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LEGO Classic Bricks and Lights (11009) $33 Delivered @ Kogan (App Only)


I have been watching this set for a while, and it's now the lowest ever price for this set according to Brick Hawk.

Need to purchase this via the Kogan App to get the 5% off to bring it down to $33, otherwise it's $35 (still the lowest historical price). It also includes free delivery from Kogan for this set.

Credit to Brick Hawk

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  • Yeah but Kogan is awful. Best of luck dealing with them if there’s ever a problem.

    • Hopefully it being Lego, not too much can go wrong. Usually with Lego, if you're missing pieces in the set, you can deal with Lego directly. The rest will be Kogan fulfilling the order (and hopefully that goes smoothly).

      I've bought two sets, so let's see how it goes…

      • Only issue with Lego is a crushed box due to delivery or they don't put an outer box.

    • its LEGO.. what problem are you going to have?

    • I keep hearing this, but (admittedly, not the same as warranty), when I purchased a TV from them a number of years back, I changed my mind, and was able to return no problems. Very smooth process. Has it just gone to shit since then? Or is the warranty department the problem?

      • I've had good dealings with them in the past, too, but that was also many years ago when they were still a young company and trying hard to win hearts & wallets. They outsource everything now, so after-sales service can be painful. YMMV

      • I recently bought something off them and had no issues with delivery, or the quality of the product. I guess it's all about after-sales service, which hopefully I don't have to do. I seriously doubt you'd have any issues with LEGO though, not much can go wrong with it, as it's not like an electrical or mechanical item which can fail.

        Also, LEGO themselves have pretty good after-sales service, which you can deal directly with them, rather than having to go through Kogan.

    • True… my Lego box arrive dented BUT they sent me a replacement for free and they told to me to keep the dented box

      • Same experience with a different product. The parts were delicate and broke when we were fixing a $20 you.
        They refunded the amount back to me and let me keep the product too(though it can't be used).

        Happy with this nice experience with Kogan.

  • Thanks, ordered a couple for Christmas gifts.