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Casio PX770BK Upright Digital Piano (Black) $1,098 ($250 off) @ JB Hi-Fi


88 Scaled, weighted hammer action keys with ebony & ivory like textures
60 Songs, Recording
USB for connecting to PC/Mac/iOS/Andriod*

Good reviews:

Usually retails for $1,499. A good deal for $1,348. Even better if you use the cupon from:
Listed under https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/instant-deals

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  • Does this piano have G shock protection?

  • Please share the coupon if you don't need it. I'm looking for a piano thanks.

  • Anyone knows where is this piano made? Thanks

  • Would this be suitable to play The Cumberland Song?

  • Yes please share coupon… thanks!

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    There was this deal from JB exactly one year ago. $948.


    • A Note worthy conment

    • Sucks that it was cheaper last year, and I was overseas at the time so missed out on buying it. A year later it's $100 dearer and $50 less discount! But back on the piano, seems like reviews are pretty positive and I might get one myself.

      This deal is cheaper than say, piano warehouse and other music stores, although might be worth checking if they're willing to price match.

  • Appreciate if someone could DM me their coupon code

  • Need a code too. Thanks.

  • This or a P-45 Yamaha? Seems like this is just a $400 stand.

  • How do you get a coupon?

  • This looks almost identical to the Casio Privia PX730 I bought with Kevin Rudd's stimulus money back in 2009. I paid all of my $900 for it. I don't know what improvements have been made over the decade, but I'm very happy with my digital piano. Does the job and feels good enough. Maybe I'm alone here, but I don't miss my Yamaha U3. I'd take a digital piano any day of the week.

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    I just called JB and asked for the coupon as I'm subscribing to their email but I did not get this instant deal email.
    Guy on phone was helpful and just offered to match the deal on the phone and send me a link via a SMS that I can click and it brings me straight to the checkout page with the $250 applied. Delivery cost me $19.

  • Coupon code seems generic. I have already used, but when adding to cart again under another account it works.

    Please use: 92033633175

    Email for reference.

  • Any suggestions for piano bench/stool? Thanks

  • Does this product include a bench? Thanks

  • 92033633175 - Coupon for anyone interested - FCFS. Enjoy!

  • If they match or beat 948 then I will buy …

  • I ordered on December 4 and still have not received it. Rang JB and was told it was due into their own warehouse on 17th but has not arrived yet. Not holding my hopes of getting this before Xmas now.

    I also have an enquiry pending for the price difference from when it dropped to $1098 before the voucher.

    Anyone else in the same boat?

    • I ordered same time with you and got it on 9 December. I contacted with them to ask for 150 as well. However, it took some emails before get refund. Hope it helps and good luck!

      • Did you C&C or was it delivery? Are you metro located?

        I really don't want to wrap a picture of a piano for my daughter for her present, but am getting concerned considering that Christmas is next Friday.

    • I have received several emails from JB advising delivery from their supplier has been delayed and is now expected mid January, so I'd say its very unlikely you'll see it this year. Maybe depends on whether you believe in Christmas miracles?

      • Thanks for the info. I'll call them again on Monday but I won't be keeping my hopes up. Bit disappointed considering how early it was ordered.