you pay through Google Pay?

  • Just got myer offer…but won't be using them

    • if you have a Myer store close by and shop at Coles, then you can buy Myer-Coles gift card and use at Coles. That way you save 20 on your 100 groceries.
      Edit - I believe that gift card works on other retailers as well like Officeworks, Target, Kmart etc

  • I got all except JB

  • Will this work if you purchase JB gift card?

  • Never looked at it before, looks like there is a bit of variation in offers

    Mine doesnt have any JB or Myers cash back, but it does have the following:

    $10 on $30 spend with Booktopia
    $30 on $100 spend with Kogan
    $3 on $20 spend with Zambrero
    $100 on $200 spend with Dymocks
    $20 on $50 spend with ToysRUs
    $20 on $100 spend with Adrenaline
    $10 on $60 spend with Hobby Warehouse
    $5 on $40 spend with Caltex Star Mart or The Foodary
    $15 on $100 with Chemist Warehouse
    $10 on $80 with WW Shop

    • It’s different to everyone. Mine is $5 back on $50 at Caltex

    • Caltex one is old (was posted here earlier i think). Mine expired 16 Dec. I usually buy Caltex GC as mine is small car and never hits $40 in petrol. So with GC I can use it couple of times and still get the cashback. Time to time CashRewards have a bonus $5 offer which you can combine.
      Same can be done at ChemistWarehouse - buy gift card for later use and get cashback now :) Has worked for me during AMEX and Zip offer. Don't have this offer on my CBA card.

  • Would I getbthe reward if I bought a booktopia gift card?

  • Thanks OP, just got the dualsense charging dock delivered from JB.

  • best is to buy a egift card to extend the validity. that's 20% disc. albeit a small amount.

  • Got them all, thanks OP

  • Cadence of Hyrule for $49? Sure!

  • Great deal, but got hit with the classic "There are no rewards for you yet"

  • Is it just a transaction or savings account you need to get access to these offers?

    • it works off credit and debit cards. I only have a transaction account with debit card (ie no credit card) and it activated for me after checking the card. so i don't think it will work with savings accounts as they usually dont come with a debit card.

  • So with 30 bux off kogan on a 100 spend, its not 30% off is it in total?

  • All my spending on cba lately is just gaming stuff. But all my rewards bookshop and health related. Is this a sign cba is telling me to get fit.

  • I got JB, Booktopia, Myer, Toys R.Us, Kogan, Caltex, Europcar, Zambrero, Adrenaline and Weight Watchers lol

    No notification but found in app under For You > CommBank Rewards.

  • Anyone knows if cash back will work with purchasing $100 egiftcard via Kogan App? 5% off app exclusive atm. Can't find any info about using app or if giftcard is excluded. Thanks.

  • Anyone got the cashback from purchasing gift cards?

    • Commbank is not instant and there is no notification. Will have to wait few days. Will know next week. Though in past promos cashback was received from purchasing gift cards.

    • Got my Kogan cashback - had purchased $100 Kogan gift voucher (this offer was added in earlier lot and I had purchased on Friday early morning)

      • Bought Kogan gift cards $120 via App @5% off using Commbank offer ($30 off).
        App discount: 5% off 120 = $6
        CBA discount: $30
        Net Paid: $84 for worth of $120 GC

        App discount was instantaneous and have received a notification from Commbank already.

        P.S: Have already paid $4 for Rewards (cancelled via Paypal) to get $20 discount coupon and then make paymnt with GCs, which i plan to use in next few weeks (once they adjust their pricing again).

  • Did anyone know if we refund things that we bought under this promo, will that cancel the cashback as well?

  • For those who mentioned Toys R Us, where do you go please? I checked my area and it says permanently closed .