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Alien: 6-Film Blu-Ray Collection (1-3 / Resurrection / PromeTheus / Covenant) $27.25 + Delivery ($0/W Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon


Pretty sure this is the same box set that comes with all 6 movies in their own Bluray cases packaged in a big box so it's not compact for those looking for something small. I paid $42 for this not long ago. When sanity had its 30% off box sale.

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  • Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?

  • Game over, man, game over.

  • This includes the Aliens director's cut and original. Much as I liked the seeing some of the extra scenes in the director's cut, I very much prefer the original.

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    Removes 2, and burns the rest, and reserves Niel blumkfs concept art, and sticky tapes it to 2.

  • PromeTheus

  • Great set, but it misses out on a ton of extras that the US boxset gets

    • I bought the 4 movie BluRay set from the US years ago and it's superb. Really interesting extra materials, and comes in a really nice, fancy-looking package. Not sure if that one is still available, but I'd recommend that over this even though (or perhaps because :P) it's lacking Prometheus and Covenant.

  • Has been under $20 before.

  • Will we ever get the ultra HD super box set ?

    • "If you’re waiting to buy [ALIEN: 40TH ANNIVERSARY 4K] in favor of some future 4K upgrade of the entire Alien Anthology set, don’t hold your breath. It’s just not happening anytime soon. For one thing, it’s not been Fox’s style with regard to 4K. For another, the Disney purchase has likely thrown a wrench in whatever catalog 4K plans the studio may have had. Then there’s James Cameron. Any future 4K remaster of Aliens is going to need his approval and involvement, and we’ve already seen ample evidence that he’s too busy with his deep-sea diving and Avatar sequel development to be bothered with such things. He’s missed two anniversaries each now for True Lies and The Abyss (though there is finally hope that The Abyss at least may arrive in 4K soon), and his lack of focus led to a disastrous Studio Canal 4K release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. So don’t expect that to change for Aliens. That film’s next anniversary is two years away and we’re not likely to see any 4K version before then (and we’ll be lucky to see it then). And who knows if Alien³ and Alien Resurrection will ever see the light of day in 4K. Certainly not me."


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  • Not bad… for a human.

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    In the pipe, 5 by 5.

    • Starcraft dat you?

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        Aliens had it first, Starcraft sampled it as a nod to the film. Even the transport itself looks the same, and the pilot as well.

        • If your a big aliens fan, you will see so many movies and games that pretty much copy it word for word in honour of the great movie

          Eg: i just re-played the first halo: the dropships, the way their pilot speaks, even down to the black army drill sargent are identical to those from aliens.

          • @DiscoJango: I remember Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga way back in the late 80s sampled the pulse rifle sound effect from Aliens. I suspect it wasn't licenced, either… People just didn't care in those days.

            And The Duel: Test Drive 2 (which came out the same year as Shadow of the Beast) had a similarly dodgy sample of Bill Paxton's "Game over, man!" line :D

  • Theres six alien movies?

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    Only really interested in the first 2 and prefer the theatrical cuts, are they available on bluray?

  • Looks like these are back in stock, only x3 left.