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[QLD] Free Food and Non-Perishable Items for People in Need at The Stafford General Store (Stafford, 4053)


Free groceries and non-perishable items have been updated and restocked and are now available at The Stafford General Store via thier #kindnesscart. This is funded by customers and local businesses.

Please upvote or like the stores Facebook page so we can get the word out to people and families in need. This time of year can be very hard for some.

Please don't take advantage. You can also donate items or money to the Kindness Cart in store if you wish.

They also give free coffee to customers who are unable to pay. Simply say 'Aloha' when ordering.

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    Thanks for helping those who can't afford. Keep up the good work

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    Not sure if it’s a good idea posting it here on ozbargain. Hope you your offer doesn’t get abused

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    OP, I would seriously consider asking the moderators to delete this post. You WILL get people taking advantage of your generosity here.

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      People will take advantage regardless if it's here or not, it's just the nature of a very few people. At least if it's on here someone may actually find it useful.

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        Very few? You must be living in an alternate universe.

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          while i think it's a wonderful thing to do for those in need in the community.

          i dont think the people that really need this help will be on ozbargain

          and sadly i think the community here will take advantage of this persons generosity.

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          well covid has made me realise how utterly selfish people actually are, but it would be good if his post can help someone or they can help contribute some food.

          • @Cletus vandamme: This is too little too late. Humanity is heading to its own demise and most don't care. When everyone expects for someone else to be the driver while doing their shenanigans in the back seat.
            Don't get me wrong. It is a noble thing, but the mentality of humans is to see only themselves. A few do try to change this world, to be a better world for all, but you can't fight majority who just want their beer and footy on telly. Well, you have those who think high of themselves when they give $2 donation.

            For the skeptics, you just need to look throughout the history and different civilizations to see, nothing has changed. There's America and look what's happening over there. You would think now when there is knowledge and information to be had at once, this wouldn't be the case, yet it is. While the church was burning witches, humans didn't know better. Yet, now, when it should be different, highly developed nations behave in the same manner as those from thousands of years ago. Still in dark ages. Humans just refuse to learn.

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      Yeah, sadly I'd agree with Tyrx,,,,,,,,,,,,the common Australian has become very common.

    • Bad people are everywhere

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    Everyone needs to eat so expect this to be ozb.

  • I appreciate your kind hearted gesture OP, but now you'll get much less people paying for the coffees because they "cannot afford it"
    Having a "please don't take advantage" in your post isn't going to keep those kinds of people away.

    There's a reason we can't have community fridges here, yet places like Germany and the UK have well established systems.

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    i think this is a truly awesome thing to do

    however by posting it here there are some opportunistic dishonest people that will take advantage of this

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    OP I'm in Sydney but thank you and keep up the good work!

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    Thanks OP, this is very close to me and I wasnt aware it was being done. Will go and donate/contribute.

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    I work from home and your located just up the road from me, albeit across a terrible intersection. Nevertheless, I appreciate what you are trying to do and will do my best to visit.

    As people above have said, there may be low life's who take advantage of your generosity but I, like yourself hope that most won't.

    No one should take advantage of a small business/family business. Ever.

    My previous coffee shop had a similar system but where random people could buy a coffee vouchers for someone in need (during covid). So many people purchased coffees that the owner said there were too many free coffee vouchers and he would not accept anymore. So have a little belief that the majority of people do the right thing.

    • They're not free coffee vouchers, they were prepaid for.
      What a scumbag not accepting them.

      Edit: Unless you're saying that: people were TOO generous and he was making too much extra money?
      Kinda wierd situation?

      • Yes, there was too many nice people who bought vouchers and not enough struggling people wanting free coffees.

        The board was right up near the cashier and could easily be seen.

  • Once again, very generous.
    If I go past and have some non-perishable Items handy I’ll drop them off, no guarantees though as we may not have some available, we’ll see!

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