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reiga 65" DC Motor Wood Ceiling Fan with Remote Control $278.99 Delivered @ reiga Amazon AU


1, 155*20mm Silicon steel DC motor delivers ultra-powerful air movement, and the built-in copper winding silent motor is durable.
2, This modern ceiling fan has a downrod mounting design, built-in advanced suspension system, easy installation. It is ideal for residential and commercial applications.
3, reiga's remote control with governing speed, reverse feature,1/2/4/8 timing function, setting the timer function when you go to sleep and no worried about you will feel too cool at night.
4, 17 degree pitch optimized, wooden blades soaking water will not be deformed, moisture-proof, specially designed for patio and damp locations.
5, Easy to install and Quick Insertion: Standard Down-rod Assembly 10-Inch and Minimum -Length Down-rod 6-Inch.

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  • Is this a bargain? What's the normal price?

  • It's a decent price for a 65" ceiling fan in the middle of summer.

    The "devanti" ones on ebay are a little cheaper, but I don't know which one is better quality. I'd probably just make a call, based on which one looks better.

  • Just be aware installation is the biggest cost with ceiling fans.

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      Hello, we have installation videos available, so you can install it yourself 1 and save money.

      1. Mod note 2:04PM 04-Dec-2020 Installation of fixed lighting and other appliances such as a ceiling fan must be done by a licensed tradesperson in Australia. Please do not attempt installation yourself if lacking certification / license. 

      • Bahahahaha a company that tell you do it the illegal way. That's new and fresh. Careful now tho, could cost you

      • Obviously not based in Australia haha

      • What you should say is installation is easy, but legally you're required to have an electrician do it.

        Basically you assemble the fan (instructions need work fella's), brace the mounting point on the ceiling (if required), then 'the electrician' removes the light and mounts the fan, connecting 2-3 wires. If you do the work creating the mounting point it should be absolutely minimal cost for the electrician. If they do the lot, maybe 2-3 hours, but a lot depends on how suitable the mounting point is and the work required to brace it.

    • Bigger than the cost of the fan itself?

  • Choice recommends in their latest issue the hunter pacific polar for $299, Arlec grid connect for $219 and the aerotron fr3 for $599

    • Great info thanks for this, last is out of my price range but looking into the hunter pacific polar it's recommended for outdoor use as well (Arlec isn't) have been looking for a few good reasonably priced fans to put under the patio

      • The hunter pacific polar can be had for $247.20 (with LED light) or $207.20 no light, from RoverT if you do the free sign up to their "VIP Club". I bought three of them on Tuesday and received them Thursday. Electrician has quoted me $300 to install all 3 - they don't have a wall mounted control, just a remote, there's no extra wires to be pulled, just swap out the light, fix the mounting bracket and hook up the fan.

        • It's a cruel game being in WA sometimes, thanks heaps for the heads up though, $160 extra for shipping for 3, so just weighing it up, could still work out cheaper at that price given haven't found anywhere locally as yet

          I did find this as a wall mounted option - https://www.universalfans.com.au/online/hunter-pacific-dc-wa... can't find any confirmation as yet whether it will work with multiple

          • @RickoWest: Ouch! was free shipping for me.
            That wall control looks cool doesn't it?
            I actually had some questions about the fans so I made an enquiry through their website and they called me back on my phone 10 minutes later!

  • Bought 1 myself and installed. Recommended friend who bought 3 ceiling fans from them after. Very good product. Fast delivery.

  • I got one of the 52" ones for under $200 about a week ago. It's pretty good quality. The one I got has a light (this one doesn't). The only drawback is the light doesn't dim (the Elgo ones do) and even on the slowest speed it's a bit too fast (but you can reduce it by running it in reverse). I just wanted something to do a silent waft while sleeping instead of using the RCAC on fan. Much better quality than the similarly priced ones in places like Bunnings.

    Very easy to DIY the install (it's 3 obvious wires!), though yes, strictly speaking you should pay an electrician to do it. If you're that fussed you could do the bracing (if required) in the ceiling to provide a solid mounting point, then get the electrician to change the light for fan. Just don't watch as you'll cry at how much you're paying for something so easy.

    There's also the Elgo ones which start at $399 (at Reduction Revolution). They look to be the same quality just a slightly nicer design. Or Big Ass Fans are from $595 (they do a small one that looks similar to the other two brands, but most of theirs are 'better'). All these look like they're out of the same factory (not the better BAF).