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8bitdo SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad $55.99 Delivered @ Heybattery via Kogan Marketplace


Just saw this controller in offer again.

SN Edition

Classic Edition

8Bitdo SF30 Pro - $53.99

Other discount can be combine.

$20 off $100 Spend at Kogan.com @ Plus Rewards (Membership Required)

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  • Does it come with a USB wireless adapter for plug and play wireless controls? Or do you have to go into settings and stuff and sync wifi. I'm looking for a plug and play wireless controller for RetroPie.

  • Definitely recommend this controller for switch and Pc gaming. Honestly I even like this controller way better than the switch pro controller although it's mainly also because I love having dpad on the outer side (like all playstation controller)

  • If only these worked with iphones and ps4…

    • Actually it does work with iphones, though it isn't official it's very simple.

      Not working with PS4 is on Sony.

  • they take ages to come. mine toke about 1 month

  • Good controller for switch if you're used to non staggered joysticks like Sony does.

    Only issue is that it can't wake up the switch from standby, have to walk your butt over and turn on the switch.

  • OP, the $20 voucher is only available for a 100$ shopping. The statement "Apply the $20 off for further discount bring the price down to $35.99" is incorrect.

  • Honest question: Will this work with my Sony X9000H (inbuilt Bluetooth) for Android TV gaming or is it better to get one of those dongles mentioned above?

    Not sure if I would have to pair it manually each time with inbuilt Bluetooth or what the benefit of the dongle would be? Cheers

    • A paired dongle makes this recognised as wired controller. Via bluetooth is software pairing like anything else. I.e. Turn this thing on with:
      - Start-Y it will connect to the Switch
      - Start-X/A to a paired dongle
      - Start-B to the retropie

      All in one controller.

      I'm not sure, depends on your telly, but I'd wager it'll be auto connect.

  • Hi all been researching for game controller for game controller and still bloody confused….

    Long story short I want to purchase something that will work with XCloud and Switch so Pro controller is out of the question.

    So get this controller? What is the difference of the different USB adapter mentioned above?

    I do have 25K of Telstra point which I can get the Xbox Series X/S Controller for $15 If I go down this path which adaptor should I get?


    • The SN30 pro+ works perfectly with both Xcloud on my phone (pair it in X-input mode to emulate an Xbox controller) and the Switch (Pair it in Switch mode to emulate a Switch pro cntroller). You pair it with bluetooth so there is no need to by the USB adaptor unless you are dissatisfied with your device's onboard bluetooth support.

      If you buy an Xbox controller though, buying the 8bitdo USB adaptor lets you pair your Xbox (or even a dualshock) with the Switch.

      • Can i pair it with laptop for Roblox for ? Is this a good price ? Have nooo idea about gaming stuff

        • If Roblox on PC supports the Xbox controller (which I believe it does), then it should support the SN30 pro+ as it just pretends to be an xbox controller.

  • Can i pair it with laptop for Roblox for ? Is this a good price ? Have nooo idea about gaming stuff.