Acer Australia - Should I Bring Them to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

To be honest, I feel desperate about Acer Australia’s after-sales service. I don’t know if I should submitted an application to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to bring a lawsuit against Acer.

I have been using Acer laptops since high school. I have many Acer products and I can say that I am a fan of Acer.

On 21 August 2020, I purchased a ACER PROJECTOR P1250 from ACER AUSTRALIA It arrived Thursday, August 27th. On September 13, I noticed a black background with multiple and irregular white dots (something like a starry night sky), Two-thirds of the screen with dead pixels.

I registered my repair request on September 16th and returned the projector to Acer Computer Australia for repair on September 23. Between September and October, I contacted Acer numerous times via email and telephone, and provided Acer with photographic evidence. I hope to get a new projector replacement or Acer's 30-days refund guarantee as soon as possible. After endless waiting and urging, I finally received the handling result from an Acer's case manager on October 14. He also saw that the photos I provided did clearly see that the projector had serious dead pixels, But based on the feedback from Acer technical department, the projector is working well, They can't replicate the fault. acer don't have a valid ground to approve my replacement request. Even I provided Acer’s technical department with several pieces of photos and video evidence.

Although I disagree with Acer's diagnosisand explanation of the dead pixels. But Acer refused to accept further testing and I had no other choice but to accept Acer returned the projector to me.

I received the projector on October 21st and ran multiple tests on the same day, The result is the same as before, Very serious dead pixel problem. I had no choice but to contact Acer Australia again, and provided a number of newly taken photos and videos as proof. After many days of waiting, Acer replied and rejected my request. I am already a little desperate but finally passed the NSW Fair Trading to ask Acer Australia to inspect the projector again.

I have been troubled by this projector with hardware problems for 3 months. I hope that this time Acer can treat my case fairly and Acer can abide by its promise of 30-days refund guarantee.

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    I’m surprised Acer has a fan!

  • Is their position that your observation is incorrect and the fault does not happen, or that the fault is as you describe, but is within the allowable quality control parameters?

  • Dying brand imo

  • Did you rule out the output?

  • I would suggest start with a complaint to fair trading. This is free, and easy. They will contact Acer to see if there is a resolution, and remind them of their obligations under the ACL.
    I would be surprised if it goes further, but if so, you will have the correspondence with Fair Trading showing you have behaved reasonably and sought a solution rather than going straight to arbitration.

    • I have already complained to the Fair Trading office, But it's useless~
      I really hope I bought it from jbhifi instead of directly through Acer Australia's official online store.

  • Strange how they don't have an issue, but you do… Something in your config isn't working right maybe? It's unlike a major brand to turn around and say they can't replicate the fault

    Have you tried different cables, etc etc?

  • Can you post a picture of this apparent fault?

  • Did you let the kids explode a glitter bomb on the wall?

  • I am very unfamiliar with Imgur, I hope everyone can see the photos and videos now😶

  • have you removed the lens (if you can) and cleaned the insides with air, maybe there is some dust or contamination on the inner side of the lens? or inside the cavity?

    • The projector lens is completely sealed, I don’t know how to clean the inside🥲

      • That's a shame, I just thought like a camera if there is dust inside when the projector "Projects" it also is magnifying any contamination on the inside of the lens

        Have you looked at the used manual in case it explains hoe to remove or change lens just in case?

        • The lens in most projectors is a single sealed unit these days. They can be removed/replaced and cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

        • I also agree that the principle of the projector lens is the same as that of the SLR. Now the projector has been sent to Acer for inspection, but whether it is just dust or not, they should notice it, right?

  • What does it look like when you have a source connected to it? Are the white dots still there when you project something (try various sources and media - e.g. video, PowerPoint slide, JPG picture etc).

    • Do you mean when using a projector to play a movie? When in full focus, it is difficult to notice white dots. But when the lens is adjusted to infinity, the white dots can be seen very clearly without output

      • Yes, when you actually use the projector to project something (be it a video, JPEG picture, PowerPoint slide etc). Not when there is nothing connected to the projector and it is not projecting anything.

        Try it with different sources - you can get a test pattern convert it to a JPG file or paste it into a PowerPoint slide and project it to see if you can see the dots. If the dots cannot be seen when you have a source projecting, then relax and enjoy your new projector.

  • In the end, this projector is only cost $380, I think is really not worth spending more money and energy to go to court.🥲

    I will never buy Acer again 😣

  • Looks like moon dust.

  • Why go to court over such a small matter? Just complain to fair trading and a case officer will be assigned to you and help you. Saves time going to court.

    • I have already complained to the Fair Trading office, Because Acer insists that there is no problem with the projector and The Fair Trading office has no right to force Acer to settle claims. In the end, Acer only agreed to check the projector again and the Fair Trading office suggested that I can submitted an application to NCAT😔

  • Is it particles of dust on the wall/screen reflecting light? OK, perhaps I'm stupid, but that's what it looks like.

  • I recently took my landlord to Tribunal and was awarded $2,500.00 for their negligence toward my tenancy. So I find it an ideal avenue in which to settle grievances.

    Present your case with all the evidence, and see how it goes.

    You have "conciliation" where you may find ACER have the opportunity to relent and simply furbish you a new computer.

    • What does a tenancy tribunal have to do with op?

      Op has a projector, not a computer. I feel sorry for your landlord.

    • I bought this projector for just $380,I don’t know if it’s worth going to court😣

      • Ah, $380?
        Was this Refurb, Ex-Demo, Cyber Sale or New?

        Also, I read the P1250 description as stating:
        "The P1250 has been designed for a lit room in mind. With an impressive 3600 lumens the Acer P1250 can operate without having to worry about dimming room lights. This allows for easier note taking."

        • Its a Ex-demo model, I bought it from Acer official online store and was during the Cyber Sale.

          • @RickyMoon: So, from the Photos you seem to be attempting to use using it in a darkened room.

            The Acer material I read seem to suggest it is most suitable as a Projector in a Lit Room or daylight setting such as a Classroom/Boardroom.

            "The Acer P1250 is a projector that is suitable for PowerPoint presentations, images and short video clips. It is an essential projector for everyday use. This projector is easy to use. It will be great for meeting rooms and classrooms."

            • @holdenmg: Will the result be different when used in a dark room and in a bright room?😶

              • @RickyMoon: Dunno.

                It doesn't seem the ideal projector if your main use is in a dark room or theatre.
                It is possible that it would be OK for Powerpoint in a Classroom with a Screen.

                How far in Metres did you have the P1250 from the Screen/Wall?

                • @holdenmg: about 3 meters

                  • @RickyMoon:

                    Looking at the Link (above) your Projector is designated as SMB (Small Business) and not listed as Home.


                    3.53m in a Lit Room like an Office might be OK.

                    • @holdenmg: Your parroting the marketing material is irrelevant.
                      Using a 'Business' high lumens DP at home is not against the law, warranty conditions, marketing blurb, or any other fictitious material you can come up with.
                      It will not cause the issue the OP is experiencing.

                      • @Leo Getz: I wouldn't have bought that projector in a fit… and only now we find out it is ex-demo…

                        Probably dust inside.

                        I'm not parroting anything (and never said the purchase or use was against any law) but that said isn't marketing material
                        anyway, it is a Specification Guide or Projection Calculation & Filter that allows people to see the capacities of a product and what might be best suited.
                        Example: You aren't going to select a Large Venue unit if you are going to be gaming.

                        Business projectors often prioritise lumen output, and contrast is considered secondary. But home projectors are reverse.
                        Contrast ratio for Home is king. So, I wouldn't even look at a Business Projector.

                        Maybe the OP can ask Acer to exchange it for one that better suits their needs?

                        • @holdenmg: Your comments have focused on the choice of a business vs home DP rather than the actual fault and resolution of that.
                          "The P1250 has been designed for a lit room" yet OP is using it in a darker room.

                          The unit appears to have a fault according to the pics supplied by the OP.
                          The fact that it is a business DP in a home setting or the other way around does not cause such a fault.

                          True you never mentioned anything about 'the law', an exaggeration on my part.

  • I wouldn't touch Acer products ever again. They're a bit like a KIA of the computer world. Their stuff is junk.

  • Sometimes by lodging a NCAT case it will be enough for the company to sort out the issue because they don’t want it going to NCAT. I have heard that you might be able to claim the lodgement costs in your claim. Also if you paid with credit card check the insurance, it might cover scenarios like this. My AmEx card has cover that you can return unwanted goods to them for a partial refund.